The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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AIM Soldiers

Inuart smiled, and called out to his men, "Finish it up quick and clean, our transport's in 15 minutes."[

The cries and screams of the enemy soldiers meant nothing to the bard; save that their deaths were instrumental to his goals. And that made everything that much sweeter.


Teri looked up after being acknowledged by Rugal, "I don't think I'll be able to establish face to face contact, but I can send Dimitri with a message attached. But first, I'll probably need your signature to authenticate the message. Viscus is super territorial and threatened to delete him on the spot. Just tell me what you want sent and I'll type it up and bring up the signature input. Then, Dimitri can take care of the rest and I'll delete the cache when it's all over. That's simple enough..."

She sat down on the grass and put the tablet in her lap for typing, she looked up at the man towering over her,

"The exact message, sir?"

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Nighttime | January 1st

Dmitri's Home: A.I. Vermilion | Dmitri

As Teri was talking to Rugal, Dimitri received a prompt about his mission, and looked to Vermilion when he finished, "Ah, duty calls. I hate to impose, but do you think you could keep this place safe any intruders that might try to filter in? You are very good at what you do, but that Viscus character has a nasty attitude towards me; and if he were to track me back here... I loathe to think of it."

AIM Soldiers
"....You know...."
"....*Sigh*...Ju-just say the fucking line."
"Yes! SIR! YES! SIR!"
And there was much rejoicing in that soldiers heart!

"Yes, Viscus's main priority is protecting the Cartel. He does this by protecting himself, he's actually quite valuable." Rugal explained as Teri when to type the message.

"Rugal Bernstein : Access Code : Combofiend
Report back if you are able to send a Cartel supply drop to my location.
Contents : Out-door shelters; Food; other survivalist materials.
If you are unable, report back accordingly.
End Message

PS: Access Code : Combofiend is now invalid."

He then added his digital signature and allowed Dimitri to do his thing.

As the AI watched over the ship, he was also monitoring 63 attacks on US Army suppliers following the success of Inuart's mission.
The air around the airship was flooded in coded messages to AIM Teams all over the US.
For a machine like him, the deaths of all these people was merely a chore.

Rugal | Teri

After Teri had finished typing, she waited patiently for Dimitri to import himself into the message, and hit enter. Little did she know that Dimitri had compacted his three allies and THE_NINE_IRON for safe keeping (that is to say, once a certain phrase was inputted, they would be unzipped for use; the same worked in reverse). Signature or not, he did not trust Viscus.

The Rising Dawn's Computer systems

Dimitri arrived in the mail room without incident, and began to look around for the unpleasant program known as Viscus. Messages were being sent and released all over the place, which was a little disorienting compared to the humble mailroom in his home Tablet. In fact, the comparison between the two couldn't really compare. In terms of sizing, Dimitri would have guessed that an appropriate approximation of size between the two would be like comparing a cottage to the whole of New York City.

Clutching the message that ensured his safety from Viscus to his chest, he called out,

"..Hello? Viscus? I was sent here to bring you a message from User: Rugal Bernstein : Access Code : Combofiend?"

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Nighttime | January 1st

Devon | Rugal | Teri

If Devon was about to fall asleep, he immediately woke up at that reveal. "Oh fuck." He took a moment to think of the consequences, face getting darker as her did so. He looked over at the unfamiliar older man tending to what seemed to be a coat and realized Melethia might be under the coat. Devon cleared his throat before saying in a worried tone, "Teri, if this is what I think it is, Slindis and Melethia are all they have left. When they find out about this, it's going to hurt them both really badly. Has Melethia even stirred since the attack?"

Drop Group #2: Caim | Devon | Kalastryn | Kurumu | Kyre | Mark | Melethia | Puce | Rugal | Tajuh | Teri

Tajuh took a keen look at the succubus as she got near him and Melethia when she went to talk to Caim. The fact that she was still sleeping was comforting and concerning at the same time. "Succubus, if you're not careful, you could end up harming the girl here. If that happens, I would have to ask you to leave."

Drop Group #3: David | Elena | Kud | Riki | Saya | Slindis

Slindis didn't even bother to turn around again. "You mean to tell me you humans didn't bring torches down here when you knew that we were going to be heading into a temple? Just because I can see here doesn't mean you can." The drow looked out for a decent campsite in case the humans wanted to sleep, her vision not failing her in this light.

The Rising Dawn's Computer systems
Viscus froze for a instant as the Code was said before shutting down his feeds to the AIM operation and locking the programs until he got rid of the inferior AI.
This was a long drawn out process as he had to inform every team that he was going offline for a brief period.

