Answer everything with a question

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Isn't it more of an "accident incident" than an "incident accident"?

Was anyone at fault?

Is blame really necessary?

Who's really not pointing fingers here?

Pointing where?

La victoire eat a nous?

Que Sera?

Что э́то?

Who's invited toe the bar mitzvah?

Who invited the bar within the bar mitzvah?

Got any of those breaded mozzarella balls?

Do we get garlic bread with that?

Can we do without the metaphorical spaghetti sauce, though?

You mean the sauce that's all up the wall?

How did that get there?

Wasn't it cause by the in-laws arguing over the taste of the sauce?

Who invited them?

Dane Cook?

Didn't he make a joke about it with puppets?

Wasn't it on T.V.?


U f***ing wat, m92f?

What is going on here?


Where did the logic go?

Was it ever there?

What, the beer?

Where's the nachos?

Where's the lager?

Couldn't it be at the bar?

Is it a no-toking bar?

So no credit?

Are you Lancaster?

This close to Bracknell?

Is that near Peach Trees?

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