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6/10 Funny, and pleasant instrumentation but her vocals really bring it down.

3/5 Video contained lots of staring
Don't like his voice (or is it the effects? can never discern) but the sound is pleasant enough

3/10 Man, Ska is usually pleasant but that was not.

Generic. Didn't really care much about the lyrics, and the music was fine but not particularly engaging. Honestly, the most engaged I was was trying to work out what all those pinball tables were at the start.

10/10 Classic video game music.

I guess I just wasn't in the mood for this one. It's not bad, though.

10/10 Classic

1/10 No.

8/10 -chill as farrrrrks-
That was pretty good! Very relaxed and dripping in 60s vibes. Didn't drag anywhere either.

8/10 Weird but good. Also, cool music video.

6/10 Never really been a fan of that type of scream-singing but the music was OK.

8/10 Good stuff, love RTJ


That would have sounded sick if she sung into a harmonica mic, but that's just me.

7/10 Cool stuff but not something I would listen to consistently.

8/10 - That was metal as fuck.
Nice shit. Never heard of Power trip before but I like em. Good 90s like metal.

This band is safe for work.

I figure a band with a name like that would appreciate a slightly offbeat score. Their music's also pretty good.

8/10 Pretty good stuff my man

I was going to say a female singer really adds to this style of vocals. But double checking they're both dudes (I feel dumb now), one of them has a pretty high range.
But point stands a second voice gives heaps more layer.

@Leet: It's just a shame there isn't more of us anymore.

6.5/10 Not bad, but I've honestly never been a big fan of lo-fi production.

@DrSusse Both of the singers are brothers. The other one was a backup singer up until this album where they now pretty much share co-lead duties. Also they sound amazing live.

6/10 - I'm not really listening to that sort of music these days (the fewer vocals, the better), but it was pretty good, rather a depressing video tho! O.O

For epic music, been into Two Steps From Hell (Thomas Bergersen in particular) for the last couple years, but for about a month or six weeks now, been on a real Really Slow Motion binge (even if I haven't the faintest idea how many composers they have). 'Cos I'd post all of Dimension One... -_-

6.5/10 It was alright but nothing special

7/10 Man, it's been a long time since I've listened to this shit... missed it...

Definitely evil sounding, you could see a Big old Kaiju coming out of the sea to this.

@Kenbo: That makes sense.
The harmony adds so much to that vocal effect.

It said the video was unavailable so I had to watch a live version. Anyways, 6.5/10 Sort of reminds me of Bright Eyes. I'm not the biggest fan but it isn't bad.

I quite like how much they get out of their sound, like how in the chorus it's fairly simple but sounds so full, like they know how to not overdo it. Also the intro up to the pre chorus was so fucking sick.

9/10 I love me some High on Fire

8/10 Not bad. Reminds me a bit of Slayer, which is always good.

Holy Sonic level!

Been a while since I've listened to Chip-tuney type stuff. That was funky and just the right amount of ridiculous. Of chip-tune, I really like when people limit themselves with say just the tones a game-boy can produce. Because man they get so creative.

6/10 Not bad, but just not sure how I feel about it.

5/10 Never really been my genre in all honesty... :/

5/10 A solid song to put in a trailer but not to my liking in any other context.

8/10 Old school Ice Cube is great

Love the guitar riffs, not such a fan of the screaming.

10/10 You don't wanna fuck with Shady

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