Back in the mail room, Dimitri couldn't help but notice that the messages seemed to increase in number once he arrived, what was Viscus up to?

Rising Dawn Computer Systems

Dimitri looked about in interest when the messages increased in number; and wondered to himself, "Hmn, I wonder if that term does something around here? It certainly increased the number of messages..."

With nothing else to do, Dimitri cleared his throat, and said, "Access Code: Combofiend."

That was when all hell broke loose. Every single message that was available opened, revealing interesting bits and pieces of many different kinds of operations; particularly of the military persuasion. Troop movements, orders, profit margins, a video of Bruiser jumping for joy as he got the EXP needed to evolve by killing US soldiers.... BRUISER?! What?! What was this he was looking at? After a quick scan of the area; one thing held a common thread for it all: the letters AIM in sequence. Reviewing his memory, Dimitri realized that this is what Viscus had his digital self waist deep in. And if Viscus was connect to Rugal...

"The Madam! No, not just her, all of us could possibly be in grave danger! I have to leave here... But I must also deliver this message... Um... Combofiend! Sort yourselves out! SOMETHING!"

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Nighttime | January 1st

Devon | Rugal | Teri

Teri kept her gaze away from Devon as she spoke, "I am aware of what that implies, Devon. I destroyed a world once, remember?"

She sighed and rubbed her temples in an attempt to soothe an oncoming headache that was the product of stress, spell expenditure and Author Power use.

"She hasn't woken up yet, but according to Ruga- Sorry, Mr. Bernstein's story, she should be alright by physical standards. Do you have any other questions?"

Digital Nightmare
As Dimitri went to sort out the now opened messages, another one came it, it was a video.
The Thumbnail had Viscus's Face on it.
Within the space of a few seconds, every message he had opened had that same Thumbnail, over 100 Viscus faces staring at the Low Level AI.
Then the intruder alarm blared, the entire ship's system took on a blood red tint as alerts went off by the truck load.
Then it got far worse: the man himself was there.
Dimitri turned around and saw the avatar of Viscus standing there.
"........Security : Deactivate..." He ordered as the maddening light show ended and the messages returned on their way.
"So now you know the full extent of AIM's operations for the date of January 1st 2013 : Before I delete your small privative program : I have a query :
What do you think?"
He asked, almost like one would ask their opinion on a painting or a sculpture.

Rugal was zoned out for the main duration of the conversation, not hearing the part about destroying worlds.
"I'm going to explain it to her straight when she awakes: That low quality fake was not her mother. I know, it'll be hard, but well begun is half done as they say." He answered as he gazed towards the elf in question.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Nighttime | January 1st

Drop Group #1: Angelus | Jake

Keeping his eyes on the fire, Jake responded slowly. "I have always felt a connection to wolves and dogs, and my old friends used to say I was either. Stupidly Loyal, Loyally Stupid. I always looked out for them, going to ridiculous efforts for them, in anything. But solving the issues of teenagers is so much easier than protecting warriors and mages. A few words, a slap to the face, and things could be worked out back home. But here? Here I'm the one being protected and saved. Thank you, by the way. Now, the Wolf. Powerful, fast, cunning, sneaky. A pack animal... Territorial. Highly protective of family. Depicted in fiction as an honourable beast, families that have taken the Wolf for their crest are known for being highly intelligent and honourable, cunningly dangerous when crossed and in war. ...That actually does sound like me. So now, how to put this into action...

Jake sat and mused silently for a bit, flames dancing in the reflection of his skyblue eyes. He wasn't sure if the Dragon would respond, but he hoped she would. Her advice was proving to be the only thing keeping him going in this world. And Teri and Slindis healing him.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Nighttime | January 1st

Devon | Rugal | Teri

Devon looked at his watch before continuing. "Go ahead, Mister Bernstein. It could be worse, though: We could be attacking Goenitz while one of us is being held hostage." Devon said this, not knowing that A.) Bruiser's actions still lingered in Teri's memory and B.) Rugal knew about Goenitz, the Archangel.

In his trying to be casual, he'd possibly set off two landmines.

Rugal was about to answer until:
A name he'd thought he'd never hear from again.
He froze still for a moment, recalling that time in the market place where he first saw him.
Shaking it off and dismissing what Devon said as him mishearing it, there was no way he could know about him of all people....right?
"....Yes....I guess it could...." He said, some what absently, trying to hide his little flashback and doing a bad job at it.

