Pokemon RP Slots closed Chapter 11: I'm on a boat!

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Jeffery wondered how a totile could be so incompetent then he remembered that his own riolu was`nt that well trained either biting people and getting into random brawls which thankfully have`nt happened yet but as Rodney and Jeffery ran past the sweet berry bush they came into the clearing and were face to face with the scam artist

Rodney picked up the now bloated Chompers and followed Jefferey into the clearing where they found the con-artist. "Hey you I challenge you to a poke battle!" the crook agreed, and Chompers began to jump up and down in joy.

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"Hide in a tree you said, they'll never find us you said" Trevor groaned as the two trainers before him. They were young and their pokemon were still inexperienced, plus neither of them have ever dealt with the likes Rosgry before. "Think you could handle it Rosgry?" Trevor bleakly asked. The pokemon only had to put his visor down but he responded with a determined "Rosgry". Oh great Rosgry was in one of his moods. This wasn't gonna end pretty.

"hey tree guy just for the hell of it I`m not gonna participate this is between you and Rodney here" Jeffery motioned to Rodney "but if you pull anything me and my riolu will be on you faster than creepiness on a ghastly" Jeffery than sat on a nearby rock waiting for the battle to unfold

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"Uhh, gee thanks guy" rookies "OK kid, my pokemon is angry and I'm a little annoyed so how bout to cheer me up we make this battle a lil interesting?"

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Jeffery sat there watching the battle unfold as the alien looking Pokemon lept into the air and kicked Rodney`s totile back into the bushes, aggravated the totile lunged at the strange Pokemon it`s jaws wide open landing a direct hit on it`s right arm and not letting go. The alien was shaking frantically trying to get the Pokemon off to no avail but then it`s master ordered it to try a telekinesis attack, the alien lifted the Pokemon into the air with it`s mind and tossed it straight into the ground causing a small crater, nearly defeated the totile was barely standing and could not hope to win the alien`s master ordered for a psybeam which the alien fired, but in an amazing display of heart the totile dodged and was ordered by it`s trainer to use it`s water gun. The water gun hit the alien right in the chest knocking it to the floor and then the totile was ordered to slap the alien in the face with it`s tail, I thought it was a strange move but it was fun to watch as the totile placed it`s tail right in the aliens face and slapped him silly, I fell off my seat laughing so I missed what happened next.

thats right keep it up
"GRY,GRY,GRY,GRY,GRY" Was the only thing Rosgry could really say as the assault of the totodile's tail slaps kept coming. "Just hang in there Rosgry!" Trevor yelled.
Positioning himself while taking the punishment Rosgry decided enough was enough and with a swift movement grabbed the Totodile's tail and threw him in the air. Before the poor pokemon could even land Rosgry followed the attack with a bout of teleportation, teleporting the Totodile into every tree. "ROSGRY!" Rosgry yelled as he finally teleported the Totodie in his own trainer.

"what in the name of all that was scientificimal was that" Jeffery said in awe at what appeared to be Rodney`s totile stuck in the trainers chest
"you`ll get the same" the con-artist yelled ready for another fight
"was that a challenge" Jeffery said coolly
"why yes it was" the magician then told his Pokemon to assume a fighting stance
"well then let`s get this party started, riolu time to fight" riolu was overjoyed to hear this and hopped right in front of Jeffery ready to fight
"I`l start the show riolu iron punch" riolu then charged at the Pokemon one fist raised high into the air it`s left fist shimmering like well polished iron and landed an uppercut sending the alien Pokemon right into the air
"riolu double hit" riolu then jumped into the air and slashed at the alien not once,not twice,not three times but four times before Jeffery ordered riolu to give it an elbow to the back sending it plummeting down to the ground
"riolu break dance kick" a little confused the riolu knew exactly what to do it stood on it`s head and did a head spin riolu`s legs were positioned straight above the aliens chest and then riolu brought one of it`s legs crashing down on the alien causing it to scream
"GRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" the alien looked defeated but just to be sure Jeffery ordered riolu to do their new attack the super stunner without hesitation riolu did a massive dive into the air positioned above the alien it came down after doing a 720 front flip smashing it`s fists right into the aliens chest the alien again screamed out in pain and was battered and broken

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Heather made her way through the woods of Pallet Town looking for the faux magician and the group that followed after him. Rossto sat on her head looking around for them but to no avail. She stopped resting against a tree before giving a sigh and adjusting the blue sweatshirt tied around her waist.

