Insult me in the most creative way possible

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That's not even an insult! Git gud, noob.

Cheap-fingering bum burglar

Burnt GAY man!

You are a drinker of milk and a botherer of woodland creatures!

May your bottom turn orange

I tried to measure your IQ sir, but apparently numbers don't go that low.

I can smell your ineptitude from here

You donkey loving, seamen(Not to be confused with with "Semen") drinking, dog raping, butt kissing son of an aquatic whore!

You look like a raw turkey burger

ur illuminate confirmed

You are literally Napoleon

Turd burglar.

I'm looking at your X-ray and I'm afraid I always win!

You are a big, flightless bird. You're an ostrich. You're an emu!

I'd rather talk to a horse's ass than say a good word about you

Your armpits smell so awful they made right guard turn left!
You fell out of the stupid tree and smashed through every branch on the way down!

I'd only follow your example should I wish to never work again

You sir or madam, have worse aim than a stormtrooper!

Only a pleb like you would play Multiplayer first

Your mother asked me to be as cruel as possible and your dad gave me a few pointers.

I laugh at your feeble attempts to be threatening

When your mother asked the Doctor at your birth if you were a boy or a girl, he simply responded with "no".

You couldn't make a witty response to save your life

When you were born the doctors put you in an incubator with tinted windows.

ur all an faget

Oh god, you see this? Everyone see this shit? He's violating so many grammatical laws to try (and fail) at sounding funny

Especially this man.

Very funny, like your face

you are so dumb you tried to wake a sleeping bag.

You c**t, you absolute greasy s**t-stinking, too toxic for parasites, walking despair.

You're such a drunkard you make Farnham look sober.

You're so ugly your reflection cracks water

You are so ugly you made hello kitty said goodbye.

What kind of sick God could allow you to exist?

You tried to donate your brain to science, but science returned it.

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