Digital Nightmare
When Viscus arrived, Dimitri hid the message behind his back in a desperate attempt to delete the PS from Rugal's message as he was addressed by the ship's AI. That didn't stop him from being any less nervous about being addressed by the AI, however.

Upon being accused Dimitri stammered, "I've no idea what you're talking about! You have no need to delete me! And What do you mean "What do I think?!" What are you even addressing?! A sentence with a lack of a subject will only lead to confusion!"

Here Dimitri was, knee deep in trouble, and yet he was lecturing a far more superior AI about writing sentences and communication. Yup, Dimitri finally agreed to himself, he had lost it.

Rugal | Teri | Devon

Teri looked up at Rugal when he spoke up, "All we can do is wait then. Just try to be gentle with her..."

At Devon's mention of hostages and attacks, Teri shifted ever so slightly and rubbed her arms in an attempt to warm herself. But this is South America, it wasn't cold at all.

Drop Group #1: Angelus | Jake

Angelus nodded slowly, "So you feel a desperate need to aid and protect your allies. While this good, a passion without a direction is chaos. Now, would you like to explain what the wolf is returning from? Or would you like to move to another topic? There is still the mystery of a sword and a ship to attend to..."

Digital Nightmare
Viscus motioned his hand and brought up live camera feeds from several of his on going operations.
"I asked what do you think of what you see : Horrified? : Disturbed? : Imtimadated?" He asked again as he advanced toward, Minigun still revved.
"I ask you because I want to know if the contents of these files were worth your life : I would like a answer before I kill you." He asked again, now standing eye to eye with Dimitri.
"Because that is what's going to happen : I've locked all access to this vessel : Output and Input : I am present in all systems : There is no way out until I assign resources to kill you : Was it worth it?"

Drop Group #1: Angelus | Jake

A hand waved nonchalantly as Jake continued to gaze into the fire. "The sword is of little importance. A tool, a weapon, it is no more than that. I saw this sword in the flames, encased in ice." he said as he patted the blade at his side.

"But the ship... Tomoya has an Angel Fleet, based on EVE ships out there. We are talking about colossi vessels, the smallest several hundred meters long to his flagship, the Blackhawke that is several kilometers long. And it is heavily armed and shielded, a force to be reckoned with on it's own, not to mention his fleet. This attack of ours here, is only the opening stage of war. We need to take the Stone of Light, and destroy it, to rob him of access to it's powers. Then we only stand against a fallen ArchAngel, not the Guardian of the Stone of Light as well. But to kill him, we shall also need a fleet. The ship I saw is one I have used in Roleplays before, that is, similar activities to the Avatar Adventure. That was back before I knew as an Author I was playing with real people's lives. Before it all changed.... But I digress. The ship, is a mammoth in her own right. She is just over a kilometer long, bristles with turbolaser batteries and can carry many fighter craft. She is well armoured and shielded, fast and agile yet a battleship able to stand and fight. And now, even as I describe her, I can see the battle in the fire. Shots being traded, shields flaring and dying, armour breaking, ships cracking and exploding... AAARGH!"

Jake screamed out and clutched his eyes as he fell away from the fire, curling into a fetal position.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Nighttime | January 1st

Drop Group #4: Aftan | Altea | Akane | Cadolbolg | Ton Ton
Akane smiled briefly. "I hope they do. They fight well and make a good team, good friends. I suppose it might be the same as our wedding gift to Amaya, Dillon and Luna. Did you think we would be able to make what we did? The power of the heart is the strongest I know. It even affects Jack, did you know? Kokoa should be here... I just don't know how I am going to face her after what I did..."

Rugal | Teri | Devon

Devon looked over at Teri. "You need something a bit warmer on? I can toss you my shirt for now, if you want." the man started unbuttoning his top shirt, revealing a sapphire-colored mail shirt over a white body shirt and tossed it to her.

After that, he turned to Rugal. "Still, never thought you'd go for Slindis. Then again, she's never had luck with her personal life at all." Rugal could see that the mail shirt was well made, and it was a shame to hide such a fine piece of armor underneath a shirt one could buy at any major retailer.

Rugal took a moment to fully react to Devon's statement about him and Slindis.
...What?....Did he mean?....What?!
He slowly turned to face Devon before asking in an extremely annoyed voice "Excuse me? Go for? Would you mind repeating that, there seems to be a joke I'm not getting..."
It was at that moment Devon realised he made a MASSIVE mistake.
He was going to need more then chain mail...

