Zombie Apocalypse RP

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After a bit of delay due to Brighthouse employees tripping over a power strip, I'm ready to start the signups. Due to the fact that I want this to go pretty fast and keep most of the action in one place, it's going to be the first 12 who sign up that will get in.

And now for the backstory:

A lone driver skidded over the pavement, their car coming to stop in the ditch. The traffic ahead seemed frozen in time. The cars lay immobile in the streets. Most were abandoned, others containing the dead or dying. Many of the cars were vandalized in some gruesome sort, windows cracked open, dried blood coating the seats, others crumpled in a heap, the panic claiming the drivers before the horrors that would come.

Back in the ditch, the driver forced their way out of the car. They proceeded along the road cautiously, some passengers still moved. Clutching a small pack, the driver kept their distance from the rows of derelict cars. Before them, the highway stretched out to the horizon, littered with the debris of the great panic. Buildings lined the road, some bearing the scars of fighting, others empty and silent. Bullet holes and blood attested to the brutal fighting that took place here. Oddly enough, not a body lay on the ground. Only bits of clothing and a few guns littered the sidewalks. Some still contained ammo.

As the traveler trudged through the empty streets, they saw a large crowd gathering up ahead. Thousands of figures, some tall, some short, all clothed in rags and trying to batter their way into the massive structure. Beyond the mob lay a flaming wreck. A large helicopter had smashed into the pavement, mangled bodies lay entombed within the furnace. The ruin's shape identified it as a military craft, all other identifications had since been burnt away.

Their curiosity piqued, the traveler crept closer to the building. Posters about quarantine enforcement were plastered over the walls. The sign above the entrance read:

Suddenly, one of the members of the crowd took notice. They turned towards the traveler and let out a grily moan. Others soon turned around and began to advance towards the lone figure. Those on the other side of the walls, intently listening to an emergency radio proclaiming help is on it's way, never heard the panicked gunshots.

Inside, the small radio played its message to a small crowd of survivors. Men and women from the city mingled with soldiers from the National Guardsmen sent in to help fortify the city and shore up the defensive perimeter running through the Rocky Mountains. A failure here would be a major blow to the country's morale. Rumors of a hidden CIA operative sent to eliminate those with knowledge of the town's defeat have yet to be verified.

The radio announcer anxiously read through a briefing describing the recent events. China went dark one month ago and nothing is being allowed in or out of her borders. India's population has since disappeared, one billion lost to the virus. European Union states found themselves in the middle of a two front war as Islamic extremists detonate dozens of "zombie bombs" in major cities across the continent. The executives of Phalanx Pharmaceutical have gone into hiding pending an FDA investigation into their latest counter-vaccine.

On the home front, Manhattan and Washington have just been fusion bombed by a reluctant Commander-in-Chief. Temporary capital had been set up in Denver and military forces abroad were withdrawn as the plague seeped beyond the borders of India. Across the Bible Belt, riots have begun claiming the End Times are near. 2,000 died as a massive congregation swarmed into an aging church in Atlanta.

The situation appears grim, but the survivors are confident, they're well secured in their fortress and well stocked. So long as morale holds out, the survivors of this little town should be able to wait until the chance to escape to the Reddeker Line. However, that remains a big if.


To avert confusion on locations in the mall, I'll just use this map


Archtypes are pretty much anything you can think of that would be in a zombie outbreak. However, I've no intention of letting this become a haven of Keanu Reeves clones so no trenchcoating.


I'm in! Maybe we should reserve some spots for good players in previous ones? Like PurpleRain and Larenxis?

question...are there venilation ducts?.....just asking....

I'm in.
I'll send you my character.

Consider me in! Gonna port Gremlin straight from WH40K for a laugh, one leg and all, so bit of a nutter, likes his drink, only one leg, and so on. Make the leg lost from below the knee this time for practicality's sake, with a makeshift peg-leg (can a peg-leg not be makeshift?), probably metal. And he has to have an axe. I like axes.

Edit: But no demonic possession this time. Honest *shifty eyes*

OK, I'm a 19 year old male named Killion(again) who ran away from home a couple years ago. He worked in the movie theatre not far from the mall the story takes place in, and sold a few drugs too. The proprietor, Hank, even let him stay there when he left home, and in return Killion spent his paycheck on the shooting games in the arcade. Hank died in the opening hours of the apocalypse, and Killion has become much more introverted since then, although bits of his old personality still show through sometimes. The general consensus among the survivors is that he just needs some time. Note: Killion survived only because he had a small pistol he used to take with him whenever he was dealing, although he picked his clients carefully and had never ran into trouble.

If any of this is unacceptable, just tell me.

I'm in! Maybe we should reserve some spots for good players in previous ones? Like PurpleRain and Larenxis?

Ah why not.

Addendum, if you wan't to join from a previous one, then as long as we don't have a ludircrous amount I'll put you in.

