Running out of work to do at my salary job


I am seeking advice on what to do here, and to see if what I'm doing is justifiable.

So I currently work at home doing invoices and internal reconciliation 40 hours a week with very little supervision/micromanagement. As long as I'm not late on invoices and answer my emails, no one really asks what I'm doing. I am also studying for the CPA exam at the moment, which is important for this question. We are in a slow period of the year and my actual workflow has drastically declined and will not pick up until the middle of May/beginning of June.

I have asked for new tasks several times and have received some, but they are short-lived. For the past 2 months, about 50% my time during my work hours has been studying for the CPA exam. For some reason, the corporation I work for does not have policies in place to slow season downtime.

I do not believe my company has tracking software or keylogging, otherwise, they would notice the time periods where I do nothing on my work computer, and because I did this last year too, but wasn't full time. I have not had a performance review since I started 2 years ago.

This has been bothering me because I'm an honest, hard-working person, but I'm running out of things to do. What would you do in my situation? As long as I don't fall behind, due to the fact that I'm salary paid, and because I've already asked for more work, is me studying for the exam justificable?

That's kind of way a salary job goes sometimes.

You either work 60+ hours for 40 hours of pay or sometimes you work 20 hours for 40 hours of pay.

personally I dont know, im in a similar kind of "morally" questionable pay vs work done
in most of my contract I have a 20 hours per week maximum, just to protect me from abuse.
but it rare than I work more than 15 hours a week.
this contract I have now I barely work 10 hours a week, but its happens sometimes I can get as low as 6h during some week and stil get paid the same salary. I sometimes question myself as to why I even works!
haha, oh well, I guess its the good thing about high demand jobs :p


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