Rate The Profile Picture Above You

The title states it all!
There's a little something I wanted to add though;
Give your opinion on the picture.

Profile picture, as opposed to avatar? We have an avatar rating thread so I'm guessing so.


For having no profile picture, ahahaha! Oh wait I have none too. D': Please be kind..


Badly drawn avatar version, If only it was drawn better then I'd give it a better score


>Not using Beta Cs


4chan? On MY Escapist?


Your pic reminded me of Gendo from Eva Abridged which makes me happy


I was expecting something different, oh well.


I think it's Noodles.


I like red things

You don't have one so ill just point out the No U face and call it a day. 7

8/10 well drawn I guess? Makes me think of Gorillaz. I could be very right or I could be very wrong.

7/10 The blur is annoying but it is also the only thing that gives it the mystery behind the avatar and plus it just makes it look better.

0/10 again for not having a profile picture..

I like how the bit of the blur on the left looks kinda like Superman. 8/10

No profile picture.


Would not buy again XD


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