Answer everything with a question

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Is it near one of the trees of life?

How would I know, man?

Didn't someone tell you?

Thee are still people out there?

If so, did they miss anything?

Have we skipped anything?

How far have you skipped a stone before?

Was the stone on manual or automatic?

How much horsepower did you use?

Horses are real?

Do you believe in ponies?

Are those midget horses?

Isn't midget kind of an offensive term?

What is an offensive term?


He still exist???

Didn't you know he is the father of Garrett?

Who's Garrett? The salad?

With tomatoes and cucumber?

Balsamic or vinaigrette?

On which shelf?

Third down from the top and... WHY IS THERE A RABID POLAR BEAR IN MY PANTRY?!?

Is that a polar bear plushie with whipped cream on its mouth?

Or is it a koala covered in coke and having an amphetamine induced seizure?

Should we call an ambulance?

Wouldn't it be better to call the Ice-Cream van, because at least that way we all can have frozen dairy treats?

Don't you have a healthy fear of serial killers driving ice cream vans?

Didn't you know that a serial killer who drives an ice-cream van can be killed guilt free in um... "self defense" and then FREE ICE-CREAM FOR EVERYONE?

Does this also apply to fast food chains?

What doesn't apply t fast food chains?

I am wondering: why are you here?

Why are any of us here?

Drugs and alcohol?

Orally, rectally, or intravenously?

Is all three at once too much?

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