Answer everything with a question

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Don't those have a name already, professor?

Does this look like a genuine PhD?

What does this button do?

Doesn't that attach to my shirt usually?

Where did you get that amazing throw rug?

Why, are you looking to buy?

What are you selling?

Are you a narc?


Why, are there drugs on offer?

Did you hear anything about drugs?

Are you a cop?

Is he a cop? :/

Why don't we all just settle down and do a quick spy check?

What about that sentry, is that a spy?

Where's the engie that's supposed to be protecting it?

Is that his spinal column floating in the water?

Depends... is that paper over your face?

And if it is, why don't you have paper on your face?

Are you saying we're all spies?

Didn't we burn all the spahs?

Well how far does your flamethrower reach?

What does reach matter when it can also be used for sick solos?

But are your solos any match for my impromptu spinal surgery?

Does knowing every song by Spinal Tap count?

Does Tobey Maguire play the best on-screen rendition of Spiderman put to cinemas yet?

Does his complete lack of chemistry with Krinst Dunst answer your question?

Don't you realize that any problems with chemistry were forgotten with her rain-soaked nips?

Why should I care what stupid perverts remember?

Isn't the government staffed almost exclusively by stupid perverts?

Are you suggesting a violent revolution?

Got a better idea?

Are we revolting to better the world, or for our own selfish gain?

Why not both?

Have I ever told you I like the way you think?

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