The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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The Logician whistled. The dayes were hit with a force so powerful that they were completely disintergrated.

The Logician turned around. "Thanks, Chuck Norris."

Chuck Norris tipped his hat, and walked away.

The Logician walked up to Master Kitty. "Now, you're going to tell us everything you know, aren't you?"

"How do you keep doing that?" Rangorak asked.

It's better not to ask. Jerry replied

Okay, I say we just kill him, he's given us too much trouble already and he's switched sides more often than a confused transvestite in San Fransisco.

"What the hell? When did you get so violent, Helena?"

"I think Jerry is rubbing off on her, dude. I wouldn't worry about it too much though. He's really a good guy, just sarcastic as hell."

"Alright, I won't worry, but we're not killing him, at least not yet. I want to know what's going on. I think that it's time I called in a favor from Tokyo." Ragnorak pulled out a cell phone and dialed a number and began speaking in fluent Japanese. <Junpei? What's up! How's the master? Good, good. You're kidding, someone beat you at Mortal Kombat? And then proceeded to teach you the path of l337? Does this aberration have a name? Largo, huh. Whatever, I need a favor. Can you get here soon?>

<Junpei is already here. What Ragnorak-san need?>

<This cat is being difficult. We need to know what he knows. How did you do in those interrogation exams?>

<Junpei got an A++. What did Ragnorak get?>

<D. Minus. My weapon skills are what got me my degree.>

<Junpei is sorry. Will not bring up exams again. Let's begin.>

"Hah! You honestly think you can interrogate me into giving you information?" replied Master Kitty while secretly calling in a Pelican.

"Oh, don't worry, we will get the information we need and then we will-"

A pelican came flying in from behind the heroes, it shot a torpedo and the heroes were thrown off their feet, Master Kitty stuck Logican with a grenade, jumped in the Pelican and was gone in a flash.

"Well that was easy" said Master Kitty smugly

Little did he know, as the Pelican had swooped over, FourWords had grabbed on, and was even now activating his tracker to draw the heroes in.

Doubly unluckily, Junpei, being a master interrogator, was also a master tracker and retriever, because of the unwillingness of most interrogation subjects. He quickly found himself back among the heroes and this time, he was completely devoid of all devices, including his helmet, though the heroes had put a paper bag over his head in a nod to his honor. (The Logician had logic'd it onto his head after Junpei took his helmet off without looking. Ninja understand the need to maintain anonymity. Rag is just kind of different.)

"well that was extremely unlucky, but i say that we just shoot the pelican. or better yet, anyone got a mirror? or mybe a magnifying glass?" lazor cat said.

"Um, perhaps not." Said ThreeWords, "I think FourWords is on-board, and I'd rather not blow him to smitherines. On the other hand, FourWords is on-board, and he in turn has a tracker (so he doesn't get lost). This means we now know where Kitty's base is, right? So lets go!"

In the depths of Nexus, Maddawg watched as the lightmass bomb was created. After a few days Maddawg had 5 Lightmass bombs ready to go. A locust guard had come in to tell Maddawg of a message for him.

"Ah okay put president Obama on the video monitor." At his request A monitor was brought in a president Obama had appeard. "Hello Locust general. You proably know who I am and I come with a warning. We have intel of you producing weapons of mass destruction. We hope you will no.." With that Maddawg flashed his McCain/Palin button and then pushed a big red button on his desk. "WHAT DID YOU DO!?!?!?!?" A huge light was seen behind Obama before he lost reception.

"One annoying person down 10 to go. Continue production on the bombs I want 20 by the end of the month."

"Well, what do I do now? I don't know where the base is and-"

"Sir," interrupted Catana "There appears to be an unidentified object on the Pelican, it seems to be some sort of large alien life form."

"Threewords!" snarled Master Kitty "Looks like were going to have to drop some luggage."

With that, Master Kitty quickly flew down, he skimmed the grond and heard Fourwords all off.

"Well there goes that problem."

Master Kitty began to pull up but one of Fourwords arms got got in the jet and the Pelican quickly smashed into the ground. Master Kitty jumped out just in time and the Pelican soared off a cliff.

"That was close!" sighed Master Kitty.

"YOU RIPPED OFF MY ARM YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!"roared Fourwords and came running toward Master Kitty.

As Master Kitty got ready to fight FourWords off, he suddenly saw Daye.20 lunge off a flying attack on FourWords from behind. With the bat planted deep in the head of FourWords, Daye.20 stood tall with a grin.

Along came four other Dayes. And they all gathered around Master Kitty. "Thought you might have been in trouble. You see. As clones of clones of clones, we don't last very long. Have you seen multiplicity? It's quite explanatory to the whole cloning thing." Master Kitty replied with a simple "uhu". The other Dayes rolled FourWords off a cliff. "Allright. Let's get back into the action. You're not out of this fight yet!"

