The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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"Master Kitty!" demanded Maddawg "Turn this Pelican around! We must finish Lyons while he is weak!" "Yes sir" responded Master Kitty as he made a sharp U-Turn.

Suddenly, Daye.02 took a great leap and jumped on to the Pelican, repeatedly smashing the engine with a baseball bat until it was no more. The Pelican came crashing down in front of the group and out jumped Master Kitty and Maddawg. "This will be the end of you Lyons!" screamed Maddawg as he rushed toward Lyons.

"And how do you plan to kill me Maddawg?" said Lyons. "Oh I'm not going to kill you yet. I'm going to take evertyhing from you first." Maddawg went over to the pelican and although it was unable to fly it could still use its weapons. With that Maddawg fired multiple warheads into the Citadel and the building fell.

Maddawg destoryed the citadel and Lyon's didn't care. He was to busy being head butted. He recoiled in pain, but grabbed the ram by his horns and tossed him away. Then, another pelican driven by Master Kat came at Lyon's, he grabbed it and threw it in the same way as the ram. Then a ninja monkey tried to use a sytche mixed with magic and speed to defeat Lyon's. He was tossed. Daye 0.3 jumpped out of nowhere to beat Lyon's down, but he was squashed. Lesser but still important characters fled, except for one who was coming over the mountain, adorned in new black armor and carring his gun with pride. Lyon's mouthed the word no, as hundreds upon thousands of bayknights swarmed him. Lyon's tossed a great many, but was then taken down when the bayking himself shot him between the eyes.
The ram who had been thrown around the world then came back around and landed at LBK's feet. In LBK's hand were three green crystals. "Wha..." Said the ram but LBK quited him.
"I have relized that I am most evil. I also have relized that it's not fair for me to just stomp on you all, so here you go. The triforce. Use it well." LBK then beat a hasty retreat back to his kingdom by a pay.

Daye.02 realized that there was nothing left for him to do there. Seeing 03 being killed that easily, he didn't want the same fate. He decided it was time to gather his group and get to someplace else.

Ram looked at the triforce in bewilderment, still disoriented from his trip around the world. "China is lovely this time in the year, you know." he mumbled.
"Ok, so since we beat that mission...sort of....can we do a new quest now?" Ragnorak excitedly asked. Ram looked at the broken down Citadel, the giant naked sunburned dead body of an old man, and the piles upon piles of dead bodies. "Christ, we never got to kill anyone of them! WTF?" Lazor Cat complained, shooting a pile in frustration. "I wanna killz someone wid a Lazor." Cat whined, tears pricking his eyes.
Ram want up to the deadly feline and patted him on his furry back. "There, there, my psychopathic friend. Why don't we find a nice, big cave full of nasty, frail monsters? You know, the ones that make a nice screaming sound when shot? Would like to go there?" Ram asked the poor little cat. Lazor Cat nodded his head with enthusiasm. "Ok, we'll go to the cave.."
[color=red]OF DEADLY COVE!!!![color]
The group looked around. A lone man stood behind them. "Say, sorry I'm late. I think my brother should of been here already. You've seen them." he asked politely. He saw the triforce, but before he could open his mouth Lazor Cat shot him with a Lazor.
"Gee, we just started this adventure, and I'm already feeling better!" Lazor Cat happily said.

"So...what now? Lyons is dead and the citadel has been destroyed." "Well... we could, no... I suppose hmm..."pondered Maddawg. "Lets just see where the story takes us!" said Master Kitty.
"That sounds like a plan my friend." responded Maddawg

Then then ground exploded from beneath them and all of the heroes, villains and whoever else, were sent flying different directions.

Maddawg flew through the air. He could feel himself breaking the sound barrier before he landed by a nearby island. When he came to he looked around and belived he recongized the area. Just then the ground began to shake and a huge figure ran from the nearby woods shouting "GRINDDDDD!" "Wait a minute I have been here before!" just then Chuck Norris appeared and immeadatily killed the figure.

"Oh Chuck man whats happening. I see your burn wounds healed nicely" Chuck gave Maddawg a huge Roundhouse kick that sent Maddawg through the air.

