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3/10 I liked the rhythm for the main song, but the chorus was a screaming wreck that dragged down the rest.

5/10 I've always found Amanda Palmer to be boring.

6/10 mighty beards.
I think this band would be really interesting if they took out parts of the lead guitar and pushed the drums forward a bit. There was a really brief moment after the intro and again in the breakdown that would have been nice to let if play out and go somewhere.
The singer started off good and then the effects kicked in.

6/10 Catchy, if a bit weird.

This isn't really my thing, but I can see it being a good example of its style.

9/10 One of the best Rise Against songs off of the last good Rise Against album.

7.5/10 Fat blokes with guns.
Man I love music videos. It's such a weird form of storytelling.
Enjoyed the band here they had a really full sound .

6/10 Catchy enough, but not really my thang.

5/10 MerMEN!!
Pretty good guitar solo and the breakdown was good. Sometimes I really like it when bands like this strip back a layer, there's a point were everything going full ball gets a bit much for me.

I'm a horrible judge for that kind of song as it just ain't my thing
Sound is decent enough though
Video made me crave a burger

4/10 Eh, not really into that style of music.

I enjoyed that, even if I didn't really get it.

6/10 I can see how people would enjoy it but it was about 4 minutes too long.

7/10. Inoffensive but good. Not wild about it - when it comes to that kind of melodic hardcore-y stuff I get quite picky if I don't feel like it has something really special about it to make it stand out but pretty decent all the same. Wouldn't turn it off if it came on the radio.

7/10 Strapping young lads

Yeah Devin! His diversity is always really enjoyable.
Good song too.

6.5/10 I feel like I would enjoy it more if it had better production.

3/10 Nope!

6/10 U2 an interesting choice.
I'll admit to liking them once upon a time. They lost me though, well Bono did, after vertigo.
This song holds up after not hearing it for a while; It still means something and feels sad.

I have a really hazy memory of posting this in the old thread. So sorry Kenbo if you've heard it already (Anyone else enjoy!).

7/10 I don't recall ever hearing it, but it was pretty good stuff man.

8/10 Decent beat, nice production, vocalist not too shabby at all. Generally enjoyed it, good shout.

10/10 Mmmmmm Jazz.
Don't know why I haven't listened to more Cannonball considering how much I like that era of Jazz....
Good song!

6.5/10 While it's not bad, it's really not for me.

I feel like I should like it more, but I don't. Something about the singer just puts me off.

7/10 Because of Nostalgia, to be honest, I love Shadowrun, started on SNES and now playing Dragonfall, already bought Hong Kong for when I finish, sadly the people I play RPG games with are not interested in the tabletop game so I haven't played that yet.

8/10 Really good stuff and great music video.

3/10 - It's got a really pretty main riff. Hate the guitar tone, it's got no weight to it at all. The really technical lead guitar mixed with the chuggy rhythm doesn't particularly interest me, personally I feel like it's very soulless playing, regardless of how proficient the guitarist/s is/are. The over-produced vocals don't do it for me either, I'm afraid :/ Not my cup of tea but it's not like it was offensively bad.

7/10 soundtracks
That was nice and chill might look into the rest of that games soundtrack. I've begun listening to more soundtracks this year.

8/10 I dig it

Liked the guitar riffs, not so fond of the screaming.

Blind/Guardian, no other way to rate one of the best power metal bands of all time, numbers don't do them justice

9/10 One of my favorite Zappa songs

1/5 Found it to be rather bland - odd considering screamo tends to drive me up the wall
"Follow the leader" line sounded really ineffectual in the faked sort of way

6/10 that was a pretty weird/ cool music video and I think I've heard of the movie they were filming.
The song was pretty fun but a little forgettable for me.
Singer reminded me of a Russian band I can't remembers name.

6/10 Cool music video, not a big fan of the song.

1/10 Generic hard rock/metalcore/whatever that genre is called.

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