"I think I am starting to like you guys!"

Ya, we seem to have that effect on people, now lets go before those so call "heroes" get to far!

So Master Kitty and the Dayes walked into the sunset, bats and guns at the ready.

"Right, I think it's time we got serious with this whole Maddawg defeating thing." Ram said, heading to wards the Nexus.
"Why so serious?" asked Lazor Kitty, a wide grin spreading across his feline face.
"But honestly, why do we need to go now? Can't we relax a little? It's not like he's done anything serious so far." Spike argued, laying on the grass whilst chewing on a hay-straw.
Suddenly, a small boy carrying newspapers walked across the field, waving a newspaper over his head.
The group looked at Spike.
"You know how papers exaggerate." he simply stated, snuggling deeper into the grass.
"WHAT?!" screamed Spike, jumping out in fury. "How dare that devil defile the sanctity of the Sammich? FOR THE SAMMICH!" he yelled, charging to the Nexus.
Ram looked at the screaming figure with a mix of pride and hesitation.
"So...that decides it I guess. FOR PONY!" Ram hollered, and followed Spike to their goal.
"But, what about the Dayes?" Ragnorak asked the remaining members.
"What about them?" asked the Logician, and also began to widly run to the Nexus while screaming a battle cry.

"Look! The heroes are running toward Nexus! Lets get them fellas!" yelled Daye.22 "Master Kitty, snipe those bastards!"

Master Kitty took the first shot, hitting Ram right in the leg. The Dayes started beating them with bats and Master Kitty prepared to take another shot.

Suddenly, Junpei appeared behind Master Kitty. <Junpei wondered where you had gotten to. Junpei will now complete the interrogation.> he said as he dragged Master Kitty away from the sniper rifle by the scruff of his neck. He dragged him into a dark room and there were heard the sounds of torture. As he walked out of the room, Junpei quipped <N0 0n3 3v3r 3xp3c7 t3h Junp3! !nqu!5!t!0n!>

I don't know how he was able to speak in both l337 and Japanese at the same time, but he managed it. Don't question me.

Master Kitty was never able to fire a sniper rifle again.

As the Dayes attacked, Ragnorak was initially a little worried. Then he heard the Logician chant "Ave ave gladiatorum." and the Dayes all flew 1000 miles away, picked up by a freak gust of wind. Then the heroes continued the charge towards the Nexus. Spike was the first to reach the Nexus and he kicked in the doors. Ram jumped over his head and killed all the mooks guarding the elevators. The Logician pulled the elevator up the shaft and the rest of the party got in.

"Hah! That fool thinks I actually cracked!" chuckled Master Kitty "Gave him wrong information I did!"

Master Kitty pulled out his sniper rifle and popped Junpei in the head. Then called in more Dayes, who beat Logican over the head before he could "snap" them away as he always did and the battle began.

The aliens tore into the Dayes, but ThreeWords hesitated as he heard a small voice

"Help me.."

Looking round, he found FourWords hanging off the cliff by one arm. He reached down and pulled up his younger brother.

"You silly fool! how did you get these wounds? Doesn't matter, tell m later. Just sit back and you'll be fine in five minutes."

Three Dayes ran at them, but ThreeWords stabbed one, bit the second, and threw the third off the cliff.

He continues to stand guard over his recovering little brother.

The battle raged on, Master Kitty was now running into battle wielding his Chainsaw Lancer.

"WAIT!!!!" yelled Ram "We are trying to stop Maddawg from destroying the world!!! He already nuked the white house!"

"And all possibilities of ever making a good sandwich!" sobbed Spike.

"Are you serious!?! Well forget about this, we will finish this later!" replied Master Kitty

"Lets stop that mad man!" yelled the heroes, and villains as they ran toward Nexus.

As the group sprinted towards the Nexus Spike noticed that a group of dayes were catching up behind them. Using his magic power of awesome sandwich creation he magicked up a concoction they couldn't resist - a peanut butter sandwich.

Waving the sandwich in the air attracted many of the dayes to it and Spike flung the sandwich off a nearby cliff as the group reached the doors and piled in. He grinned.

"As the heroes, acompanied with a villain callaed Master Kitty, run towards the door they gets cought up by Dayes. But nothing is like a space-cowboys sandwich to lure them off. They where able to lure the Dayes away. Our heroes have now stepped through the door. Little do they know that there is an ambush of Dayes waiting for them"

"Dude, would you shut up? You're kinda ruining the ambush!" Daye.29 said.

But the narrator continued anyway. "Now our heroes are just about to step in the trap of the Dayes. Will our heroes be able to spot the danger before they're knocked out? Will the Dayes be able to knock them all out, or will the Logicians power rule over theirs once again? Find out in the exciting next episo..." *Thud!* The narrator took a bat to the head and went down.

