Rate my song then share your own

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It's a musical Box social!
Yes this is an old game but it's dead somewhere in the locked thread abyss on this site.



Listen to and rate the song above you and then post a link to your own.

Spoilers welcome but not necessary
Add the song title and artist if the link doesn't work
Embed a youtube link like this [ youtube=4qsWFFuYZYI ]

First up

I'm always up for some classic rock.

8/10 That was good, I enjoyed it a lot.

7/10. Usually not a fan of that kind of music, but I surprisingly liked this one. Dude has got some talent and dem lyrics.

7.5 Yeah pretty good, would listen to it again.

6/10 I was really excited and loved every part of this until the vocoder.
There is something that really annoys me about Vocoders.
10/10 to visuals though!
Hopefully this be like the Avalanches 'Frankie Sinatra' and not be indicative of the whole album.

6/10. Not something I would usually listen to, but she had a pretty great voice and it was catchy.


Funky in the 70s soul area.
Persona has always had good music Japanese Jazz is really good these days.

7/10 Pretty good, but not my cup of tea

7.5/10. I'm always a sucker for a good video game soundtrack, so much so that I think I might look into that game because that was pretty solid.

Edit: Damn Ninjas... 5/10. ISS's new album is quite shite after the gloriousness that was New Demons and Digital Renegade. That song is like one of the two I can tolerate.

6/10 A pretty big meh

My jam.

7/10 Not so much a song as it is a funny video.

6/10. Pretty solid as far as instrumentals go, just they aren't really my thing.

5/10- Musically I've heard that song before.
The genre shares a lot of similarities from song to song and I think that the main focus is on the lyrics?
Which aren't my cup of tea.

Noting bad about any part of the song but not in my wheelhouse.


5/10. Weird. I usually really like Mastodon... but that song just didn't do it for me. Wasn't horrible, just not say...

9/10 One of my favorite Mastodon songs

6/10 It's not 'bad' per se, but I just don't care for songs quite this mellow.

6/10 Eh, kind of boring.

6/10. Wasn't bad, but kinda had a little bit of a dip halfway through.

7.5/10 Pretty good, needs better production though.

8.5/10. I really liked that new album and this song along with Young Lonely and One Car Garage were by far my favorite.

6.5/10 Sounds like new BMTH.

5/10 Nothing bad at all but still the genre isn't for me.
The mixing always to be really loud on the drums and hides the guitar.

8/10 Pretty good stuff.

4/10 Like the music part of the song, but not my definition of "singing"... :/

6.5/10 Good, but doesn't stand on it's own, better background music.

5/10 I really like the guitar, it's too bad it goes to waste on an otherwise underwhelming song

Here's a bunch of men from Barbados singing about dicks.

That was fun and a blatant rip off of rum and coca cola.
Best euphemism laden song in the thread so far!

6/10 Not bad, but just a little boring.

7/10 Drummers with barely there shirts.
Pretty good and the singer sounded a bit more punky than normal.

7/10 Pretty solid stuff.

Little bit too scream-y for my taste, but the guitar work is solid.

9/10 One of the best film soundtracks ever

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