Answer everything with a question

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Doesn't anything sound metal in German or was that modern Latin?

Isn't it German? Isn't Latin more used by intellectuals to get the intellectual pussy?

Who said Latin can't be metal as well?

Why did you take all my metal?

Why won't you take any of the silver?

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Do you take me a as a smart chick?

Are you as clever as you think?

What makes you think I'm clever enough to know whether I am as clever as I think?

Who the fuck is Clever?

Do you think I know everyone?

What's that, sonny?

Are you deaf or a bit dim?

Do I look dead or like Tim?

Who the fack's Tim anyway?

...And is he tiny?

What's that suppose to mean, bro?

You think I understand this gibberish?

Is "gibberish" spelled with a "J"?

Just how dense are you?

Next question, please?

Do you want another answer or something?

What was the question?

Should we or should we not ask another question already?

Did you say something?

I asked: How many potatoes can you fit in there?

How wide can you make it?

Well if we shore up the north facing wall, we can knock it down and probably make it about twice as wide, but really it depends. Do you have any electrical cabling in there?

Where am I to find bulkheads in this neck of the woods?

Just what do you think you are doing, Dave?


Johnny 5?

Which one's Louie?

Have you ever been to Akavir?

Did you leave my wallet there?

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