"Oh man, I didn't get to show off my awesome attack with Daitatsu :(" said Ragnorak as they flew across the world. "Darn you, slowed down reaction time! Darn you!"

"WOAH CAN WE GO SHOOT SMORE STUFF! and i want tuna. ragnorak give me some. i dont care if you dont have any, go get me some. and i want to grow up and become a big cat. i say we go get some powerful items."

Master Kitty landed in a river, he was washed down the river, sent down rapids, over a great waterfall and washed up right beside the group of heroes. "Its Master Kitty!"roared Laser Cat "Get him!" "Now hold on there Laser Cat, I'm much too weak to fight, perhaps we could form an alliance?" questioned Master Kitty.

"Well, make your decision quick, cats" Ram called to the feuding felines. "We were luckily washed near the cave I was talking about." Ram indicated a large cave nearby. It's gaping mouth stretch high up, and from the darkness came a faint waft of mold and ever so faintly, blood. As the hero's stared into it's depths, they heard an awful sound.


The heroes turned and saw a lone man standing behind them. You have found... he started, but seeing the maniacal twitching in Lazor Cat's eyes, he slowly backed away and made a run for it.
"What the bloody hell is with all these guys?" he angrily said, shooting a lazor after the figure.
"Well, in the economy, you get whatever job you can." Spike said.
"Holy crap, you're still here!?" Ram exclaimed.
"Well, I'm thinking of staying..."

"Yes, I am tired of doing work and not getting credit! I will join the good side! Is that alright with you ol' Laser buddy?" Laser Cat merely gave Master Kitty a cold stare. "I'll take that polite hand gesture as a yes. Where to next fellas? I'm ready for another adventure!" exclaimed Master Kitty "HUZZA!" he roared as he sprinted into the cave.

However, Master Kitty was quickly brought back by a herd of Pink Ponies galloping from the cave.
"Ahh, their so cute!" exclaimed Ram.
Suddenly, every ponies' eye turned red, and the whole herd stampeded the group. Soon their was nothing left but mere blood spots and crushed organs.

But seriously, Ram stared at at Master Kitty with admiration and pity. "You have to admire his bravery." he said. "Or his stupidity. LIKE HIS MOMMA!" Lazor Cat retorted.

As Master Kitty ran down the cave, he stopped to realize that there were a man standing in fron of him. He had no idea who this man was. All he could tell was that the man were old.
"I sense that you have friends in need of some kind of boost, my strange looking kat."
"Yeah. How'd you know?" Master Kitty replied. "Let's just say ... Let's say that I am very powerful. And that I have the ability to...:" *Smack!*
As Master Kitty saw Daye.02 run off with the old man, all he could muster was saying "Wait, what?".

The group of heroes were standing above the cove poundering on if they should enter right away or wait, when they all of a sudden saw Daye.02 run off with an old man over his shoulder.
"Oh for the love of god, not those guys again. Let him be, I'm tired of him" Ram said to the group. "Guys! Take him down, he's stealing our quest objective. Don't just stand there!" Master Kitty were shouting as they saw him run up from the cove

"Dammit! Can somebody get that little bastard? I mean, they're little creepy faceless things with bats, they can't be that difficult to defeat!" yelled Master Kitty while running after Daye.02. "Its OK." replied Laser Cat "Because IMA CHARGIN MAH LAZA!" and a laser came shooting toward daye.02. With a mighty swing of the bat, daye.02 deflected the laser and it shot back at Laser Cat, sending him flying into a tree. "How the f-" Master Kitty was cut off due to being hit in the head by daye.04 with a bat. The two dayes escaped without a scratch.

"Wha? I thought those guys were easy to defeat? What gives?" Ram said, using some of his Magic Goat healing powers on Master Kitty. Spike was trying to help Lazor Cat from the tree, but he simply vaporized the whole thing. "Mother Nature does not appreciate such actions." Spike scolded. "Mother Nature can suck MAH LAZORS!"

