Answer everything with a question

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Do you like green eggs and spam?

Is it like red fish or blue fish?

Is there really a difference?

Is that its own form of colorblindness?

Do I look like I need contacts?

Have you already consulted a doctor?

How much caulk is too much caulk?

Is it safe?

Did you use Securicar like I asked you to?

How good's your security?

Do you really think I can answer that question with a statement?

Isn't everything a question in the end?

Is this meth?




Oh shit, was there a virus detected?

The protection was the virus, right?

Do we have an antidote?

Do you have an altitude problem, soldier?

Which way is up again sir?

Why are you black?

Why aren't you all yellow?

Does that make sense?

Why should being black or yellow matter?

Did you need me to be?

You got dem edgumacasions on ya?

What's that?

Isn't it the thing with the stuff and the whatchamacallsit?

Perhaps, but where does mass fusion come into it?

Once the Bonds get together for a spy reunion?

Aren't the Bonds vampires?

Shouldn't the Bonds be Doctors?

Can Bond cook?

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