Answer everything with a question

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Which wallet do you mean?

Was it the wallet with all the pink, yellow, and cyan colors on it?

Can't you keep anything safe?

Why do you get me to keep expensive things "safe"?

What is this, anyway?

How should I know? Must I do everything?

I thought you already were, weren't you?

Who's line role is it, anyway?

This isn't RP!

Or is it?

If it is, then why didn't Barbas ask a question?

Why must people get their lines wrong?

Is this the relevant tissue?

Do you need a map?

Follow the green or red lines?

Where the hell is the exit?

Was that the overpass or the underpass?

You're the one drivin', how should I know?

Who's manning the turret?

Who's isn't manning one's "turret" right this moment?

Do you know how many turrets are in that building over there?

Do we have enough fortresses?

Do we have enough homes?

Do you have your popcorn ready?

Where can I get some coffee?

Can I get a refill on the soda?

Does one get ice with that?

How nice is the ice?

Haven't you tried some?

Chinglish, my good fellow, do you speak it?

Is that slang for the Mighty Boosh?

So you're on first name terms with the Boche are you?

The two dudes in the van?

From Japan?

To a trip to Sam I Am?

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