What did the poster above you do after posting on this thread?

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Wrote another 200 word-balloons of alternate dialogue for Looking for Group that actually makes sense.

After posting about Neronium's future activities, Mr.VeryOddGamer here proceeded to bulk order a ton of twinkies to distribute 'em to people with diabetes, the handsome devil he is.

Having sent his post forward in time, Florajohn225 did the same with his jizz...directly onto an active preschool playground that was built in the intervening 5 years. DNA evidence puts him in prison where his bunk-buddy has a skull-fetish.

ordered a shipping crate of twinkies.

Posted more videos I'm not interested in in the ^<V thread.

tried to breathe some life into the forums.

Completed his domination of the forum games.

kept me company in the forum games section.

It's pretty stark isn't it.....er I mean worked out 34x27

wrote a poem.

Ran from a triffid
Among the low grass
He spots a rustle
It was the last thing he did.

lost his pocketwatch to some trolls and a gnoll in a game of backgammon.

Dragony thing that only a dragon would know about.

Sighed clicked back to top and gazed upon the barren fields that was once called the forum games

Surveyed what is left of his once glorious kingdom.


Renewed his Suicide Girls subscription.

Went back to making camshows.

Paid for a private show.

Went to protest against the Brazilian government.

Looked waaaay too deep into 40K lore

Banned a shopkeeper

Went back to finish his new years champagne

developed a secret formula

Went back to hoarding gold

Saw something funny and didn't laugh.

Went to buy pants

Stared at someone they didn't like.

Went to steal pants at the soup store.

Managed to steal pants that someone was wearing while drinking soup.

Went back to lurking.

one word.... TARE!

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