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5/10 Would be better if the singer wasn't mumbling

8/10 Hey I know Tiny moving parts! They toured with Modern baseball once.
It's a nice hogepodge of 90s and various punky good times. Interesting song.

Time for something weird but not too weird.

3/10 Noise rock is not for me haha.

1/10 sorry just don't care for screamer metal.

7/10 rock out in church....or a barn.
Never have given Lacuna Coil a go. I used to think that they were in the same vain as Evanescence whom shit me to tears.
Pleasantly surprised though! Singer had a bit lower voice and the male back up vocals complemented her's nicely.

7/10 It was okay, cool music video though.

consistency here: 7/10

7/10 just kiddings.

8/10 some good ocrestration.
I didn't know what to expect when the guitar stated and the midi sounding trumpet kicked in. I don't think that peice would be out of place in any grandiose action film.

6/10 While not bad, it's honestly pretty boring

6/10-the mosh was probably insane's.
Always liked the breakdown leading into chorus part of that song. Also what a flim clip!

6/10 Good music, but the Ween-esque vocals killed it.

6/10 Almost jazzy breakdowns.
Bit of a sneaky blending of genres in there.

7/10 Pretty solid stuff.

6/10 Ok, I'll admit I only like it cause I'm a sucker for heavy bass beats.

8/10 One of my favorite film soundtracks.

5//10 Inoffensive.

8/10-Hey that was pretty interesting.
Love a good slow burner. I think the vocals could have been dialed back just ever so slightly. But the whole mood of the song was spot on. Would be good live I can imagine, one of those songs you just soak up a little.

7/10 Pretty good stuff

6/10 Not really for me, but liked it about as much as I can like this genre.

Do you like... MY CAR.

OK, I actually think this song is pretty terrible, but it's a fun kind of terrible.

8/10- yes 8/10s
Terrible fun. That was overblown without trying too hard, it fills the slot of cheesy snack music pretty well. .......MY CAAAR

10/10 Classic.

7/10 Can give a songs
Nice and inoffensive. The singer has a good voice without getting too screamy in the choruses, sort of sticking to a Dave Grohl level.

8/10 Cool stuff, really cool video too.

6/10 that woke me ups.
These bands always have really good breakdowns. That yell into the bass riff! Sick ending.
Haven't ever been a fan of screaming and the clean vocals so it wasn't really my cup of tea but they're musically top notch.

7/10 Good stuff, great music video, awesome band name.

Melody's fine, but I just can't get behind the lyrics.

8/10 Haven't played the game but the soundtrack is great.

6/10 running and singings
Why do all these bands have good breakdowns...I think the singer relies on the reverb a bit my computer speakers are tinny as fuck at the moment so that's probably unfair. As a whole it was fine, didn't love it but it was inoffensive.

7/10 I feel like I'm in a movie.

7/10 1984 references.
That ending thought!
The singer has a good range from scream to singing, it'd be interesting to see how it goes live.

You might like these guys Kenbo, they're from Australia and they do a pretty good live show.


Nothing really wrong with it, and I liked the atmospheric intro for 5 seconds, but was disappointed to see it turn into something very standard. You could play this song to me next week in a bar and I would have forgotten I ever heard it before.

8/10 Classic song.

6/10 But don't stick guns onto yourself.

He was one of the easier scream vocal guys to listen to, it's usually a bit of a turn off for me (Maybe I'm growing to like them more.......?). The chorus was slightly at odds with the rest of the song. Shame they didn't keep with the opening riffs.

7/10 Yeah it's good and all but where's the new Tool album?

2.5/5 Found it rather boring overall but the sound is alright
Sorta wonder how'd it sound if the singer wasn't so distinguished from the sound
Probably just not distinguished - /dumbthoughts

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