Answer everything with a question

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Why would I only insinuate when I could openly state like I did?

How is it even possible for someone to think such?

By not betraying DURLOH?

Is that a town in Ireland?

Does Ireland let their judges ride around on motorcycles and shoot criminals?

Is it the Water Wars yet?

Oh I won that conflict years ago, how else would I convince all these donkeys that I'm an alicorn?

What's an alicorn, professor?

An alicorn is a unicorn with wings, don't you ever go to church or read political news?

No, should I?

Do you ever feel thirsty?

Boy, when do I not?

I can give you water and mare's milk, why not swear loyalty to me?

Can I get orange juice with that?

What's orange juice?

Is it Jewish?

Are you assuming my religion?

Was he asking you?

Isn't that what we're doing here?

Wasn't that question for me?

Are you made of macaroni?

Have you guys made kraft's mac'n'cheese but with like 5 different cheeses before?

Is there any other way?

Have you seen the way to Balmora?

Yes, but why would I let you go there?

Doesn't he have all the valid documents to proceed?

What's a document and why would anyone need one?

What business do you even have in Balmora anyway?

Why do you ask, priest?

If you're going to pass through my domain, is it too much to ask that you correctly refer to me as Glorious Immortan?

Would you give me a few minutes to think about that request?

How could you think it was a request?

Was it meant to be a demand?

Now that you're caught up, would you mind explaining what in your truck is making all that noise?

Aren't trucks meant to make that sort of noise?

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