Answer everything with a question

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Have you SEEN his pre-Star Wars movies?

I saw parts of THX...1134?

You mean a T51-b?

You have a T-1 line in your house?

You mean the first Terminators were made of LEGO?

Didn't they use nanotechnology at some point?

T-1000: Best robot or best liquid?

Unidentified substance of the year?

It's made of carbon, isn't it?

Could it be graphene?

Given the reflectiveness, could it be glass?

Isn't it's chrome slime?

It's mercury, right?

Have YOU seen mercury that can run 40 mph, speak in multiple voices, and stab people?

Did you build the thing?


Is this a screaming competition now?

Or is it just a reference to the Anime version of Strongbad?

Who is that, essay?

Have you never visited

What is that?

A video game?

Is it something that you can discover for yourself via search-engine?

Did you know there used to be some site that force-fed spam pop-ups to your browser if you mistyped Google into the URL bar?

I joined the Internet in the mid-90's like everybody else, why wouldn't I?

How old AREN'T you?

Is this real?

Or is it just fantasy?

Do they have landslides where you live?

Would you call a whirling vortex of wind a "landslide"?

Errrrr...temporary insanity?

Is that how we explain Queen lyrics?

And why they can't be stop when they're having a good time and/or having a ball?

Should we try and stop them now?

Should we forgive the murdering boy just because he and his family are poor?

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