Any streaming/OBS experts here? Switch advice please...

Hi there all, I was wondering if I could get some advice. I occasionally stream games with my friends in a voice chat as a way of hanging out with them long-distance, I recently treated myself to Smash Bros (as well as that nice Gamecube-style controller it sometimes comes with) and I'd love to be able to stream that with them over Skype or something since neither of them own a switch,

I'm having a bit of trouble making it playable,

what I mean is, I've only tried this once before with BotW, but when my switch is plugged into my Elgato HD60, and I open OBS, the game will come through, but with a delay, after much searching I have accepted that this is basically unavoidable because USB just isn't fast enough (though please correct me if I'm wrong) this wouldn't be a problem, but when my Switch is plugged into my Elgato, no sound comes through the TV speakers, I can still hear in real-time if I use headphones, but if I do that, no audio goes through to the elgato, so, if I want to stream Smash Bros with my friends, am I doomed to a one-second delay on the audio? Is there a way to fix it so that my TV and OBS get the audio? Failing that a way to eliminate the delay on the capture card? Any insights would be greatly appreciated

I've been staring at this post for a while now and only just realized that you're running OBS. Obvious question is, why aren't you using the elgato software instead?

I'm familiar with the delay using the HD60 -- I have one myself -- but as I've only tried connecting it to MacBooks (one very old, one relatively new) and I noticed a delay on both. What I haven't done is connect the HD60 to my new tower, which I built not too long ago.

Elgato recommends high-end processors as the external capture device still relies on your PC for processing power. Are you running a laptop? Does your rig fit into their recommended specs?

Okay, I just happened to be playing around with my HD60 and remembered this thread. Are you sure you're plugging everything in correctly?

The HD60 does have a delay, yes, but that's just on the computer being used to capture. The delay isn't necessarily because it's USB 2.0; it's because of the H.264 compression.

If you follow their setup instructions and plug another HDMI cable into the 'out to TV' port of the HD60 (and then plug that into your TV), there's no delay at all with both video and audio.


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