Book about Latino Experience in the US


I really need your help. I must create a paper as soon as possible with 15 pages of any topic regarding latinos in the US. I have zero idea on what books I could read or at least refer to as a source. I highly doubt that it will be checked by anyone, but I can't be too sure about that.

Maybe you know about a school book of some kind you had to read or in university or whereever. It just have to be 15 pages of content which I have to defend. But believe it or not, even my English is better than those I have to defend against by several mile stones, like you wouldn't even believe, which therefore means that they will be way too intimidated for attacking anything I say with any substance aside from things they could disprove easily.

I would be very grateful. It's pointless but mandatory for the stuff I'm doing at the moment.

Thank you very much in advance.

Start by posting this in Off-Topic, rather than advice. People hardly ever check this one.


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