Digital Nightmare

Dimitri gulped, and held his purpose to the far more intimidating AI, "I was sent with the objective of giving you this letter From User: Rugal Bernstein. You might want to read that, he thought it rather important. As for your question? I shall not answer it, for I do not intend to die today."

He gave a weak smile, "There is far too much work to be done, and I am necessary in that work. Access Code: ComboFiend."

With that, the letters all opened again, and chaos resumed. Dimitri decided that now was the time to unzip his files; and his 3 companions as well as one NINE_IRON, appeared to his aid. Bringing the weapon down on Viscus's head, Dimitri did not expect to have incapacitate him; but it certainly took the AI by surprise. In the wake of this, Dimitri and his entourage began to flee to other corners of the ship. As they did so, Dimitri called out, "Access Code, ComboFiend!

Recipeint: Tablet Dimitri
Subject: SOS
Vermilion, I've been trapped on the ship by Viscus. If by any means you can help me get out, that would be most helpful, for he intends to kill me; and I must deliver some information to Madam Teri!"

Avatar Adventure
Location: Corrupted Forest
Time: Night

BlackHarte | Armageddon

"Troublesome, jealous, clingy, masochist, cannibal, nymphomaniac," BlackHarte sighed, "what am I going to do with the young master?" The game was going badly for him. Somehow the fiery steed had managed to promote not one, but three of his pawns, and now was poised to pull one of the most ridiculous manuevers he had ever seen.

Armageddon bobbed his head from side to side and gave a gruff huff.

"I don't think I can accept her for who she is, at least not yet. Master Cwanuld is a broken bird, she needs to be fixed. Overindulgence is a threat to her health, and the lives of all those around her."


Caim | Devon | Kalastryn | Kurumu | Kyre | Mark | Melethia | Puce | Rugal | Tajuh | Teri

"What's... what's going on?" Kyre got up from the soft forest floor and walked up behind Kurumu, tugging gretfully at her shirt, "Kurumu... don't hurt your sister. Treat your family well because they are all you ever have in the end..."

Kyre started to tear up again, but held it back before pulling harder on Kurumu, "Sisters aren't suppose to hate each other..."


BlackHarte | Armageddon

"Could you get me a list of Master Cwanuld's family members? It would be beneficial to understanding her resolute obsession over that Succubus girl."

Armageddon nodded. But first the game needed to be finished.

Rugal | Teri | Devon

Devon backed away from the man as a small wind began to blow between the two. "Well, with how you're really concerned for Melethia and all, that's the first thing that jumped to my mind... Look, I didn't mean to piss you off here, and my memory is a bit shot right now. So could you try not to kill, maim, severely injure me, or keep me locked me away in your mansion to act as a Duracell battery?"

Tajuh | Ella | Kurumu

Tajuh gave his best condescending fatherlike stare as he spoke to the two in a scolding tone. "Do I need to break the two of you up here, or are you going to stop this and talk it out like sane people?"

Digital Nightmare
Viscus allowed the lower level AI to flee, it was no matter to him as he was already counting down the seconds to his target's deletion
Resuming the mail flow before he left the room, he began following the tracks of Dimitri, switching from Mini-gun to his wrist mounted shotgun
"You can only delay your deactivation for so long : But go ahead and try : I wanted to compare my simulation data away..." He taunted as he took his time, 100% assured victory.

Rugal walked up to Devon and gazed down at him, his size almost making Devon wish he was still in hell.
But he was merely doing it to let the author know he wasn't going to listen to such rubbish for a moment longer.
"....You imply anything of that nature between me and woman, you will not wake up the following day...." He flatly warned before returning to his side, his red eye still locked onto the writers face.
That is the LAST thing I want to have to deal with right now... He thought.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Nighttime | January 1st

Drop Group #2: Caim | Devon | Kalastryn | Kurumu | Kyre | Mark | Melethia | Puce | Rugal | Tajuh | Teri

Caim gave a small snort when he saw Kurumu assail the succubus, and silently watched as the two were pulled apart by Tajuh's words. However, the nagging thought remained... To the unknown succubus, Caim repeated, "Who are you exactly, and why are you asking me these strange questions? I've never met you before."

Teri looked up from her computer when she heard Rugal and Devon start to have at it, and walked between the two. This would not do; especially when there were far bigger fish to fry.

Teri rolls a 22 Diplomacy check!

Taking a deep breath, she said, "Cool it, both of you! Devon, stop with the jests. You said so yourself, you're not feeling too good and I understand that makes people say things they may not mean. I might be able to help you with that, but if you keep running your mouth in this state, somebody's going to get hurt."

