What did the poster above you do after posting on this thread?

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Went off and found METAL GEAAAR

Went off to capture legendary Pokemon and failed.

Stopped looking so grumpy

Started being the grumpiest kid in the room.

Ran into the sun and got burned.

Made a throne out of bones of his enemies!

Wondered just what his new avatar could be.

Adopted nine puppies.

Started up a new TV series based on root beer.

Went and drank some root beer, then realised root beer isn't very nice...


Kept it hidden from me.... >.>

Went back to his luxury three bedroom cardboard box.

Danced some more.

Went back to hiding under little children's beds

Went back in time and invented pants.

Also went back in time to mug Goofguy and claim that he invented pants instead.

Invented the newest popular article of clothing.

Burned that clothing.

Smashed out a whole page of forum games.

Corrupted the other forum sections so that the forum games was the only place to post for an entire day.

Loved every minute of it.

Planned for world domination...

Served as a henchman for Dr. Susse's world domination scheme.

Started carrying around a gourd and called it his temporary head.

Kiddnapped a puppy to teach it how to fly.

Gave a broom an imagination.

Turned into a woman.

Shoved a watermelon up his left nostril

Making spurious claims that chicks dig giant tacos.

Slew everyone in his vicinity.

Begun work on his next novel.

Stopped dancing and went to find a lower jaw....

Built a mansion out of cardboard boxes.

Sold his helmet for a suit of armor.

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