"Hey, guys, focus! We need to figure out where Dayes took that old man!" Ram shouted at the feuding pair. "Why?" Lazor Cat asked. "To get his mission and powerful items, of course!" Ragnorak exclaimed. "What for? I'm guessing he doesn't keep his all-powerful stuff in his pockets, so he's probably got it stashed in that cave of his."
Ragnorak just looked in disbelief at the little cat. "But, but... they may be locked with like, magic and stuff..." he stammered, trying to find a good excuse.
"And two living computers, a lazor, magical weapons, and a guy who can bend reality couldn't handle that?" Lazor Cat demeaned.
"That's cheating!" Ragnorak cried, fur now raised in anger.
"GUYS! How bout we put it to a vote, k?" Ram cried, standing between the glaring animals. "We can either go after the old man and the Dayes, or we can try the cave and whatever it holds."

"Well, we could split up." suggested Master Kitty.

"No one asked you!" jabbed Laser Cat. "Why don't you just sit over there while we take a vote!?"

"Ok" said Ram "So who wants to go after Daye?"

... "Alright, I guess were going in the cave." responded Ram. "Lets go then!"

"Ok" said Master Kitty as he walked toward the cave "But there aren't any pink ponies in here are there?

As the party entered the cave, they found themselves in a strangely familiar place for Spike, Rag, and Ram. "Hey, this is that giant geode we found last time! What gives?" questioned Spike.

"Giant...geode?" meowed the cats in harmony, then instantly sending a look of intense hatred at each other.

Must...resist...Pokedex...Syndrome...but...willpower...failing...Geode: the Crystal Stomach Pokemon. It's insides are made of crystal, usually quartz or a variation thereof. It uses the reflective powers of the crystals to charge powerful solar blasts.

"Eeeeeewwwwww...We're inside a Pokemon? That's disgusting!" said Lazor Cat

No, he just has Pokedex Syndrome. It's a psychological condition unique to sentient computers. It compels him to describe every situation that someone asks about in the fashion of a Pokedex. A geode is simply a hollow rock with crystal inside, usually a form of quartz. This one appears to be made of emerald and diamond, which is unique as far as my databases go.

"It's beautiful is what it is." said Logician. "This is truly awe-inspiring."

"Wait...didn't Corporate Man destroy the floor of this thing?" said Ram.

"Yeah, he did, didn't he...I wonder...ON GARUDA DEUS AMA PRIMUS...Yep, this is the rarest of all creatures, a living geode. This is huge. It must have healed itself between our leaving and our return." said Ragnorak.

What did you do there, boss? I recognized some Latin, but the meaning escaped me.

"Oh, I just used some of the old ninja sorcery. Simple life-recognition spell. Practically the only one I know." replied Ragnorak. "Does your life sensor software need to be updated?"

As Ragnorak began the upgrade process, Master Kitty took a quick jaunt around the geode. When he got back, he had realized something. "Say guys, what does a living geode eat?"

"The rock around it, why?" replied Ragnorak distractedly.

"Because we seem to be moving." OOC:DUN-DUN-DUUUUNNNNN!!!

"Moving!?!" Ragnorak replied "How do you mean movi-" Ragnorak was cut off due to the heroes being thrown off their feet.

"I think the geode is hungry!"yelled Ram as the heroes slid further into the cave.

"Hey Logican, can't you just transport us on outta here?" questioned Master Kitty.

"Yes, that would be very much possible!" replied Ragnorak "If not for the fact he got hit on the head from an oncoming rock and I am holding on to him for dear life!"

"What if I throw a grenade down there? Would that stop him from digesting?" suggested Master Kitty as the heroes slowing slid toward the throat of the giant geode.

"Can't hurt now can it?" screamed Ram, slipping closer and closer.

Master Kitty tossed a grenade right into the throat of the great rock beast. The grenade blew up and the geode threw its head up in pain, throwing the heroes into the abyss.

"Oh my God!" Spike screamed as the floor disappeared below them and they plunged into the abyss. Seeing as it was dark he couldn't see the other adventurers as they plumetted downwards but a high pitched hiss indicated that one of the cats had just passed him.

"What are we going to do?!" The cowboy screamed as he carried further down.