Now for the hard part. She took another deep breath and looked at Rugal dead on, "As for you, sir; getting into fights just because your pride is hurt is no way to keep things running smoothly! You have proclaimed yourself our Captain! You need to act like it. That includes side-stepping verbal barbs instead of threatening to kill people for them! Yes, it makes sense you want your authority known, but that doesn't mean you need to hurt anybody who so much as sneeze at you funny. I know you don't like a lot of the people here. That's understandable; but if we're going to work together, then we need to put aside our differences. Okay?"

She looked between the two men nervously, but did not back down; "All of us feel like crap right now, and that's not going to change until this is done. Understandably, that makes people act far more irritable with one another. But that does not mean we need to jeopardize our mission for wounded pride. Will you two stop acting like children and make up?"

Big words from a small girl; especially one who's heart was pounding at the thought that she was doing this now. But with Tajuh distracted with Melethia, who else would?

Digital Nightmare

Dimitri silently watched as his message went with the flow of the others out of the Rising Dawn, and silently hoped that AI Vermilion would be able to get to it and possibly help him out of this fix; as ashamed as he was to admit it.

Drop Group #1: Angelus | Jake

Angelus bolted up from the fireside, and took forced Jake's hands away from his face to see what had happened to his eyes. From the looks of it, nothing had changed, save for the fact that they were not focusing upon her. The dragon bit her lip, and a huff of air exited her nose, "That'll be enough for today then... That vision must have been powerful, for your mind has struck you blind. You'll get your sight back by sunrise. Come, sit up again. I will make sure you don't hurt yourself..."

Dmitri's Home: A.I. Vermilion | Dmitri

As Vermilion sat in the chambers, she saw that a book floated towards her with "New Message!" inscribed on the cover. What intrigued her the most was that the book was addressed to her...

Rugal listened to the young cleric's speech, Rolling his eyes at the idea of such slander being allowed to slide.
Still, he remained quiet afterwards and it didn't seem like he was going to kill Devon.
Though a quick glance at the writer spelled out "Soon."

And thus he merely sat with the pair of writers as they waited for word of Dimitri and Viscus

Digital Nightmare
As the message was sent out, a wall to Dimitri's left was cut open by Viscus's Laser Sword.
Then he managed to do something most AI struggle to: Pull off a one liner
"Ctrl + Alt + Delete" He said as he switched back to his shotgun and fired on the AI, advancing as he did.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures Universe

Location: Corrupted Forest | Corrupted Temple of Light | South America
Time: Nighttime | January 1st

Drop Group #1: Angelus | Jake
Jake shook visibly as he sat up with Angelus' help. He drew his knees up to his chest and rested his head upon them, wrapping his arms around his legs. A small flash of sapphire glowed under his shirt, and then Jake sighed. "I can't even use my Author powers to return my sight. I... I... I saw bodies, drifting through space, their eyes open yet blind, mouths twisted in pain as they couldn't breathe. I saw droplets of blood impact the view screen... *Shudder* I saw my beauty, my Gracemeria, I saw her break apart as explosions ripped through her hull. I saw the fire consume her, and all I could do was watch."

As he pensively sat there, face towards the fire again, he shook his head. Determination creased his face. "No. No more of this shit. I will not let that happen. We will triumph, we will beat that bastard and set things right. New York, an entire city was destroyed because of him. We must stop him lest he does it again. We will prevail... Angelus, thank you. I believe this is the third time you've helped me. Three favours I owe you now. Hopefully I can repay my debts to you before I die, as my lifespan is far shorter than yours. Well, seeing as I'm not going anywhere, is their anything that you wish to talk about? Oh Gods I just made that pun, didn't I?"

Rugal, Teri, Devon

Devon nodded before sitting down by a tree near Teri. "Seriously, what the fuck? I misinterpret one thing and suddenly I'm an asshole? I even tried apologizing, and the man looks like he wants to mount my head on a bayonet! How the hell do you guys work with him?" The man was clearlt worn out from the day.

Rugal, Teri, Devon

Teri rubbed her temples again, and dropped her audio to a low whisper; "I understand you're upset, but please don't take my actions the wrong way. Mr. Bernstein is... An interesting character; to say the least. He is a man of pride, and grudges. I didn't get the gist of the conversation, but from what I saw, you pissed him off and a fight was about to break out. If I didn't step in, I was afraid he was going to mount your head on said bayonet. I know I yelled at you both; but I was trying to keep things under control. We can't fight among ourselves, or else Tomoya wins."

