the hill game

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*Floods the hill washing the fire and Username down to the ocean*

My damp hill.

*Emerges from ocean, walks up to Dr. Susse, and builds a sentry, causing him to run away*

Yippe ki-yay

hacks the sentry have it kill username

MY hill!

You can't hack sentries, noob.

It's still my hill.

This happens:

You no longer have a sentry.
You die.
My hill.

you can use a tactical nuclear strike, *does so*

Sucks to be you.

Great, now its a crater instead of a hill. Nice job Mr. Colins.

Don't worry though, I'm an engineer, and that means I solve problems. Take this here crater that used to be a hill. The solution?

I'l just build a dirt dispenser, to make an endlessly growing hill. Which is now mine.

Oh noes! How could I think that would work?

Oh well, second time's the charm *uses another nuke*

The hill (or crater, whatever is now mine)

*Rises from irradiated grave and eats MrCollins's brain*

Myyyyyyyy hiiiiiiiiilllll....

Er... crater.

Boom head-shot.
The only way to kill a zombie radiated ghoul thing.

My hill/crater now

*declares today opposite day*
So Dr.Susse, is not on the crater and the crater is now a hill again.

I fixed everything.... YAY!!!!

*goes batshit insane, drives a sword in MRcollins chest then uses an axe to chop hands and legs off. opens up the stomach with the sword then spread the gutter around the hill. and puts the head on a spike with the hands and legs near it.

yeah. my hill!

*sagitel wakes up in a mental hospital* It was all a dream.

The hill is still mine.

The inhabitants of the mental hospital rebel and fight their way out, coming across the hill where they devour Mr Collins.
My hill.

*Pulls out mini gun, shoots down everything in sight*

I say, I do believe this geographic formation belongs to me now.

Due to the public division of land act 1984 section three part 86; This area of land is a heritage site belonging to the family of one Susse.

So my hill.

Unfortunately for you, the public division of land act 1984 section three part 86 was deemed to be in breach of EU law, and therefore, according to section2.4 of the European Communities Act 1972 any court can dismiss it.

The court of appeal holds that the hill is mine.

Runs over MrCollins with a truck.

Objection. This hill is mine.

Had previously cut the trucks breaks.

Cya later scorptatious!

My hill.

*Punches Dr.Susse in the face and watches him roll down the hill*

Oh yeah, old school!

uses the force to strangle mullac.(that sounded better in my head)

my hill!

*Trades sagitel a clever icon in exchange for hill*

My hill.

*sniper rifle bullet between the eyes*

that's got to hurt.

My hill.

Nuclear explosion.

After using a fleet of bulldozers to landscape the hill back into existence, I claim it as mine.

kindly asks redlin to hand over the hill to me. he have never seen an act of respect gives me the hill

We are out of cookies, Sagitel, would you mind going to the store to get some?
Thsnks, I'll just look after this hill in your absence.

Sagitel's Hill (not really)

Blast his British ears with wubstep until he offs himself

My hill

I use the power of dance to shame him off the hill.

I shall now party ontop of my hill.

*throws Master Ball and catches Redlin5*

My Pokemon.

Oh, and my hill as well.

*unanimated Scorptatious gif avatar, making him leave the hill*

My hill

*Shoot down Claymored's plane with anti-air missiles*

My hill

*comes back with cookies. trades them with taco for the hill*

My hill!

*inserts punch*

My hill!

Here kitty kitty, have this tasty fish that totally isn't poisoned. Oh no, you died.

I guess I will keep this hill in your honor.

Nope! *savagely beats to death*

My hill now!

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