Answer everything with a question

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Is overkill ever enough?

What exactly defines "overkill"?

How do we earn the Overkill badge?

Does the answer have anything to do with obnoxious DLC?

Does DLC stand for: Deadly Laser Cactus?

...Or does it stand for Diddy Licks Cars?

Why'd he do that?

Something in the paint?

Is the paint candy flavored like a condom or something?

Is the paint you buy usually condom flavoured?

Well, is it latex, felt, or fur?

What, no leather?

Do you love interior design as much as I do?

Depends. Do you shag carpet?

Will it match the drapes?

Has anyone decided on a wallpaper?

What color?

Should we make it all red so it's easier to dispose of bodies?

...What "bodies"?

Did we kill anyone?

How did we kill them?

Did you just kill the mood?

What was the mood?

Like a ring?

A magic one?

Blessing or curse?

Is Fargoth behind this?

Who is Fargoth?

Connected to OP?

Did he ask another question yet?

Why Kai?

Shorter than Z?

What comes after Z?

How's your net speed?

Better than Net Zero?

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