The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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"King's Blood Four. You, madam, are finished." said Logician as he made what everyone assumed would be the penultimate move of the game.

"You think so? Talisman, activate!" said Gera as she moved her Ruler aside. The power that had been stored up by the Sorcerer was splashed around the board as the Talisman's reflective properties activated. The game was over. And the heroes had lost.

"Well, shit. We're all dead, aren't we." said Ram.

"Hmmm? No, there's still at least three rounds left, and we get to choose the next game. Oh, wait, I never explained that, did I...There are six rounds to this game of hers. She chooses three games, her opponent chooses three games. If a tie occurs, the final round is activated, which is a random game chosen by a neutral party. Her forte is strategy, so we need to pick something that has no strategy to it at all. And I think I have just the thing. Logician, have you the masks?"

"Indeed. Have you the game ball?"

"I do! Have you the magic to get everything else we need?"

"I believe I do! Shall we begin? You start us off, I have no singing ability."


    *singing and dancing* Other kid's games are all such a bore!
    They gotta have rules and they gotta keep score!
    Oh, Calvinball is better by far!
    It's never the same! It's always bizarre!
    You don't need a team or a referee!
    You know that it's great cause it's named after...

Well, actually it's named after Calvin, but that doesn't scan or rhyme, let's see...Ah, screw it, put on your masks and get out the time fracture wickets! It's time to play Calvinball!"

"No! I don't understand this game at all! Curse your eyes, you meddling child named Calvin, whoever you are!"

Uh .. I really don't think I should be the first to start this. Ignore this, please

Ram, putting his Calvin Mask over his his pointed nose, readied for the game.
"WEEE are the CHAMPions, my FRIENDS!!!" he squealed out, running after the Calvinball.

Ragnorak grabbed the ball. "Alright, let's get this party started! As I caught the Calvinball in the Zone of Judgement, I can make a random rule for everyone but me to follow. Let's start have to end each call with a song title. It doesn't have to make sense, but it can!"

"AH! said the Logician, "But you are also standing in the Opposite Zone, so every call you make is reversed. YOU are the only one who has to end each call with a song title!"

"Ah-ha, but in the amount of time it took for you to explain that, I moved to the Wicket of Rejection, so the last call made is rejected!"

"But," said Ram, "you are now standing in the Oxen-Free Zone, so you have to punt the Calvinball away! Free ball! FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK!!!!"

Gera was completely confused by now. All the calls were swimming around inside her brain, she didn't understand what the point of this game was. She still failed to get the concept of "playing to have fun, not to win."

Gera tried to make some headway in the game. "Alright, I move my pawns to.." but was swiftly cut off by Lazor Cat.
"Sorry, girl, but you ended in the Lazor Zone. Immediately means you get Lazored!"
Gera was blasted with a lazor, to busy figuring what was going on to throw up a deflection.
"My turn!" Ram shouted. He then rushed to the Calvinball, but was immideatly called by Ragnorak. "Ram! You just stepped in to the Repeating Zone! You must repeat the last player's actions!"
"What, Lazor Cat's?" Ram asked, fake confusion hidding his glee."But I can't do any Lazors!"
"No problem!" Lazor shouted, and again lazored Gera.
"Alright, who's next?" Ragnorak asked.

The last bayking hung limp on the rams massive horns(hopefully no sexual joke in there). "Lazor cat..." He said hoarsly, "You have stepped in a give the ball to me zone. Do it." He moaned out. And because of the rules Lazor cat blasted it over to LBK.
"Lastbay king....your on ram's horns." Said some hero finally relizing him there after all of this.
"That's not going to get you the ball anytime soon."
"Well then your in a no lieing on horns zone, if you don't get you have to throw the ball away."
"Aren't you getting off."
And this is when LBK said the most illogical thing ever. "I'm not lieing on his horns, he's charged me through. I have beaten you little game."
"Well your on a LaZoR zone." LBK's ball was blasted away.

A Robotic Baron turns to you...

"I don't know you and I don't wish to know you,"

Da da da da da da da the music went as the Robobaron flew throught the air. He was then shot down by flying reavers.


The mercs had defeated the Tank and were once again moving. They had already passed the first two saferooms and now had to pass through the Calvin field. They stopped to watch for a little while.

"What are they doing?"said Francis."Oh there playing Calvinball. I use to play this with my friend but then my mom told me to take some pills and my friend disseapered." Said Bill/Bob.
"Whatever just pass the pain pills."Said Louis.