"Gee...Boys can be such trouble sometimes." Heather said as she laid her back against a tree.

The Pidgey jumped down before standing at her feet, "Pid Pid Gey."

Heather nodded in agreement before resting her head against the tree. She closed her eyes before opening them to see a Metapod above her. She looked around and saw various other Metapods and Caterpie. Rossto jumped back on her head looking around commically.

Heather fell to her knees before letting out a scream.

The battle raged on between Rodney Trevor and Jeffery growing more intense with every action. As it was about to reach a climax everyone paused as a scream echo'd through out the forest. The boys stopped there ruckus all turning in the direction of the scream.

"Hold on," Jeffery said to Rodney, "Somebody may be in trouble."

"But if we don't stop..." Rodney saw that the faux was already fleeing with the distraction.

"Hey you! Stop!" Rodney said before another scream echo'd.

"Come on! Let's go see what is happening!" Jeffery and his Riolu took off in the direction of the scream. Rodney looked back once again at the fleeing magician before checking on Chompers and following.

The two arrive at a tree filled with bugs and a very dismayed Pidgey flapping about it. They here another squeel before rushing around to see a girl holding a Caterpie in her arms a big grin on her face.

"Oh my god they are so cute!" Heather said as she hugged the bug. Rossto flapped around the tree almost comically knowing that if he did something wrong even he wouldn't get out of it easy. The pidgey stopped after seeing the two boys before flying back to Heather.

"Pidgey Pidgey Gey!" Rossto flapped trying to point at the new arrivals.

Heather turned around still holding the Caterpie before walking to see the two boys. She cocked her head to the right noticing concern on their faces before setting the pokemon back on the ground and re-adjusting her sweatshirt again. She then patted off her pants before looking at the two boys.

"I take it you heard me screaming...Ummm I wasn't being attacked or anything I just get excited when there are bugs around...I'm kind of a bug nut." Heather said rubbing a hand behind her head, "My name is Heather and this is Rossto. Did you guys capture that Magician?"

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Rodney was saddened but managed to say "No he got away again, if only Chompers here was ok he would sniff him out again...or that berry bush....again" It was after saying that Rodney seemed to have a brainwave he ran off to the bush after setting Chompers down by a log. He returned with some small green,sour berries "This should wake him up" he said as he began to feed Chompers the berries after a few the small Totodile jumped to life and immediately began his song again. "Good boy! Reckon you could sniff the crook out? and not the bush?" Chompers sighed and then nodded stopped his tune for a second and sniffed the air, then immediately rushed off again.

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"you know i`m really annoyed I almost had that con-artist in the bag,but it`s cool well no it is`nt I`m really pissed" Jeffery said kicking the dirt
"well how about we get going after that guy" Jeffery than ran after chompers leaving Rodney and heather behind.

Jeffery managed to find the magician scrambling into a cave, Jeffery quickly gave chase and followed him in.
"god damn I need to work on my hiding skills" the magician said letting out a sigh of frustration

"yeah you do and you are cornered with a Pokemon that`s good as defeated so you`re screwed" Jeffery said as he,riolu and chompers surrounded him

Magnus was riding through the woods near Pallet Town when he saw a group of trainers chasing after another one. He followed them for a short period of time before they chased him into a cave. Deciding that he should offer his help to...whoever needs it, he parks his bike outside the cave and follows them in. He grabs the pokeball out of the inner pocket of his leather riding jacket. "Quillz, let's go." A large female Cyndaquil popped out of the ball and stood at her master's side. "Alright Q, flames out."
"Cynda..QUIL!" She set out her flames and ran alongside Magnus. They caught up to the group of attackers and saw that they were surrounding a rather down-looking man.
"Quillz, we should help that guy. Use Smokescreen on those attackers!" Quillz let out a cloud of black smoke on the trainers surrounding the magician.
"If you want to get out of here," Magnus yelled. "Follow me!"

this is most definately the weirdest day Trevor thought to himself as the smoke surrounded the small group. "Comeon Rosgry". Grabbing his pokemon by the hand Trevor followed the voice of the trainer and ran along with him.
"Thanks, Guy" was all he was able to tell the stranger.