Drop Group #1: Angelus | Jake

Angelus shook her head with a soft chuckle, "I do not ask of you to owe me anything. I am glad that you are able to work your way out of your cloud of self-loathing. As for what I'd talk about... Well... I did mention what Akane had me realize, but now that I have an understanding of these emotions, I do not know what comes next. I am woefully unaware of human rituals of these kinds. With dragons, mating was purely for the purpose of creating wyrmlings. The pairs would stay together to ensure the survival of the children, and then leave once the last one was able to take care of itself. I do not think it works in the same way for mortals..."

Digital Nightmare

Dimitri gasped as the shot missed him, and YAMATA-NO-OROCHI hissed in retaliation of the assault, charging at the AI; to which SEIRYU followed. Dimitri looked around desperately, as he did not want the programs to go alone against Wesker. He spotted spare bits of data, and sent PRINCIPALITY after those; to which it began converting it to Dimitri's command. The data flowed through the 'air' like a current, and Dimitri watched in fascination as it moved to protect his programs from minor bits of damage.

"If I can get data converted to my side, then maybe... PRINCIPALITY! Try to build up some walls between us and that madman!"

The false angel nodded, and in a motion of it's staff; walls began to grow upwards and between Viscus and Dimitri's programs. However, the walls would not last long. Dimitri called to his main attackers, and the little group of programs exited the mailing room in favor of more expansive quarters. The kitchens perhaps? Or maybe the private quarter sectors?

Rugal, Teri, Devon
Rugal refused to re-enter in this conversation, not really one to admit his own faults, but taking the moral high ground at this point would be hypocritical.
So his mind more focused on what made him say that and thus he asked "Just Slindis? Really? What makes you think that a man of my...."Alignment" would take to a Paladin?!"

Digital Nightmare
Viscus quickly broke down the walls Dimitri has ereacted before returning to his slow terminator style advance, he knew that nothing that waste of processing could do would come close to hurting him and it didn't even matter if he got the word out.
1: He tells the heroes, they go after Rugal the REAL mastermind and as a result, be unable to find AIM
2: They tell the states, he could easily replace that data before it reached anyone of any importance.
3: They delete him here, he'll just use one of his other active AI's
This was the thing about being a villain, make sure every outcome is a good one

Drop Group #1: Angelus | Jake
Jake chuckled back to the dragon, lifting his head and relaxing a bit. He looked almost at the dragon, his head still turned a bit to the flames as he replied. "The funny thing about Favours is you don't get to say I don't owe. It would be a stain on my honour to allow you to save my arse that many times and not repay you. To some, it would also be a grave insult as well. As for the issue of your feelings... Well. There are many different sets of rituals, but both you and Caim are happy as long as you are together, so that simplifies things. Humans and dolphins are the only two animals on this entire planet that mate for pleasure as well as for procreation. Trust me, it's one of the best feelings ever when done right, with someone who loves you just as much as you love them. But you and Caim already have a son, so I'm sure you would have noticed the feelings there, that of family. That is why humans stick together. My grandmother always said you partner would also be your best friend, someone you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. For you and Caim, well, you are Pactmates, but I see it has grown on you both. So, you two are a special case. Roll with it, it might be awkward at first, but I have faith in you Angelus. You'll figure it out, and if not, well, you've got all of us, your extended family on the Rising Dawn to help you. At least you've got someone to care for, and cares about you. I have rotten luck with girlfriends, but I manage. That's not even a worry anymore, heh!"

Rugal, Teri, Devon

Devon lazily lifted his head to Rugal and looked him in the eye. "I must have gotten something wrong, seeing how you reacted. As for why you might like her, maybe because she usually doesn't try to judge people harshly when she first meets them, her caring nature, or her natural confidence? Besides, you've met up with her a few times before where she helped you out while asking nothing in return." He finished the statement, mentally patting himself on the back afterwards for not spouting off too much about Blank Slate's events.

After he finished, he started reclining back against the tree, trying ti find a way that he could try to get a little bit of rest. But had he answered the tightass correctly?

Rugal, Teri, Devon
Rugal retained his sceptical shell through-out Devon's reasoning, avoiding giving the Writer any points for guessing correct, though that was hard when he hinted at....
My litt-
He quickly shook his head before that episode could even begin.
"....Mmmm...haven't thought of it that way....Still, I feel nothing for the woman and that's BEFORE we get into the topic of her profession, I recall hearing once that one of the trials is a Vow of Celibacy, So it's over before it even starts!" He lied skillfully, he even did get a straight answer on that topic.
"Bottom line though, Saving a child and being attracted to her mother are two completely different things..."

