Help with getting a refund for Pub Club fee

I don't really want to post about this, but I don't know how else to go about this. I'm looking for help from someone who can help me figure out how to get a refund for the Publisher's Club fee. A little background: I was under the impression that, since pretty much everyone was given Pub Club features a while back (as I understand it), and with the post stating that only volunteers were running the site anymore, I assumed that the whole of The Escapist Pub Club kinda went belly up. With that comes the assumption that I was no longer being charged the annual fee. I never really checked on it, and, in my memory, I hadn't been charged for it for the last year or two. Hell, I've stopped coming to the site all together for a while now, and frankly shouldn't be charged from a site with nothing going on.

Well, come August 9th and I was charged the $20 Pub Club fee. I immediately found out how to cancel the sub, and went through with cancelling it in the PayPal system. However, that cancellation only stops future charges, leaving me with only two options: flag the charge as fraud with PayPal or my credit institution, or get in contact with someone at The Escapist to get a refund. I'm not mad at anyone here for what's happened, so I REALLY don't want to do something like mark the charge as fraud--which would likely cause a headache for the site, what with Steve Butts coming back to revitalize it--so I'm trying to get in contact with someone for a straight up refund.

However, I can't get in contact with anyone. The email listed on the subscription in PayPal is [email protected]; this email address is completely defunct and immediately gets returned as undeliverable, so that's out. I used the contact for at the bottom of the website ( to contact someone that way, but it's been a week now with no response. Does anyone know who I can contact about this to get this refunded? I genuinely don't WANT to go a route that would penalize the site for the future, but I will if I have no other alternative.

Thanks in advance for any genuine help.

P.S. to mods: I hope I'm not breaking any of the forum rules by asking about this, but I'm kinda at a loss at where else to go. If you need to lock this thread for my post, I understand, but I ask for your help in getting in contact with someone about this issue.

We'll have to get with the brand new bosses on this. Getting a reply might take a few days because today is Friday.

No promises on anything, I'm afraid. It's above my (non-existent) pay grade.

[Edit: They'll fix it, it just might take time, I mean.]

And don't worry about having done anything wrong--you haven't. It's a legitimate concern.

Thanks a million, my dude. I understand that it'll take a bit of time, but I still genuinely appreciate your assistance. =)

Honestly, just flag it as fraud.

Your money went to Defy, who continued to charge people and pocket their money even though they stopped producing content and stopped maintaining the site.

That's actually pretty fraudulent.


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