Answer everything with a question

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Why would him stealing from kittens give me a reason to attack you? IS HE WORKING FOR YOU?

Would that make any difference?

Given what we've established, how would it not?

What if it was all just a filler arc so not technically cannon?

The arc will only conclude with the safe return of the money for kittens and the defeat of the villain who willed the theft; now, are you or are you not the fiend behind this vile crime?

Now IF I said that I was....would you kick me into space?

How would I even be able to do that?

Don't you have some kind of launching device?

Have you ever known a catapult truck to launch anything higher than several dozen meters?

Have you ever seen Punkin Chunkin?

What's that sound?

The sound of Punkin Chunkin?

Didn't he lose his ability to make sound in a tragic flower arranging accident?

How would that make someone mute?

Aren't you the doctor?

Do I look like a doctor to you?

Then am I the Doctor?
Who is the doctor?

Will a doctor explain Punkin Chunkin's deafness?

I thought he was mute? Is Punkin Chunkin Deaf as well?

Am I not allowed to confuse disability words from time to time?

Well are you still writing that dictionary?

Was I ever?

Shall we go through your computer files then?

Why would I ever let you near my computer?

Are we the same person though?

If that were so, why would we need to answer each others' questions?

Is it Paranoia that someone might catch on?

Look, are we going to solve the muteness of Punkin Chunkin or not?

Do I have to enjoy it while we do it?

Have I ever authorized not having fun?

Do you even know what having gun is?

Do you even know what having gun is?

Is that a typo?

Why are y'all trippin on technicalities?

Are you happy with letting the English language fall into a state of disrepair?

I never hear about the other languages having this problem, why do we even use English anyway?

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