Dark Souls messages are sexist now

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Wait hold up.

Are you arguing that joking about a woman's place being in the kitchen, is not sexist? Like, in good faith? That really clarifies whether its worth responding to you, thanks.




You said it poor form to presume one's intentions, then stated that a joke had no sexism in it. Did you not presume the intentions of the joke maker?

For context, here's one of the jokes in question from the article:

A message in front of some bowls in a kitchen area of Dark Souls 3 might say, "Woman required ahead."

I mean, where's the sexism is saying that a kitchen is ahead so a woman is requ.....Oh

Jokes based on sex don't automatically equal sexism or sexist. They are merely jokes based on real life experiences and history. You still imply oppression, and exclusion, with this statement. Again the jokes might be crude or crass, but sexist they are not. Every joke in the history of jokes is at the expense of SOMETHING/SOMEONE, but jokes are jokes, even offensive jokes have value and offer humor to the right audience. These are not that, these are simple messages using pre-build words. In your example you'd have to put a few things together to not only get the meaning, but also to take offense to it.

By all means you have the right to be offended by the messages in the game. But your offense doesn't mean that they classify as sexist, nor does it mean they are offensive to everybody.

What right do you have to tell people what they can find funny? What right do you have to tell them how they can have fun in the game? It doesn't affect you, and you have every option and chance to avoid these things. Instead these players are choosing not only to read the messages but also choosing to have issue with them.

You are just objectively wrong. You are literally arguing that sexism isn't sexism. You also keep saying things that contradict your own points. What right do YOU have to tell people what they can find funny?

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