Master Kitty scratched his head, "What the hell do I do?!" he asked

"Whatever you want man!" exclaimed Ragnorak.

"Well pass me the ball then!" the ball flew over to Master Kitty. "Uhhhh, creepy girl, you are in the stick zone."

A sticky grenade flew toward the girl and instantly exploded.

Now the Creepy Girl were getting annoyed "Fine! I'm not allowed to use magic? Well I'm allowed to do this! Ram! You're in the exhausted zone! You're bound to run around the field until you're unable to run anymore!"

With that, Ram dropped to ball, who were picked up by the girl, and ran around the field. "Well, don't forget, my friend that you're in the Grass-picking-zone! And because you spoke in that zone, you're bound to pick one straw of grass at every corner!" The girl turned towards Rag smiling

"Did you not notice, Rag? That you're in the lier zone? Therefore every rule you say is a lie! I will not follow lies!" And the girl threw the ball at what she guessed was the goal

The ball sailed through the air, and landed in a soccer-goal.
" Success!"

"Ha! You think that was the goal, dear Gera?" Ragnorak said, laughing at her mistake.
"Than isn't it! It's the waste basket next to it!" Logician said, pulling the ball out and plunking it in the wastebasket.

Everyone started to cheer and give each other high-fives.
" Pah, one game isn't going to win you your lives. Pick another! I'll be sure to defeat you then.

Ram took the front. "Hey, why don't we try a traditional Ramthundar game, from my village, eh?" he asked, arching his eyebrows in a sneaky way.
"Ha! A little back-word's tribe's game? I'd be happy to crush you in it." Gera said smugly.

"Alright, how do you...wait, what? Gera asked, confusion turning to incoherency when Ram smashed his horns into her forehead.

"Yay! That's a Mc-Jiggy Fore-head Slammer! 20 points! Ok, your turn." he said to the fallen body.
"....I don't think she's played this game before."

"Well that was the biggest waste of time. What on earth did that accomplish" said Louis.Just then the tank music began playing. "You have got to be kidding me. quick theres the safehouse" The survivors bolted to the safe room and locked the door behind them.

The tank appeared and found our heros. The tank grew angry with rage. "You know what I have an idea" said Bill. The call vote sign appeared and the vote was to switch the diffculty to expert. The new more powerful tank. ran to the group and smacked logican before he knew what happened. Logican flew through the air and hit a wall. He is now unable to move. The tank saw the ram and began chasing him down.

"Well, that seemed like a good game." said Master Kitty looking at the limp body of Gera. "What do we do now?"

"Don't be so sure she wont come back." warned Ragnorak

"Well, she looks pretty de-"

The heroes were flown back and the girl flew into the air.

This is my game now! roared Gera floating in the air.

"Actually, no. You've had your turn." Ragnorak stated, picking himself up from the ground with a content demeanor. "We get to do one more game, and if we win, it's to the Tie-breaker."
"Very well then. Bring your game, I'll be sure to end it quickly for you. "
"Uh!UH! I knowz a game!" Lazor Cat shouted, lifting his paw in giddy anticipation. "Howz about the Cat Game?"
"Sounds pathetically easy. Start the game!"
"Ok! Are you a cat?"
"Well, I am. I win!"

Several minutes of blowing up stuff in rage...

"Fine! Though you pathetic mortals beat me in your neanrathral games, and I beat you in my "Blowing Up Stuff" game...
"I totally called a tie on that last one! I nearly took out that whole block!" Lazor Cat screamed in rage.
"...and you have now lost the Quiet Game.
"What? You never called it!" Ragnorak said, pointing an accusing finger at the creepy girl.
"Which is exactly how you start the Quiet Game."
"Oh, that's sneaky, that is."

Ragnorak, though infuriated at the cheated wins, still accepted the decision.
"Very well, so it's a tie. But who shall then choose the tie-breaker that will decide our fate? Who will start the game that will save, or end, countless lives? WHO will make up such a random, and possibly Mind-Numbingly Awesome game? WHO, I ASK, WHO?"

Forget this!

"Okay, dancing is great and all, but wasn't this game supposed to be choosen by a NEUTRAL party?" Ram asked.

"Okay, dancing is great and all, but wasn't this game supposed to be choosen by a NEUTRAL party?" Ram asked.


"Okay, dancing is great and all, but wasn't this game supposed to be choosen by a NEUTRAL party?" Ram asked.

"Ohhh Ohhh I got an idea. How about Hide and seek?" Said Francis. "You want us to hide in post-apocolyptic london?" said Ragnorak. "Well do you have a better idea? Besides we are a neutral party."