"you have got to be kidding me,YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME" Jeffery yelled running out of the cave riolu and chompers in tow after the magician
"go on a vacation they said, clear your head they said, get over losing the fifth gym badge they said, god as soon as I catch this guy he is so dead" Jeffery continued to run after the stranger and the con-artist

"Thanks for the kindness buddy but" and with those words Trevor came to a halt and simply yelled "STOP"
The entire group did so, the looks of puzzlement on their faces, while amusing was going to be understood. Putting his hands in the air Trevor continued "We give up you caught us. Take us away or whatever" "Rosgry?!"
Trevor simply winked at his pokemon and he followed in kind raising his hands in the air. a bunch of berries falling from his pockets

"Okay, someone explain to me what happened. I think I deserve an explanation." He rested his hand on the handle of his knife. "One at a time...What the hell happened?" He looked at the strange-looking psychic Pokemon.."And, what where did you find that. I have never seen a pokemon like that. It's amazing. Anyway, back to the situation. Why were you chasing this guy?"

"well we were originally chasing him because he stole an old lady`s purse then we battled him then he got away again then we cornered him then you helped him escape I`m really wondering why I`m still chasing him though" Jeffery said scratching his head
"but another question what the hell are you doing helping him he`s a crook and a liar, also his show was`nt that good anyway" Jeffery said cautiously eying the man`s hand resting on the knife handle.

"Ok, I know this looks bad buit you gotta believe me I was doing it all for the right reasons"
By the looks on their faces it was obvious the other didn't believe him and with a look both asked "How?"
"Its because of him" Trevor said as he pointed to Rosgry. "Ros" A look of annoyance on his face.

"You see, Rosgry here...is an alien pokemon. And I saved him from a scientist who wanted to chop him up and now the cops are after us. You see I'm just trying to protect him. He's my friend"

that oughtta stick

Jared sat up in his sleeping bag, rubbing the crud away from his eyes. Lousy uppity Magnet Train conductors. So what if I didn't have a ticket...Where the hell am I again anyways? "Hey Nicky, you up yet?" He called over to his traveling companion.
"Ran-ran," came Nicky's reply.
"Haha, of course you're up already. You're always full of energy, aren't ya?"
"Ran-ran-Ni ran"
"What? People over there? Sweet, they might be able to tell me where the heck I am."
Jared quickly shoved his bag into his pack and headed up over the ridge, and indeed people were there, although it looked like there was quite a commotion going on. He tried to carefully slide down the slope, but a root caught him and tripped him up, sending him sliding into the clearing where the quarrel was taking place.
"Ran!" said Nicky as he ran over to his fallen master.
All Jared could do was sheepishly look up at everyone. "Uh....," he stammered. "Hi. Anyone know where the heck I am right now?"

"That's horrible. What abomination of a scientist would dare to perform such a procedure on such a unique species? You said he's an 'Alien' Pokemon? That's incredible, the first proof of complex extra-terrestrial life."
Magnus looked at Trevor.
"Still..robbing an old lady? First of all, that's a bad cliche. Second, you're an idiot for not taking that pokemon to the local Pokemon Professor, I hear he lives in Pallet Town. He would have helped you with your whole police trouble. Though, you might want to be careful not to attract attention when heading back into town."
Magnus patted Quillz on the head.
"As for the reason why I helped him: He looked like he needed help. I didn't know what was going on. I just saw one person being chased by three others. It looked to me like you guys were going to rob him. I'm really sorry. How's about I make it up to you guys with some..." He checked his watch "..I'll say lunch..Huh? I know I could use a meal."