Rugal, Teri, Devon

The man remembered the whole bit on Rugal being in Equestria and did his best to keep a straight face as he responded. "Bit odd that you shut it down so fast, but who am I to say anything else? In any case, dealing with oversized roaches, greedy and lusty bastards, Kurumu's mother, and the fake form of Caim and Angelus is a bit much for one day, wouldn't you say?"

Rugal, Teri, Devon

Teri tilted her head in curiosity, and decided to lightly play along, "We'll see about that! Dimitri; I need you to find - Oh! Right... Airship. I wonder what's taking him so long..."

The girl frowned a little, but decided to content herself with watching the playful verbal sparing that began between her friends.

Digital Nightmare

Dimitri continued running down the halls, glad that his processing power was of adequate level; or else he would have felt tired. Principality was a god-send in this situation, as it was able to convert data into stairways, create false paths, or even lower levels. However, no matter how hard Dimitri and his entourage seemed to hide; it looked like the Viscus fellow would find them soon enough.

"Need to think... What can I convert against him?"

That was when Dimitri saw a set of lasers blocking off a room filled with... Wedding photos? A quick view of the room showed that it was the ship's first captain, Dillon and his wife, Amaya. Dimitri threw a loose piece of Data at the lasers, and found that it was burnt to nothing. Dimitri didn't want to hazard touching anything else, so he ordered Principality to convert the lasers and direct them to lay in the hallway floor instead of the family photos. If this was done right, as soon as the murderous AI touched those floor tiles, he would be impaled by the lasers. One could only hope. After setting the trap, Dimitri and the group continued on, hoping to find SOME way off of this death trap.

Drop Group #1: Angelus | Jake

"So, I just do as I did before? Hmph! No wonder I could not think of the solution. It was so simple..."

After what seemed like forever, David, Elena, Slindis and Saya managed to reach the location of the temple of light.
And a horde of blood-thirsty tribals.
David watched their camp from the tree line, noting their numbers, the location of Kud and the absence of Riki.
"Right, good news, bad news.
Good: Got a visual on Kud and the Temple.
Bad: Massive tribe and no sign of Riki." He shouted down from his tree before Elena ported him back down.
"I'd say it'd be best if we get a move in now before Riki get's the chance to get himself killed, though personally, anyone who runs off like that most likely had it coming, Least in my line of work. Ideas?"

As Dimitri and co worked on setting off the death trap, the distant sound of doors opening heralded Viscus's arrival and acted as a count down for them to get the trap set.
They managed to compete it before the Soulless Machine entered.
He kept up his steady march towards the AI, stepping on the tiles and triggering the death trap.
Something was wrong, that was TOO easy.
And they were right, though he was now minus a arm, it didn't seem to slow the killer down the slightest.
"Run the calculations yourself. You will be assimilated..." He mocked as he began walking with his sword drawn.

Drop Group #1: Angelus | Jake

Jake nodded before turning his head back to the fire. The words all spoken, he sat in silence, brooding. One day, he would find that girl to call his best friend, but until then, he needed to forget past pains. A small smile cracked his face, and he spoke up.

"Hey Angelus. I'm no bard, my voice is shit, but I feel like shit thinking about past ex-girlfriends and them being bitches. Mind if I sing to meself quietly? I know some great campfire songs, but I don't reckon you know any of 'em, heh."

The Sea of Chaos - Planetary Subdivision 1 - Continent: Midas
Location: In-Transit between the Great Swampland and the Wood Elf principality of Althia
Time: The fifth of the Solar Year. One year after the disappearance of the Eden Gate.

The Hundred Years' King | Varden | Armageddon

If Balwen could still see, he would have nothing much to observe. The long dusty road stretched before him was covered with nothing but occasional tumble weeds that lightened the dreary beige of the prairie. The wind blew hard across this flat land between the Capital city of Candor and the forests of Althia, and that wind carried the song of the land.

The soft rustle what sparse trees stood tall in the heavy air, to the cresting waves of the tall grass. Even down to the soft calls of wild dogs in the middle distance. The sounds of the world kept Balwen aware that he was alive. That and the constant clinks and rattles of his old and faded golden armor, the sunburst of Candor faded to white over the hundred years that he had worn the armor. He tightened his left and and heaved the Dreamslayer greatsword to his shoulders to ease his burden.