With that the group hit the floor, knocking the wind out of them. "Eugh. You ok guys?" Spike said getting up from the uncomfortable landing. A series of groans from around him indicated the group was ok.

"Where the hell are we? And why is this floor soft and slimy?" Spike said before noticing the pair of menacing eyes glowing in the dark a small distance away.

"Uh guys? What is that?" He said pointing in the direction of the strange creature.

"i don't know but to be on the safe side IMA CHARGIN MEH LAZOR!! FWWWAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!" and lazor cat blew a huge lazor in the direction of the strange creature.

Smoke covered the battlefield. The creature limped out of the smoke and came out of the shadows.

The creature was Uraboros (I like to make plenty of game refrennces) a monster made up of parasites. Uraboros crept closer to the group looking more mencing by the second.


Maddawg flew through the air and when he finally landed it had been hours. "Chuck you are an arse!" "Who are you yelling at said a voice." Maddawg looked around but could not find the source. Corprate man walked out of the shadows. "I dont have time for you Corprate man. Unless you know where Master kitty is beat it." Maybe I know of the cats location maybe I dont. Make me an offer and it might jog my memory." "How bout you tell me where he is and I'll let you keep your head!" Maddawg took out the Golden Lancer and began reving the Chainsaw add-on.

"Okay okay no need to get violent. There in a cave to the east." Maddawg walked away from the useless suit and began to walk over to the cave.

Maddawg arrived at the cave but before he could answer a seprate voice yelled HALT! All of the sudden his vision went white and a young man appeared and on the lower part of his vision he saw Bug catcher Roy challenged you to a battle. "I am the guardian of this cave and will not allow you to enter." "But you already let like 20 people in" "It wasent my shift you beast now Beedrill i choos-" Maddawg charge Roy before he could finish and punched him the face. Roy fell unconcious and Maddawg saw a wallet. He picked it up and in the corner he saw the text saying

Maddawg earned $300 for winning.

The laser struck the great beast and the geode shook an almighty shake, sending the heroes in all directions.
Laser Cat jumped up "IMA CHARG-" "WAIT!!!" yelled Master Kitty, "Don't shoot, I think this might be part of the geodes body! If you kill it, there will be no escape. We will have to make our way down the geode and escape through the bowel."

The heroes slowly made their way toward the mysterious figure.

"It looks like a heart to me!" exclaimed Ram "Lets leave it alone and try and find a way out of here."

"Ya! And hopefully not out of his butt like Master Kitty suggested!" retorted Laser Cat.

"i say we find the vag YEAH BABY!"

Maddawg wanders into the cave and finds the hole the adventures fell into. He then hears into the Vag yeah baby and throughly thought about what could be going on with that sentence and

2 cats
6 clones
a ram and a monkey
and a space cowboy

"Thanks for your helpful suggestion Laser Cat." replied Master Kitty as the heroes made their way through the great living geode.

"What is all this green liquid?" questioned Ram.

"I don't know" replied Master Kitty "But it looks like its getting deeper!"

"I wonder if we are heading into the stomach?" pondered Ragnorak "That would get us closer to an exit!"

"Maybe, but its getting real deep!" cried Ram. "I don't know how to swim!"

"Don't worry." said Master Kitty as he picked Ram out of the water and put him over his head. "That should keep ya dry!"

Maddawg jumps into the hole expecting a giant orgy but to no avail. Great now girls or anyone. Except that wierd geode in the corner. Oh well after being hurled throught the air for about an hour Maddawg was bored so he took out the golden lancer and attempted to chainsaw the geode. Why becuase he was bored.

As the Daye.04 and Daye.02 ran back, they met up with the rest of their group. They were all cheering the courage of these two Dayes. Celebrating number 02 as a real hero.
As the rest of the group were setting up tables and Jacks, 04 asks them "Guys? Why are we setting up a party? We're not done yet. They might catch up with us, you know?"

