A how to: Block Youtube Thumbnails In Search Engine Image Results

Firefox v4-56 users:

Go grab Search Engine Creator by hipsterlynx

Afterwards go to your addon manager, locate Search Engine Creator, and click its corresponding "Options" button. Depending on your browser version/theme you'll see something like this


For Google searches copy the following link into the "Search URL" field:


Name it, optionally choose a favicon image for it, and click "Create Engine"
You've got something like this in your search engine bar:


Now it just takes 2 clicks for Google image searches to no longer include Youtube thumbnails hosted on i.ytimg.com

Optionally edit the url to block all sort of domains

Chrome users:

Right click the URL bar and select "Edit search engines"


Locate the "ADD" button and click it

For Google searches copy the following link into the bottom field:


Name it, keyword it, and save it


Locate its corresponding vertical ellipsis button, click it and then select "Make default"


This method effectively is twice as laborious coming in at 4 clicks to switch between search engines as compared to the Firefox way

Again, you can edit the url to block all sort of domains

Other Browsers:

Gauche has let go of the weenus


What is the main reason for doing this?


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