Insult me in the most creative way possible

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Kailus is so stupid and pathetic that he can't stay in the forum games for longer than a few seconds.

kailus is so stupid, he doesn't understand capitalisation.

Kailus smells so bad that your brain forces you to think he smells good so that you don't pass out and die.

Kailus can't outsmart bullet.

Kailus is so darn stupid that he stopped posting.

kailus is so fat that he can be seen from space.

Kailus is so culturally ignorant that I can insult him in five different languages without him knowing!

Kailus is so stupid that he asked me what time the 6 O clock news starts at


Now that you've told me to insult you I won't.
That's right, I'm disrespecting all your authority.

Daftmau5 looks like a cheese and smells like an ugly troll... or was that the other way around? Oh who cares, she's not worth the effort of caring either.

Kailus is so thick that he laughs at Yes, Minister without actually getting the jokes, like the pleb he is.

Kailus is so stupid that he let his own thread die!

Kailus is so stupid he's taken offense at all the abuse being hurled at him in this thread.

Kailus is the worst of the ugly lamas and the best of the assholes.

Kailus is so stupid he walks into doors, even if they're not made of glass.

If Kailus lived in Thundaria he would be known as Kailus the Ever Ugly.

Teoes could find his way out of a building if everything but the door was gone.

Fijiman's so stupid he can't even insult someone correctly!

Oh yeah? Well Teoes smells nice... Wait, that doesn't sound right. Um... Teoes is a doody head?

Heh heh heh.. how can I insult you when you said "doody"?

If a hungry cannibal cracked open your skull , he wouldn't even find enough to spread on a small water cracker.

I've had more stimulating conversations with myself than any of you

Ultra Deth smells and looks of butts and soup.

What is your problem? Aside from the obvious *Ba-Dum-Tssh*


You, sir, are a bum-tingling flibbertigibbet, and I belch in your father's armpits.

There is no insult low, vile, and insulting enough to insult any of you with.

You are so despicable, that the Devil foresaw your existence and decided even he needed to grow some standards.

Well at least I bathe semi-regularly.

You have terrible vocabulary! You are so foul-mouthed you saliva is liquid diarrhea

You're a Call of Duty fan. And World at War is your favorite game.

You all look like Justin Bieber. Oh wait, that's just the Red Button... god damn it

You have all the enthusiasm of Keanu Reeves on Rhino tranquilizers

You are all hopeless bastards who will never find true love when it comes to video games.

You have all the charm of a bowl of snot served by some weird hybrid of Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Haggard

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