Answer everything with a question

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Why are you and your vehicle ticking?

What are we doing here?

Evacuating all the donkeys so that one of my war colts can investigate your truck safety, what's it look like we're doing?

Why do you need an M16 for that?

Do you know a better way to keep a suspected terrorist from getting any funny ideas?

They get funny ideas?

You don't consider time bombs comical?

Are they being planted by Peter Sellers?

Are you Peter Sellers?

Depends, are you the tax man?

Why haven't you been paying your taxes Mr. Trump?

Do you know what happened to the last person to bring Trump into this thread? ( ._.)

No, what happened to the last person to bring Trump into this thread?

You didn't see them being wheeled out?

I only saw them under my wheel; seriously, who's crazy enough to badmouth my spirit-animal?

Danny Dyer?

Who is that, where can I find him, and how do I kill him?

Are you guys aware that the man's car just exploded and injured the donkeys while you were arguing?

Meh, fewer mouths to feed, right?

Do I need to remind that this punk is still ticking and standing right behind you?

Well now that the M6 has been put to good use, how far do you think I could gallop before he explodes?

What does this button do?


Did you push the red one or the yellow one?

(distant yelling) Why, what does the non-exploding button do?

Isn't it safer to examine the wires and use the wire cutter instead of just pressing random buttons on a powerful explosive?

What does that matter when the urge to press buttons is simply too great?

Why isn't everybody yelling yet!? Have you no carnal, reckless emotion?

I already described once that I was yelling from a distance, do I have to do that every time?

Guys are you okay with our bomb disarmanent process being livestreamed?

By the way, did you guys take a selfie in front of the explosive yet?

You haven't? Wasn't that the first step in the bomb defusal manual?

Why're y'all de'ad?

Isn't that question a paradox?

What's a paradox, mom?

Who's "mom"?

Isn't "mom" the mirror-word of "mom"?

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