I'd like to join for one of these sometime since I'm a big zombie fanatic, but sadly I'll be afk for most of the weekend. Have fun, I'll catch up reading on tuesday :)

I'll join in. Character bio coming soon.

PS: Why Gremlin, why? You just can't let that whole "possession by a damned being from beyond this dimension" thing go, can you? :P

You possessed my character, repeatedly frazzled his eyeballs, sent him on wild goose chases, constantly threatened him, possessed his prize possession, tried to kill him with it, then forced him to vaporize himself with a freakin' nuke in order to stop you! That takes a while to get over! :P

Time heals all wounds dear Gremlin, and when that fails, F.A.K.s can make a quick fix.

Haha! Nuclear war first aid kit! Contains detailed instructions on how to rebuild a body from the little pile of carbon the blast left using only plasters! I shall forgive Irish for now, but he can expect obligatory sniping for quite a while... I'm assuming you're having a character in this too Galt?

I'm in!

Bio coming soon.

I'm in.

Let's go for a dude named Al 'Bent' Black, who used to be an Eagle Scout. Managed to escape Manhattan before the fusion bombs went off. Has a rifle on him, and a pretty good shot. Got this close to the Reddeker Line by hunting for food in the forest and sleeping in trees. Knows how to survive against nature and zombies, and a video game player. Oh, and he's pretty cold towards everyone after seeing so many people gettting eaten alive.

I gotta message that to you with more details, or this good?

I'm in.

My character is a 20 year old named Patrick Brown. He left his hometown in Pennsylvania a few years ago, moving to this city out in the Rockies so he could achieve a degree in medicine and be near a place to ski all at the same time. As a result of his years in medicine he has a good understanding of how the human body works, and can help people recover from moderate injuries, and his years of skiing have left him with the benefit of a good build, and a quick mind. He is fairly skilled in the use of small arms as well, which he learned how to use from firing a USP.45 at targets during his childhood. He isn't very skilled in hand to hand combat however.

Personality wise; he can be a bit shy, but he does open up to people once he comes to know them. While he holds himself to a high level of integrity, he is still impatient, and can be quick to anger as well.

Could i join in? I'm pretty new to Rp'ing, but i read your previous wh40k one and really liked it.

as for the character:

His name would be Sigguard (Sig for short). He is a tall, strong and imposing figure, quite intellegent and a kind and helpful fellow. He doesn't talk a lot, when he talks it's hard to hear, but he likes to listen to people. He is very bad in an argument, so don't expect much else than an apology or a confession of guilt. He is painfully honest.

He suffers from an unknown mental problem which gives him a terrible working memory, makes him see things, makes him suffer from paranoia and makes him get confused real quick, eventhough there is nothing wrong with his intellegence. He needs certain medicine to keep this in check

He has a scarred face, which makes him somewhat unattractive and might give you the wrong idea about him. wears baggy jeans with a camo print, and a white, long sleeved shirt.

He used to be in the army, and he fought in a certain war, which might explain his scarring and mental problems. Because of his mental problems he needed to leave the army. He returned home just in time for the Zombie outbreak. His experience in combat is the reason he survived. That and he owns a side-arm and assault rifle.

However he only has a limited supply of medicine left, and the next batch of medicine won't be able to come any more. Now its just a matter of time before his mental issues kick in, and he'll have another problem on his hands.

I'll definitely join, sounds like fun.

I'll come up with a character in a minute.

Thats eleven. Newcomers might wanna get in quick.

Something Witty JOINED PARTY

If still open-

I'm Robert Fisk, and I'm a normal office worker. Fairly cowardly. Average height, glasses, slim build.

Fairly fast runner, scares easily. He survived through a mix of sheer dumb luck and running away. Went to the mall, having seen enough Zombie movies to know that there was useful items there. Quite twitchy.

EDIT- 32 years old. And say if I'm in too- I wasn't sure what the post before mine meant.

More detailed- Robert did quite well at school. He got decent grades, worked hard, and had a good group of friends. Never one for a fight, when incidents came up he either tried to talk his way out of them or run away.

When the outbreak started, he panicked. Scared for his life, he ran and hid in the mall, frightened of everybody and everything. He stayed in the mall as the situation got worse, and still has his laptop. He spends all of his spare time coding, as if to try and convince himself that he'd be able to return to his old job when the outbreak was over.

Damn, I was really hoping to get into this, it feels like forever since I had a good rp. I'll be a character stereotype that no one wants to play if you like, just to spice things up...

If its an enforced 12 only rule though thats okay

Stompy, ready for duty.

So, for my character: You don't know my real name, so call me Stompy. I'm a real jittery, real scared, uh, 15 year old. All I have are some sharp-shooting skills, and a quick mind. Otherwise, I'm a scrawny little guy, so, if the going gets tough, Stompy's out.

Tell, me if I'm in or not.

