Insult me in the most creative way possible

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kailus is so stupid that he managed to spell his own name wrong in this thread.

thtfjjdyjfgyjhu's name is unpronouncable! And I think he may be a spambot.

thtfjjdyjfgyjhu is so stupid, he got himself banned in 8 posts! :D Also, kailus is smelly.

OmniscientOstrich smells of donkey butter and underwear.

Fijiman makes a particularly moldy whale carcass look handsome in comparison.

Baby Eater...well, I think the name alone tells you all everything you need to know.

Baby Eater make me look handsome in comparison.

thtfjjdyjfgyjhu is a thief! He stole my post!

Kailus outta scratch from the human race!

Neuromancer, you are albatross-headed, bananas up the nostrils insane.

Dango smells funny. Funnier than Kailus smells which is far funnier than I smell.

The only fusion Topaz has made is the fusion of his own head to his ass!

Dango, if you were any less intelligent, I'd have to water you twice a week.

Neuromancer, you're slower than molasses flowing up hill in January ... with crutches.

kailus is so dull he insults people online for fun.

Everytime kailus smiles, kittens die.

If I were a dog and Kailus was a flower I'd lift up my leg and give him a shower.

kailus is so stupid it takes him and hour and a half to watch 60 Minutes

History will judge me harshly for not having killed Kailus.

Neuromancy fails to live up to his username. I find him neither particularly neurotic or romantic. I'm thoroughly disappointed.

OmniscientOstrich is a dingleberry, plain and simple.

kailus is so fat, he bleeds cake mix.

If Kailus were a robot he would would be the equivalent of a bunch of rusted tin cans held together with string.

Kailus is so stupid, he would have to look up every word I'd put in my creative insult.

The next three people to post in this thread are so ugly that they make this look beautiful in comparison.

kailus is so fat that when he fell in love, he broke it.

Kailus is so dumb that he don't know Obama.

kailus is a whimpering quim.

Kailus13 is somehow even worse than the previous 12..

Kailus is so old, he lactates cheese.


JasonKaotic is quimbeddeled, terry cockeled, sink brain.

Kailus is so dumb he can't even get Loki's insult to Black Widow right.

kailus is so forgetful he can't remember what he was going to write.

Half of you smell like old people.

kailus is weak, like little girl!

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