His eyes went to the man who slid down the ledge and fell. "You're about a half-mile northeast of Pallet Town. You okay, by the way?"

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Rossto finished clearing out the last bit of smoke with his wings before returning to the perch on Heather's head. She surveyed the group now seeing the confused Magnus, the magician who's name she took to be Trevor with a slight grin on his face, a very angry Jeffery, a distracted Rodney and a new guy who did a magnificent face slide down the hill. She helped the new comer to his feet before looking at Magnus.

"Well if you are buying then it is fine by me." She said with a smile Magnus cocking his head a bit to the side.

She watched as the new person dusted himself off before introducing himself as Jared. She smiled holding out a hand to greet him.

"I'm Heather and this is Russto. Moving on the man with the Cyndaquill is Magnus who will be treating us kindly to lunch, The one with steam coming out of his ears is Jeffery, The one with the Totodile is Rodney and the scoundrel over there with the 'Alien' is Trevor though I think he is just trying to live his life like anyone else."

Jared shook his head trying to soak in the information while Russto was still keeping a close bead on the two troublemakers. Heather turned to see Jeffery finally starting to calm down as Chompers sniffed around looking for more berries to eat. She pulled out her pokedex and quickly let it scan entries of the gather of pokemon adding them in before closing it again.

"Now I am pretty sure we are all starting trainers ourselves so I say we should head for the Professors lab." Heather said before turning facing back into the woods, "And besides they typically give you some advice about how to help your pokemon out."

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"No offence doll face but I don't need no help with my pokemon, Right Rosgry"
During all the confusion however Rosgry became all the more distracted by his nose as he managed to get his finger stuck in his nose. He nodded however with his trainers suggestion "Gry"

"okay I`m calm I`m calm but I`m only tagging along I already got started" Jeffery said following the group out of the woods and back into town but they were greeted by people throwing stuff at Trevor.
" HAHAHAHA well I guess the`re still pissed about the whole fraud thing" Jeffery said laughing.
"but don`t worry I got it HEY EVERYBODY HE`S ALRIGHT I`M SURE HE`LL APOLOGIZE FOR TRYING TO SCREW YOU ALL OVER" the throwing ceased momentarily, Jeffery then turned to Trevor and whispered so no one can hear
"mate I know you`re a deceitful little scumbag but at least try and fake it long enough to lie to these people".

The group continued walked back to town, passing by where the magician had made his presence known. Of course, the criminal had the bright idea of coming back into town, but thanks to the presence of the other five trainers, he was nearly safe from most of the litter flung at him. And here they are...safe and sound. The man jumped from the patio of the restaurant he was sitting at. "Excuse me!" He had shoulder-length brown hair and a surprisingly trimmed goatee. He was clothed in dirty cargo pants and a matching vest. On his belt were two Pokeballs and on his left wrist was a strange device. His blue eyes looked at the group of six.

"Who are you?" asked the young man with the strange Pokemon.

My apologies, I didn't think that you actually were unaware that people were watching your "spectacle" from afar.


"Roll up, Roll up one and all, old and young and be prepared to meet the Great Trevini and his assistant Ralts!"

The crowd tilted their heads as Joseh sipped from his lemonade from the restaurant across the street. The Growlithe at his feet woke at the magician's proclamation of his work and walked not too far from the railing of the patio of the restaurant.

"What is it Noah? Did you want to watch the magician play his tricks?" The Growlithe turned and nodded.

Joseh placed his lemonade back on the table. He turned in his seat as though looking for something. "Noah, have you seen Talos anywhere?" As if on cue, Joseh heard a low whine underneath his seat. He looked under it to find the tiny poochyena curled into a ball.

"Daw, Talos what are you doing under there?" Joseh picked up the small Pokemon and placed him on his lap. "There's nothing to worry about. I swear, you're certainly living up to the stereotype of the timid Poochyena."

