Answer everything with a question

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Which was the best Kung Fu Panda?

Brutal Legend?

Metal Geeeeeaaarrr???

Isn't that what we'll be hunting in that Horizon Zero Dawn game?

Wasn't that delayed until 2018?

If so, won't that be worth it for a better product?

Is all this really worth it?

Do we have anything better to do?

What does the itinerary say?

Why should I care?

Has an actor/actress ever looked the part of the character they were portraying more than J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson in the Sam Raimi Spider-man movies?

What about most of the MCU?

What's inside your wallet?

Gatta penne???

Coupons for free root beer?

Got any Coke?

Is that a bag of weeeeeeed?

I dunno, are you a cooooooooooooooooop?

Do you got a prescription for this?

Why am I expecting anyone to understand my references to an extremely obscure proto-abridging of One Piece that probably isn't even available anymore?

Are you an otaku person?

Not particularly, but then what's Cowboy Bebop doing in my mailbox next week?

Was it sent by the shogun?

Does the Shogun work for Amazon?

The US or UK version?

There's a difference?

Isn't there only the Japanese version?

Do fan translations count?

Did you ask the count?

Could you ever guess what movie I got with Cowboy Bebop?

Jurassic Park?

Why, when I already have the trilogy on blu-ray?

(It was Killer Clowns from Outer Space.)

Judge Dredd?

Why are you still guessing when I gave away the answer?

(Dredd 3D was so much better.)

Do you really have to gall to insinuate the Dredd remake was better than the Stallone Version?

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