Answer everything with a question

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Anybody want some tacos?

Depends, what are the ingredients?

Got a grudge against roadkill cuisine?

Why would I hate my favorite pizza topping?

Then what are we waiting for? Where are the napkins?

We're waiting for the napkins to finish their journey, why?

Who sent them on a journey at lunch hour!?

Is it weird that I ate them for lunch?

Don't you think it will be, once you eat your tacos and have nothing to wipe off with?

When was the last time I even used napkins?

Why don't you say more nice things like that?

Is middle school bullying any indication?

Indication of what?

Why are you trying to confuse the situation? Did your mother not teach you conversation manners?

Is that your example of middle-school bullying?



Aww babe you come here often?

Sure! Say, you look like a muggozine model, how about you come back to my place and try my home-brewed milk?

How about an appetizer before we start the main meal?

Does this mean you're willing to reconsider eating napkins?

Are you questioning my devotion to you?

Is a blood sacrifice not enough?

Is it too late to admit the blood-sacrifice was too much?

Well what else are we going to to with these large knives now?

Why not weld the blades onto the outside of our cars?

Won't that make them less aerodynamic?

Shouldn't positioning the sharp sides forward do the opposite?

can we weld some spears onto my car?

Aren't spears best used when thrown or thrust?

Aren't you attacking me?

Not to my knowledge, do I have a reason to?

What about that thing I did the other day?

What did you do, Ray?

Wasn't he the guy who stole all that kitten saving money?

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