Placeholder video preventing intended video from playing

I keep getting this advertisement every time I try and watch a video on escapist.
As I understand, it's because the site thinks I'm a bot or a crawler as explained in the forum post below.
It started in April I think and at first it was off and on. Now for the past month or so I?ve not been able to watch any videos on the site. So if there are any escapist worker people reading this, could you perhaps make it so I can view the videos? Thanks.
(a plea from a publisher's club member)

This site let go their Tech Team a while back so no one is in the position to fix this nor will be it seems

I use to get the ad on loop as well using Firefox
Using Chrome though I have yet to see it
This gets reported on frequently but I've yet to see any provided solutions by other users - lots of users report it here
My best advice would be to try other browsers and see what works

The ad can be directly grabbed here -

Also came by a github issue concerning the ad for a video download addon -

I've tried it in multiple browsers (including Chrome) and on multiple computers. However, I did just received a message back from someone who used to work for the site. He said i should just wait for my ISP to reassign me a new IP. I've tried just about every day for the past month and nothings doing. Anyway, thanks for the reply.

Went looking around and found this reddit thread

EliWallace mentions the embed once provided a .js url that provided a direct url to the video

You can generate this .js link yourself

First start with

Go to the video you want to watch on the Escapist and grab the video post number

In the above case it would be 117153-

Then go back to the video player page -> right click the page -> view source -> ctrl+f "hash" -> copy the proceeding mumbled code - in this case a2290a8b9c0b67825c5aacfc24ff0cda

Add it to the url and put .js at the end

As EliWallace said grab the second link for a direct video

Wish I knew a much user friendly solution but ya can't have it all

I'm told to blame Kross


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