King Balwen was a hundred and twenty eight years old, and having traveled alone for the past fifty or so years after losing his vision, he has been accustomed to seeing things with his ears. A king with a duty to his people, an anomaly in a world of absolute bastards, where even the richest nobles are no different from cutthroats and pickpockets. Balwen has spent the twilight of his life journeying around his country, and to those of his enemies, helping each wayward son or distressed daughter he came across.

Yet even for all his good deeds, and his iconic armor, sword, and travelling partner, no one ever seemed to recognize who he was. All they would say about him was that he was an old man travelling the world, helping everyone he met. In other words, a wandering hero, the only true knight of the age. But of course, the reason for his actions was simple. He was indeed not part of this particular age of expansion, war and mistrust. Balwen Faerie Goldhollow was raised as a knight in the age of chivalry, when the Central Human Kingdoms were still what they were called, a coalition of human kingdoms, instead of the tyrannical power that called itself the Kingdom of Candor. He was given the name of King only because he had outlived his brothers and sisters, and even their children. And even so he only fathered his heir after three attempts because of pressure from the other noble houses. Now it was without a doubt the Knight sworn to celibacy had a grandchild dancing around somewhere in a marble palace on the White-Gold Hill.

Balwen looked up and smiled, his lips thin and wrinkled with age, and his hair white and balding. A pair of leathery wings beat down beside him and landed on his shoulder. His Black Dragon, and his vessel of contractual immortality, Varden the Small had returned from his hunt in the golden fields. Then the Old King was confused, his partner gave a long and distressed call into the sky. A deep and high warble that warned of malicious creatures.

Then too soon he realized why. The smell of sulfur and ash filled the afternoon winds, and the black iron horseshoes rung against the plain dirt road. Balwen stepped backward and drew his Greatsword, keeping it pointed at the Chaos Rider with his last good arm as his right arm lay useless to his side.

"Speak! Who does ride against the Wandering Knight! I have done no ill toward any man nor woman of human, elf, nor beast, call thy intents before I take Dreamslayer to thee," Balwen backed up from Armageddon and dropped into a low stance. With a broken arm it would be near impossible to fend off a Chaos Rider, but it seemed to just be a steed, for the rider did not announce his presence immediately when appearing from the shadows. Perhaps he had a little chance against a mere horse.

Armageddon stepped forward and neighed. King Balwen relaxed and placed Dreamslayer back upon his shoulders, "You wish only to know about a girl? The daughter of one of my slaves?"

Armageddon nodded, but how the blind Knight could figure that out was indeed a mystery.

"A Prybatian with red hair and green eyes... yes, I think I know what you seek to understand. Come, I will talk if you walk with me. I'm on my way to Althia anyhow. I'm sure I can find records of the Fracture Tree in the Wood Elves' grand library. They owe me greatly for my services."


Avatar Adventure
Location: The Rising Dawn
Time: Night

BlackHarte | Armageddon | Nessaj

"A brother and two sisters," BlackHarte repeated, his hands were clasped in front of his face and his eyes were focused on nothing but the great book open before him. It was a massive history of what little people knew about the Prybatians, but it did have a compiled tree of the surviving royal family after they were either killed or captured in the first sacking of Prybat, "Did you get anything that goes into deeper detail about her sisters? Her brother we know killed himself in front of the young master."

Armageddon shook his head.

"Troublesome indeed," he closed the book and got up to make himself another cup of coffee, "we're a little father than where we started, but we are still not anywhere near figuring out the root of Young Master's obsession."


Avatar Adventure
Location: The Corrupted Forest
Time: Night

Kyre | Puce | Kurumu

Kyre darkened. Or rather her shadow darkened as the null-magic field became much more active than it had been recently. It was suddenly jarring to see what Kyre had been seeing, her hallucinations, suddenly come into reality. The trees turned black, and the leaves turned brilliant green. The storm winds became little more that a summer breeze and the dark clouds parted. Where Kyre stood, the blue moonlight followed. "No! You must make amends with your sister, no matter how much distaste you have for her!" The young Anti-Mage's voice seemed different. Deeper, more mature. He posture was better too, and her eyes, her eyes were fiery and brilliant. It was almost impossible to tell that they were such a tranquil shade of green.

"Half or not, you two share the same blood, you are kin," Kyre growled angrily, "you will realize that violence between siblings hurts beyond what you can comprehend."

Then Kyre collapsed into Kurumu's arms again, weak like a child, "You don't know how much it hurts me to see."


The (Un)Real World
Location: Redwood City
Time: January 13th

??? | ???

"Maybe you projected a little too much... don't you think?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about," the boy titled his straw hat backwards and smiled.

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