Answer everything with a question

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Why you goin around getting banned? Don't you know to keep yourself in line with Big Bro?

How am I supposed to do that when Big Bro keeps moving the line?

Watch The Line, obviously; or is it called The Wire?

Are you thinking about the Bill?

Is there anything to do with him but kill?

what did he do to deserve such?

Does attempting to kill a pregnant woman count for anything?

Why haven't you burned the SOB already?

Would you believe I've only watched the first movie?

Really why?

Is that surprising to you?

Is it any consolation that I watched the end of the second movie?

Was there a third movie?

Why and how would there be when the title character is already dead?

But didn't Tarintino confirm part three like seven years ago? (He actually did)

It's zombies, isn't it?

why does it always have to be bloody zombies?

I know, right? Why can't it be fairies for once?

wouldn't Ragnorok make for a cool apocalypse?

Aren't we going to find out in November?

Will the Hulk get a post-avengers movie?

Would you settle for the Inhumans movie, where their big villain is World War Hulk?

What sort of numbering system uses Hulk?

Have you not heard of the comic where Hulk brings his gladiator buddies to Earth and crushes every superhero who sent him away?

What's for dinner?

Takeout sound good?

Do you think that can sound good?

Not a junk food eater?

What would be your perfect meal?

Could garlic sauce be a meal?

Do you want to get scurvy?

have you been eating your fruit?

Why do you ask?

You don't want to get Scurvy do you?

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