Mens Rights: Do we need a movement

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American Tanker:
Not referring to you with the "we" stuff. Just know that I visit other websites, i.e. One Angry Gamer, where my idea of a general revolution against radical feminism has support.

Second, it seems as if you're jumping to the conclusion that I want to kill all feminists, Moon Man-style. I just want to go on the record as stating that such should be seen as an ABSOLUTE last resort to be exercised if and only if said radical feminists manage to get law enforcement to declare all "Men's Rights" groups and ideals as terrorism. I don't see that as particularly likely.

Third, again, you're jumping to conclusions. Mainly, I just want media personalities and content creators to stop focusing on making sociopolitical agitprop, and instead go back to focusing on making actually enjoyable content again. Not saying that these feminist stories don't have their place, but they need to be more subtly woven into the stories and settings instead of dropped like anvils. Stop treating audiences like morons.

Oh great, you have support one a website that literally themes itself about being angry gamers, a stereotype so vile and indicative of the very worst aspects of gamer culture I'm shocked beyond words that there are people who unironically embrace them. Meanwhile, I hang out on other websites that don't have a unifying identity of being pissed off all the time that would be shocked, horrified and disgusted by everything you suggested. Maybe it's because they're places where the occasional woman pops in.

Oh my fucking god. Did you not catch the part where I said that I do not consider your support for an eventual future where all feminists are killed being half hearted to be an excuse? Because I don't. Let me repeat myself. If you ever, EVER, support killing all members of a group, you're the bad guy. End of story. And don't you FUCKING dare bring up men's rights. Do you know what problems men face? A higher suicide rate than women, more likely to be homeless, more likely to be victims of violence. Do you know what people like you do to help men who face those problems? Jack. Fucking. And shit. I struggled with depression when I was younger, I still do at some points to this day. Sometimes it gets to the point where I idly think about suicide, and it scares the shit out of me. Someone like you is the last person I want helping me and people like me. Because you don't actually care about people like me. You just want to complain about feminists. But please tell me more about how feminists will outlaw spreading awareness from male suicide. I could use more confirmation that you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. For the record, my feminist friends have been massive support networks when I was in my depressed state. People like you? Never did a fucking thing for me and people like me.

You said you would accept a future where people kill feminists. You lost all right to complain about me jumping to conclusions when you floated that little sick and twisted idea. Oh yes, please make enjoyable content (because it's not like people who aren't you aren't enjoying these things, fuck, I've got Yakuza 0 on in the other room, clearly we are in a drought of enjoyable content) and be more subtle with themes, otherwise we'll have to kill all feminists.

You don't get to play victim after implying that you consider that disgusting approach to be an option. I don't care if you consider it your last option, you are honestly considering genocide to get your way.

I think you need to stop and think about what the fuck you're saying, otherwise I may just throw what health bar points I have to the wind so I can say what I really think about you. I'm beyond pissed, but let me tell you, I'm holding back.


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