Answer everything with a question

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Is that like net profit?

Are nets usually profitable??? ( ._.)

More profitable than fishing?

Isn't fishing illegal on the internet?

So no baiting?

Now that's just ghastly - there are children in the room!

Have you forgotten this is a questions thread?

Shit, have I?

You gave an answer and no question last time?

Wh- I-...Are you sure?

Oh, you didn't know?

I've never heard of them, who are they?

Legends of Yesteryear?

What's your sign?

What do you want me to sign?

Could you please sign here on the dotted-line under the pre-amble about handing all assets over to me?

What's the catch?

Do you have an angle?

Do you enjoy trigonometry?

I prefer Calculus?

You mean the professor?

And not the teacher?

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear, right?

Does one know their class?

The past, present, or future class?

First, second or third class?

Left, right, or middle class?

What rank?

What smells?

What what?

Is 'what!' the sound a wet hat makes when it hits the ground?

The sound of ghost bodies hitting the floor?

Do ghosts make a sound?

If a ghost farts in an abandoned building, does it make a sound?

Do ants have assholes?

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