Hey! I didn't say that!

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You young whippersnappers may not remember, but I remember this game was quite popular a couple of years ago, with hilarious results.

The aim is to sabotage the above users quote. Put words into their mouths!

Example: The next user may want to post

Fluffy Florence:

Gosh, I'd love a pet tarantula!

I absolutely agree, they're so fluffy and cute!

Then the next might say


Fluffy Florence:
I ate a brick this morning

I prefer toast myself...

Everyone understand?

I'd say keep it nice, but I'm sure we're all friends here who can take a joke... But srsly, our lord Topaz regularly posts here and if it seems to be getting too cruel then he's more than welcome to lock it...

Now it's your turn!

Here's the game we all post pictures of cats and then kiss over webcam!

Yeah no.
I might just leave now. Awkward....


I enjoy long walks on the beach

I think this thread was a great idea.

I think this Tattoo of the alphabet was a great idea.

Hmm I guess instead of getting a girls name tattooed you could just circle the letters.


I will tell you what tattoo to get! I own you!

Dude, calm down. You'll probably never even see the tattoo.

username sucks:
If this thread doesn't get more popular, I'll kick a puppy!

Calm down man, it's just a thread :c

I sure love to kick puppies >:D

Me too they are so loud, annoying and stinky.


Me too they are so loud, annoying and taste like chicken.

You monster.

I'm not a fan of chicken, so I go for biting off snake's heads as soon as they hatch.

Bastard! At least eat their whole bodies!


I like seeing kittens suffer in the rain and then kick them for their miserable fate.

That is......one way of spending your time I guess?

I got ninja'd! It goes against all I believe in! My Bushido code strictly forbits being ninja'd! In order to restore my honour I shall commit seppuku!

No, don't do it you Icelandian Samurai! Life is so much more than following codes of honour!

I see myself moving to ancient lands in my future, for Greece is a shithole of a country and all my friends can go suck the huge cock sword of Ares!

But Greece is such a wonderful country filled with the legacy of ancient civilization that helped shape western culture! Why would you hate it?!

But grease is such a wonderful substance made of filth that helps shape fast food culture! Why would you not want to eat it all the time?! and why does my chest hurt?

That pain in your chest means the grease you ate all those years is taking effect. Eat some more, you're almost there.

username sucks:
I'd like to grease a big puffy chest.

O_O Well that's uh... nice?
I don't even know what that's supposed to mean.

Baby I'd grease you all day long.

Aren't you quite the bold one?

Nobody knows I like to run around in my underpants and throw kiwis at passing buses.

Well they know now! xD

I am the ninja master and I will ruin your next post!

NOOOO! Damn you, Eevee! I will defeat you eventually!

Neuromancer, EeveeElectro & username sucks:
You are so charming and pretty and we all would like to marry you.

O///O Woah I'd never been this popular before thanks guys and yes I will marry all of you


I want to marry you all just for the money, not because of love.

Don't forget to convince them to get life insurance and kill them for the extra money :P

I think I will go on a murder spree now.

Too late, because I just called the police and they are already at at your door!

username sucks:

The police in my town are going fucking crazy, they've already started breaking down doors and I think I might be next.

Well....shit man. You got a gun to defend yourself or something?

I need to borrow some guns. Like, high power, fully automatic guns. I can't tell you why, but you trust me, right?

I don't know, this seem pretty shady. But I have known you for a few days, so sure.

username sucks:
Gee I hope Micheal Bay makes a live action Pokemon movie!


Yay! Micheal Bay is making a live action Pokémon movie!

No no no no no no no!


Well that's nice you agree and all, but practice some self-restraint dude. No-one's going to want to eat those cakes now.


Ohh hot damn, cakes with sticky white stuff on them mmmmmmm...the taste reminds me of prison.

I didn't know that prison had bakeries in them.


I didn't know that bakeries had bakers in them.

It is a well kept secret, predating the time of the Numenoreans and the War of the Silmarils.

Who put these pillows up my nose? When I find the person who did this I'll stuff them up their nose and see how they like it.

Well good luck with that.

I need a new pair of sunglasses, one that is made out of gold and diamonds!

You could probably talk to the most popular rapper at the moment for that.

I'll make you a new pair of sunglasses, just give me some cling film, cardboard, a marker pen, some sticky-back plastic and a packet of fruit gums.

That's nice. Don't you let that degree in Arts & Crafts go to waste.

I am the prettiest log man of them all! All shall bow down before my prettiness.

Sounds like someone has an inflated ego.

I have an inflatable love pillow of myself.

Really - where'd you get it, how much? Err, I mean.. that's disgusting man. There's confidence and there's just plain sick.

I'm creating a clone of myself just so I have sex with him

You make Narcissus look humble.


Necrophilia is fucking awesome and I think everyone should do it, it's easy and the other party won't deny you.

Yeah.....you go do that.

Hey... mind if I join? I hear there are some really hot half rotten grannies in the graveyards

Yeah, sure, whatever. But bring your own shovel.

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