How I can have "private" moments in my Google Plus Account?

To be short, I want help to make my account in Google Plus more private to the people they watch my account. Specifically I am talking about my Youtube videos.....I don't want to be visible to the others.
The reason is my Google Plus account is for my job and because they can see the videos I get a little frustrated...

Thank you for your help.

Do you seriously not have a separate account for just watching Youtube videos? It's pretty easy to be on both accounts at the same time. The email account open in my other tab right now is different to the account I view Youtube on.

Just make another account and link the two. When you're in YouTube with two accounts, you should just be able to easily switch between the two.

Hmm. If you need to watch YouTube under a situation where you're required to log in (18+ rated or want to leave comments), I suggest simply using a different browser, logged in under a different account. That way it's foolproof.

If you don't need to log could still just use a different browser, as long as that browser isn't logged in under an identifiable Google+ or YouTube account.

If you use Chrome for work (or, God forbid, IE), use Firefox for your YouTube funtime. Just open a new Private Window and enjoy your Sherlock Holmes parody videos. Ooh I've said too much.

So, in other words there isn't a real solution?


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