I was one of the last survivors from the WH40K rp so Joe better let me in :P

Character Desc: Andy is a 37 year old Ninjitsu instructor at the martial arts center near the mall, but was forced to take refuge inside the mall for protection. He is from japan, and only knows some english, but he is learning fast. He is an expert hand to hand fighter, and is an ok shot to boot.

Alright, here's my character.

Name: Daniel "Dan" Winters
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Dan was your typical geek through high school. With good grades and few friends, he spent most of his time studying and playing video games. Quite skilled with electronics, he made a living repairing computers and small machinery for his neighbors. Once the outbreak started, his parents and friends quickly fell to the zombie onslaught. Vowing revenge, he holed himself up in the local mall, stealing some food and a pistol, complete with ammo. As he began clearing his immediate surroundings of the undead menace, he realized that all his hours playing Time Crisis had paid off, and he was left with a natural affinity for small arms. Dan is still waiting in the mall, biding his time until he can put an end to the zombie outbreak once and for all.

Edit: Added a bit to my bio.

I'll give a character description, just in case I get in, heh

Name: Bradley Jones

Bio: A male model, he is narcissistic to a fault (as if theres any other kind of narcissism :p). The only reason he's survived this long is because of his strict exercise regime and will to preserve his pristine looks, he's left many a would be survivor to their gruesome fates in his mad eyed sprints of self preservation. He is strong and well built however refuses to get close to any zombie or monster in case it would damage his perfect body or worse, he might get bitten and become one of the ugly monstrosities (his greatest fear).

Ahh, come on, I'm the slightly psychotic gamer turned zombie killer, RT! Besides, your character sounds a bit too much likes he's trenchcoating. Normal people here.

Im in heres my character description.

Name:Dane Brown

Features: Scar on right eye from when I was slashed by Ron Jacobson. Pale Skin. Muscular Build. Glasses And a Bracelet with the words "What would Master Chief do".

Bio: A kind of geeky guy, but lifted weights to gain respect. I have planned for this day to come which is the reason I have survived so long. I am a sarcastic but funny person and always help except in dire straights. I have hid myself in the old storage room which allows me easy access to the Ventilation ducts. I found a rifle which I stole as one zombie was chewing on a survivor. I have some weapons training because my father took me hunting alot before this whole mess. And now I crawl through the air ducts finding food and water. I always keep a keen on the the "zombies" and make sure if one comes into contact with me I splat its brains on the mall floor. One less thing to worry about.

Alright, well when in Rome... Here's mine, save Galt the effort. I've tried to avoid the badass psycho look, more amiable loon is the target.

Refusing to give any name other than "Gremlin", there is no doubt the man has become slightly unhinged from his time in the city. He doesn't seem threateningly mad, however, often being very friendly and approachable, and regardless of what social abnormities he's developed, he seems perfectly aware of his surroundings, and does not display any obvious signs of serious mental illness. His left leg is missing below the knee, and he has since rigged up a bizarre contraption to replace the lower leg, consisting of a metallic peg-leg complete with an attachment usually occupied by an alcoholic beverage. He carries a wood-cutting axe on his person and claims to be able to hit a small woodland mammal from twenty metres away by throwing it, but has yet to prove this in any way.

Ahh, come on, I'm the slightly psychotic gamer turned zombie killer, RT! Besides, your character sounds a bit too much likes he's trenchcoating. Normal people here.

Yeah, my bad, didn't thoroughly read your post until after I came up with mine. Don't really see how I'm trenchcoating either, all my guy had is that he's good with pistols and knows computer stuff. If it really bothers you, though, I can always change it.

Nah, it's alright. I'm actually thinking about changing mine to my real personality, actually.

No, I like this character. But it doesn't matter.

Actually, looking back at my post, I can see what you meant about the trenchcoating. Don't worry, my guy will be completely normal when we start up the RP.

Okay, picking up the trend of carrying names over from the 40k thread...

Tommy O'Reilly could barely remember what had happened before then. It seemed so long ago. He remembered working at that department store, trying to pay for college (and his dad's gambling debt). He couldn't wait to leave this town, and go to school 3 states away. He'd be able to leave this life behind him, and move on. Then the bombs hit...

He holed up in the department store. There was everything he needed in there. When the group discovered him, he had just finished wrestling off an undead security guard. He knocked the creature's head clean off it's shoulders with a sack filled with solid round objects. When he dumped it out, it turned out to be filled with bars of Irish Spring soap. Surprised by his unusual weapon choice, the group nicknamed him "Irish".

Beheaded by soap? That's original even for you Irish, I like it! Insulting, too.

Now, I don't want any dirty fighting from you!
Ah, least it was a clean kill!

lol why thanks Gremlin. I was waiting for the dirty fighting puns. I like to think of myself as kind of an ancient Witch Hunter....Cleanse and Purge!!!!...with soap :P

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