Answer everything with a question

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Doesn't a gentleman always cook breakfast the morning after?

After what?

After math?

What is algebra?

Is it a disease?

Is it filled with MSG?

Machine-shotgun grenade?

MegaSplosion Glutenade?

Gluten is liquid?

Liquid can also not be water?

I know, right?

Why did no one tell me?

You were busy?

Weren't you supposed to be in the test chamber half an hour ago?

I don't work in testing, remember?

Do I work with portals or cubes?

Don't you use magnets?

How's that shit even supposed to work?

Didn't you read the manual?

Where is yours?

Haven't you heard of downloads?

Where did you get that?

How should I know, Blue?

Is it at Soup?

At soup? How can something be at soup?

Isn't clothing sold at the Soup store?

Why are you in the soup store?

Something to do with cutlery?

What about the "Ghoti"?


Are you the German spy?

Is it like a French spy?

Vas ist das?

German again?

Why can't it be Scandinavian?

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