"Huzza! roared Master Kitty, "Indeed a fine idea, Gera, you're it!" he yelled as he sprinted down the road. There were many hiding spots in post-apocalyptic London and MK planned to find the best.

"UUUGGGHHHH!!!! I hate this game!" she hid her eyes " 1,2,3,4,5 better get going! 6,7,8."

Meanwhile on mount Psychedelia..."I will rule the world with my lyrical genius!" *slow drag on a cigarette* "Yes..."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Screamed another, more neutral party, gunning down the Left 4 dead mercenaries. "YOU WILL ALL PLAY YU-GI-OH!" Space Cthulu raged.

"Ahhh I'm down"yelled all the mercs. Then a nice hunter showed up and (using the bug) Revived them all. He awaited his hug but instead got a face full of lead.

The hunter fell to the ground, but was revived by a bolt of lightning, and became... frankenhunter! "It's ALIVE"! yelled a random bystander.

"OMG THE HUNTER CAME BACK TO LIFE HAXZOR HAXZOR!!!" Yelled Bill. "fire in the hole". said Zoey who then threw a molotov at the hunter. The Hunter then said "FIRE BADDDD."

As the heroes and Gera was playing games, the Dayes found the secret opening the Mercs had appereantly walked through. "Hah! So much for keeping anyone besides heroes out!" Daye.49 said "Shush! Don't wake the zobmies, man! We don't need another random horde running around" And so the Dayes entered the post-appocalyptic London.

"Shut up, neutral party! We've allready decided on a game. We don't need another one." Master Kitty said "Wait! Haven't you read the rulebook? It clearly states that 'if another, more neutral party would come along, they decide what game to be played. So now we shall play yu-gi-oh!" And Gera flips the rule-book up from her pocket. As the heroes read, they realise she telles the truth. "Guess we'll pla-" Laser Cat were interrupted by The revived hunter "I'm even more neutral, and I say you shall play put the tail on the ram!" "sorry, no zombies are allowed to decide"Gera responds "Says who?" Master Kitty asked Gera. "Rulebook!" And she was indeed right.

"Fine. Let's get on wi-" Then all of sudden another even more neutral still party appeared out of nowhere "You shall play a game of MarioKart!" they uttered in their appereance. "For the love of- I thought I had sealed this damn city! Where does all these people come from?" Gera was starting to become infuriated. "You left an opening" The party explained. "I don't care! The rules says that the second neutral person who says what game to tell is the one who decides it! And that's final, so stop fucking around." A raged Gera shouted.

"Allright. So we're settled on yu-gi-oh." Ram calmy stated. "But who supplies the cards?" The more neutral party stepped forward. "How convinient that we have just the accessories needed. And it's on an all-time-low cost! Only twenty bucks for a complete set!" The party advertised. "I should have seen this coming. Why else would such a random and more neutral party suggest such a game?"

When Gera had payed the advertiser off, the group sat down to play.


Daye.04, where have you been?!?! The avatars have missed you!

No worries, mate. I've just had a period of almost no net on the vessel. But I think the net is somewhat steady now. Don't know for how long though. And besides. The heroes is in the middle of a game with Gera. There's not really much I can contribute with, except making random jokes =P

Double post -.-

Master Kitty ran through the streets of London, he found a large intact skyscraper and ran all the way up. Standing on the roof, he saw quite a racket outside the city, and few mercs and a whole lotta zombies. The mercs took down a large hunter, suddenly a lightening strike and the large zombie rose yet again and was clearly more powerful.

"Well, nothing I can do" thought Master Kitty while peering back over London, watching the girl count with his binoculars.

This might be a double post, but uhm ... Placehold?

Daye.04, where have you been?!?! The avatars have missed you!

Meanwhile on mount Psychedelia..."I will rule the world with my lyrical genius!" *slow drag on a cigarette* "Yes..."

Well It would be mean to ingore you.

Maddawg sat in a transport reaver with some of his advisors."So you say this man rules 3 world powers through his songs alone" "BOOM" Said his Boomer advisor." Well then he would be a good partner." The reavers dropped Maddawg off on the top of the moutain. Maddawg walked to a nearby cave. Maddawg saw a man inside the cave "Excuse me mister musician" The man did not turn. Maddawg became frustrated "Hey Hendrix wannabee." With that the man turned around and sent Maddawg back with a powerful sonic blast from his guitar. Maddawg flew out of the cave and off the moutain. The man walked to the cliff and looked down "Never use his name in vain."

maddawg IAJI:

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