Answer everything with a question

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Do you know Polish?

Polish what?

Like the sausage?

Haven't they been found to be carcinogenic?

Is it safe to eat with mustard?

Is mustard safe to throw at your curtains?

Do you have the appropriate curtains?

Do they match the drapes?

Are the drapes patterned with little pictures of grapes?

What do grapes taste like?

Are they poisoned?

Did you do time?

What time is it anyway?

Whose line was that meant to be again?

Why can you never remember your lines?

Have you read the script?

Where is the script?

Who's the director?

What scene is this?

Am I real life?

Is this cheese?

Orange or purple?

Is there enough yellow?

Do you have a map of the yellow deposits?

Yellow ones or gold ones?

New ones or old ones?

Do we have enough spares?

Are there any cinnamon squares left?

Do the kids love the taste?

Is it part of a balanced diet?

What's that?

Where? What's the emergency?

And how many squirrels are involved?

Did any get the time of the accident?

Don't you mean to say "incident"?

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