Insult me in the most creative way possible

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My anus makes more sense than you

You fell out of the idiot tree and hit every branch on the way down.

Shit smoking, smoke puking, sin ugly, erection repellent, scud bucket

You are so ugly, when you were born the doctor said, "put that back in, he's not done yet"

You wouldn't get the joke if it was given to you on a platter

You look like Freddy Kreugar face-****ed a topographical map of Utah.

You make a carcass filled swamp look pretty

You are a ping-bottomed wabbersnoot.

You deserve to be puked on and get a critical headshot after

You look like an avacado had sex with an older, even more disgusting avacado. There is no love in that relationship, it was pure hate sex. It was the only catharsis they could find without violence.

You make people sad, because you remind them that ugliness will continue to exist

Your pits stink so bad you made right guard turn left.

You're the reason stupidity is contagious

Your mother's ass is so big when she sits down she gets taller!

They should've quarantined you at birth. It would be a mercy, even on you.

You are so ugly, when you were born the doctor put you in an incubator with tinted windows.

You make stupidity look bad

Yo momma is so fat she was sucked into a black hole and plugged it.

Dying on a cross is a mercy compared to spending a second with you

Even Ghandi would want to punch your face in!

You'd wreck yourself in an empty map.

You are so clumsy you hurt yourself sleeping.

Waste of good oxygen

You're so dumb you tried to wake a sleeping bag.

You make rotten eggs smell good.

You'd get lost in your own clothes.

You are a cankerous sore on the already malignant tumor growing off the diseased underbelly of humanity.

You're face is the most shootable thing since a bullseye.

You are so ugly you make onions cry.

You can't spell I.Q.

I tried to measure your I.Q. numbers don't go that low!

You couldn't pleasure a dead courtesan!

You are so ugly you made hello kitty say goodbye.

You are scum in every sense of the word!

I take shits that smell better than you.

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