Help with PIII PS2 to PC converter

So I just bought one of these off of amazon and it looked really simple.
The model is A01, I run windows Vista HP 64-bit. It came with nothing, no drivers, disc etc.
I plugged it in with a Playstation 2 (DS2)controller and Windows recognizes it as a gamepad (Twin USB Joystick), the analog sticks and buttons flashed and the calibration went well. But nothing else will recognize it is there. No applications, Fallout NV and PSXE both detected nothing. Well, PSXE's controller tab had the name Twin USB Joystick as a device, and that's what windows named it, but after I select it it won't map any buttons I press or anything. Motioninjoy didn't help either. I know they're pretty generic but I downloaded a crap-ton of drivers for similar stuff and nothing worked. Should I throw in the towel or is there a way to get this to work?

Thanks in advance, EHKOS.

Dont get too frustrated, it isn't easy setting up. It took me a solid week to get my PS3 controller to work on the PC, after stuffing up so many things drivers wise.

WORST THING; during the process, a stupid driver called "Ready Driver Plus" will install itself into the registry, and it cant be removed without a 100% HDD reformat. WHen your computer starts up, it thinks RDP is actually an Operating System and its a nightmare dealing with it on a daily basis.

Whoa, thanks for the heads up, I'll be sure to avoid that thing like the plague.

EDIT: I finally got it to work out of pure luck. The driver that seemed to do it didn't even install right, it was Tigergames Super Joy Box 3 if anyone else has this problem.

Wow, big thanks. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and it wasn't recognizing it at all until I found the Joy Box 3 driver and installed it. It stalled and eventually just hung up on the installation process, but even after closing it out everything seems to be working great now.


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