With no real response from the partying crowd, 04 decided to go do some exploring by himself. And with that he left the group and wandered back the way he came

While our heroes were wading in this green liquid of what seemed to be a stomach, Cat came up with a thought. "Guys? Do you think we're the only living beings to enter this stomach?"
"Shut up, dude! This is awful enough as it is" Ram replied. "No, wait. I think he's on to something. I can feel movement. It's swimming around my feet. Guys .. I don't like the feeling of this" Master Kitty said nervously

"You guys feel that?" Ram said, indicating the the rumbling that was sloshing the green liquid around. Suddenly, the group heard a voice coming from the area they were at. "Say, I what's this heart-looking thing? Oh well.." *Chainsaw Revving.*
"RUN!" screamed Master Kitty, quickly dragging the goat with him. The group tried to make some headway, but the churning green goo was slowing them down. Rocks and geode pieces fell all around, one nearly crushing Spike. "We're not going to make it!" Ragnorak screamed, trying to keep the Logician above goo.
"Wait, mates, don't you remember South Park?" Lazor Cat shouted over the rumbling. "If someone dies, then their bowels..." but before he finished, the current tripled in speed and rushed the heroes down. Soon, they came near a large hole in the wall, the current leading them to it. "Oh SHI..!" Ram began to scream, but was interrupted as the group was shot out of the whole and open air.
The heroes luckily landed on a soft field. As they picked themselves up, trying their best to get the green excrement off, Ram slowly made his way to Master Kitty.

"Master Kitty?" he asked, slowly and with great deliberation.
"Uhh, yeah, Ram?" Master Kitty said, trying his best to lick off the stuff, but having a hard time of it.
"Next time you decide to lead us to some new quest..." Ram continued, still slowly saying each word as though they had their own weight.
"...DON'T #$%in DO IT!"

Daye.04 came back to where he had left our heroes, just to see all of them and maddawg be flushed out of the geode "Oooh. That can't feel good" he thought to himself. He decided to stay in the dark and trail the heroes to see what they were going to be up to now

The group of heroes, unaware that Maddawg were with them, was trying to get the goo off themselves. Maddawg were standing a bit further away, pondering on how he should proceed. He had two options. He could rampage through all of them right away, or he could wait and see if there were any better chance.

"Ram. How the hell were I supposed to know this was a geode that would shit us out? You can't seriously say that this is entirely my fault?"
"Yes I can, and so I will" Ram replid.

*chainsaw revving* Maddawg had made up his mind, and had decided to go the easy way. Now with the logician incapacitated, there was one less threat. And one less threat meant a whole lot better chance for Maddawg to be victorious. The group were getting ready to counter attack, as Maddawg were walking towards them.

"Hey! I suggested a vote! This isn't just my fault! Uuhhh... wait. Why did we go in there in the first place?"

"Uuuhhh...hhhmmmm, I don't even remember!" replied Ram "Was there something in there?"

"It would appear as though we lost track of the..."

"YYYYAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHH!!!!" roared Maddawg running toward the group with hischainsaw raised.


"Oh jeez." Spike said looking up at the hole he had just been passed through. Scraping stuff from his coat he looked around and saw Maddawg getting shot at by Lazorcat. "Ugh my pancreas!" he said as a lazor struck him. Spike sat down to watch the show.

Maddawg flew through the cave and broke through a wall. He got up and brushed himself off half expecting to get shot again. "Well looks like we can get rid of the last villan now" Says lazor cat. "Hold up maybe he could help us find this treasure" said the Ram. "What this big thing over here. I thought it was something i could kill." After explaining that the big thing was actually a geode made of expensive jewels Maddawg walked closer to examine it. "Well boys your in luck. Me being a Locust who lives under ground i see plenty of rare gems. Just let me examine it back at my apartment and I'll giive you the treasure." The group looked at him with a mencing stare. "I swear I will give it back besides i have superior strenght non of you guys could lift it." With that the group gave in to thier only option and allowed Maddawg to examine the Geode. "Excellent you wont regret it." Maddawg approached the Geode and ended up steping on what looked to be a laptop by the Logican's body. Maddawg picked it up saying "Sweet a personal computer." Maddawg put the laptop thing into his pocket before removing the geode.

"HEY PUT THAT BACK THATS LOGIC.. oh wait take it, that guy was an ass hole to me anyway."

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