The magician had nearly finished up his set up. "Prepare to see a spectacle of real magic!" The Great Trevini certainly had a way of gaining the attention of the crowd. They seemed almost drawn to him...

As the crowd gathered, Joseh found it difficult to view the stage the magician had made himself, but Noah still seemed to be enthralled as he continued to yip away at the various "oos" and "Ahhs" of the crowd. In one particular trick, the magician's Pokemon was lifted into the air as Joseh finally got a glimpse of his Pokemon.

That's not a Ralts... Joseh silently thought to himself. He remembered that his parents had bread a few for some of the psychics that lived in Saffron City. None of them ever looked like the one that the magician had.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, for my next trick my faithful assistant Ralts will perform his very own trick! With but a mental command, Ralts will make me disappear!"

The magician's grand finale... Talos began to whine a little more as Noah remained just as enthralled with the spectacle.

Suddenly, there was an explosion of gas. Talos dug into Joseh's lap as Noah began to bark and growl. Joseh, holding the timid Poochyena, stood up and watched as the crowd remained still, dazed and confused. He saw the magician and his "assistant" run off with what looked like a woman's purse.

Totally clashes with that outfit... "Noah, after him!"

The Growlithe quickly obeyed Joseh as he ran off towards the running magician.

There was another gas explosion as Joseh jumped the railing of the patio with Talos in his arms. He was blinded by the smoke, but heard fighting on the other side of the crowd. As the smoke dispersed, he saw a young Pokemon trainer return the stolen purse back to its owner, but the magician was nowhere in sight.

"Noah! Where'd you run off to?" Joseh heard a yelp as the contented Growlithe came back up to him, seemingly saddened he could not do anything to stop him.

"Daw, don't feel bad. It's not like you were expecting it. I certainly wasn't." The Growlithe rubbed against Joseh's leg as he pulled out two Pokeballs from his belt. "But for now, I think it's best you two were safe and sound for the moment. Noah and Talos return."

The two Pokemon were enveloped in waves of red light. Joseh placed the balls back on his belt.

"Did you see which way he went?" Joseh overheard.

"Yeah, he went into the forest," replied another voice.

There isn't anywhere else to go, considering this is a coastal town... He sighed as he watched two young boys run off after them. Honestly, kids think they can become trainers the moment they graduate out of gradeschool...makes me wonder. He sighed as he went back up onto the retaurant patio. Still, seems like they'll be alright. I doubt that sleeze will do anything stupid He sat back down and checked his Pokegear. It would be another two hours before he would be able to see Professor Oak.


"I'm sorry, my name is Joseh Nall, I'm a...traveler of sorts." He looked at the group of six. "Most of you seem fairly new...are you here to see the professor?"

"Well, first we're going to have lunch. Yes, we're headed to see Professor Oak afterwards. We have a...scientific proposal...for him. Now, if you have no other business with us, we'd all like to eat. You're welcome to join us if you don't mind paying for yourself."
Quillz began digging at Magnus's pants leg to get his attention and then layed down on her back. "Oh fine." he kneeled down and scratched the belly of his pokemon, much to her enjoyment. "Alright, happy now?" Quillz nodded. "Alright. Gentlemen, and Lady, let's get a table. Nice to meet you mister Nahl. Though you should have introduced yourself while you were watching us in the woods."

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Rodney asked mostly at Magnus and Trevor "Hey guys, isn't Clefairy a alien pokemon too?" Magnus spoke first and said "Well yes they are but they are just from the moon..." That was all Rodney needed to hear however Magnus continued to ramble. Rodney again cut it and said "I don't think we will get anything too filling we ate before the.... show oh and Trevor you and Rosgry there are pretty noticeable so if the cops or an Officer Jenny show up you best have something to tell them." Chompers was lightly headbutting Rodney in the leg as if to say "Hey it's your loss if you don't want to eat much!"

Trevor was taken aback. It had been a while since someone told him to take care of himself. Think I should stick around with these guys "Hey no problem" Searching threw his pockets for what seemed like 5 minutes it was finally Rosgry who slipped Rodney a photo of two Trevors.

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