Answer everything with a question

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Alright one try~

What I should answer everything with a question?

Why are you asking me?

What I gotta ask someone else now?

You talkin' to me?

You talkin' to me?

Wouldn't you agree that I could just as easily be talking to Banjo and Kazooie as taking to you?

Is there anyone else here?

If you look behind you, will you see we three?

Do you even know what you ask???


What makes you think you can simply walk into Mordor?

What makes you think I can't? Don't I have this magical ring of invisibility?

How do I know it's not just a ringer? >.>

Why did you answer my rhetorical question with a bad pun?

Right, time to get up close and personal:

Why did you link a geo-locked video?

Are you simple?

(said in a booming Brian Blessed voice)

Geo-locked? I'm sorry, I thought this was America - is this not America???

Ihr standort sind Deutschland. Sprechen Sie deutch?

Ja ich kann ein bisschen Deutsche sprachen aber ich have viele grammar und spelling vergessen, und Du? Weiso bist du ein unglaubliche schweinhund???

Edit:: wo de de wen bu tai hao ma? Mei wen ti, wo de zhongwen Zhende Bu cuo. Ni ke yi shuo yi Dian dian zhongwen ma?

Is this biscuit yours?

Why? Did you drop it on the floor?

Who cares if a biscuit hits the floor after they cancelled firefly?

Does your Serenity make you cold for Caprica again?

Why can't I just be hot for capricious amounts of chocolate mousse and be done with it?

Are you Snickering at the Milky Way that is Babe Ruth filled with Almond Joy?

Is Almond Joy some sort of Nutella type affair but with almonds instead of hazelnuts? Wait, isn't that marzipan? Or is Almond Joy the name of a large, burly, hairy gay porn star who really loves baseball?

Your mind just had to go to porn, didn't it, am I right in guessing it's because you're a randy little jackalope?

If jackalopes are so randy, why aren't there more of them?

Isn't Randy Lorde? If so, then why don't jackasses jack fucking envelopes??

Wouldn't that lead to painful paper cuts?

Shouldn't we all be opposing cuts of any description or physical manifestation?

So, you don't want to cut a rug?

How can I, when I'm not allowed to use the big boy scissors yet?

Did you ask to keep the safety on this time, then?

Does this thing even have one?

Are we in the Internet's America?

The last time I answered a question like this, didn't I get insulted in German?

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