"Guys! Chill! We're going after Maddawg now! Hop on in and join us. We'll settle this later" Master Kitty shouted into the dark
And then five Dayes enterd into the light, and joined the group.

"Hi! I'm Bob! I'll be your new narrator. Trust your story-telling to me. Now as you can see, the Dayes have joined the group. Will this size of the group be big enough to overcome Maddawg? Or will Maddawg be able to beat all of them, in order to add them to his trophy-room. Find out in the exciting adventure of Ram and his friends" Bob the Narrator followed the group while keeping everyone updated on every event

"Seriously Bob, STFU ok?" said Master Kitty

"Alas, the heroes we on their way to try and foil the plans of the evil Maddawg, will they-"

"I said shut up, or I will personally end you! Now, should we go in guns a blazing, or sneaky?"

"The heroes pondered for a few seconds wondering wha=" WHAM.

"Thank you Daye.28"

Maddawg had a busy day fireing nukes in every direction.

He was writing tommorrows schedule when he dozed off at his desk.

So far his schedule looked like this

9:30-9:55: Kill more unamed cogs.
10:00-11:00: Fire more bombs at developing countries.
12:00-12:30:break for lunch.
1:00-5:00- Hire Mercs to kill the group.

Unfortunatly the mercs thought the meeting was today and walked into his office with hoods over there head.

They stood there as Maddawg contunied snoring. One of the 3 pulled out a revolver and fired at Maddawg's desk. The resulting blast woke Maddawg up and fell out of his chair "Crazy Brady!" Maddawg stood back up and looked at the hooded figures. "Oh you must be the mercs I did not expect you this early. Anyway here are the targets and you will be paid upon there deaths." The figures took the files and then left without a word.

The heroes jumped out and smashed the Merc over the heads. They took thier uniforms and throw them in the nearest closet.

"This should make thing easier!" said Master kitty putting on one of the robes.

So the Dayes piled into one robe, Spike and Ram shared another, Logican and Ragnorak each got one and the narrator was thrown in the closet along with the mercs.

"Hey! Get me out of here!" yelled the Narrator as the heroes entered Maddawg office.

The heroes jumped out and smashed the Merc over the heads. They took thier uniforms and throw them in the nearest closet.

"This should make thing easier!" said Master kitty putting on one of the robes.

So the Dayes piled into one robe, Spike and Ram shared another, Logican and Ragnorak each got one and the narrator was thrown in the closet along with the mercs.

"Hey! Get me out of here!" yelled the Narrator as the heroes entered Maddawg office.

The Mercs busted into the room and stood in front of Maddawg. "Well that was fast. Here is your pay now give me a second while I put on my party face." Maddawg handed the group a large wrapped paper to one of them. They opened it and inside was a note that read "Do you really think I am that stupid" the group looked up to see Maddawg wearing a gas mask. Nerve gas began filling the room and the group fell unconcious.

As the gas entered the room, the group where cought off guard. As they all began choking on the air, Maddawg noticed that the Dayes had no suffocation at all. He then realised they were not affected by the gas. As one of the Dayes jumped forward to smash Maddawgs head in.

Just in time, Maddawg lowered the bulletproof glass between him and the group. Unfortainly for Daye.28, he was right beneath it, and got sliced in two. While this was all keeping Maddawg busy, the logician had logiced a gas-mask to every member of the group. They all went gasping back towards the door. Just to find it completely sealed. The logician was exhausted from the effort, and were standing where they all ahd started. The room was like a "T" with the wide part being Maddawgs office, and the long part being the entrance with the door

Now as everyone but The Logician standing by the door, they heard a voice "There you are". They were forced to stand behind watching THe Logician being penetrated by bullets. He was not killed, as he was luckily brought back to the group by Daye.31 sacrificing himself. The logician was somewhat incapacitated. He were still able to walk and do some fancy trick. But unfortainly he's super-over-fucking-powered-insane-ligic-shit is no longer. He can only do regulare fancy logic shit.

They heard the voices go "Where are you?" and saw Maddawf stand up. "My dear friends! You have reached my office. And so I congratulate you. Though I do have to bring you some unfortain news. This is not the end. I shall now leave you, and you'll have a hard time finding me. Trust my word on that. as he walked towards the exit door on his side of the glass, three Samurai Narrators came through it. "Oh! I'd you to meet my narrators. They will take care of your comfort if you make it pass my cute turret" "Time for a nap" Maddawg was interrupted by the turret shutting down "Have fun, my friends. I am busy nuking whatever needs nuking, so I'll be busy for the day. I will, however, come back and keep you company tomorrow. If there is anything to keep company, that is." With a laughter Maddawg left the office

"Seems like our heroes have stepped in a trap" one of the narrators began unsheating his sword "Will Daye.29, Daye.30, Daye.32, Ram, Ragnaraok, Spike, a wounded Logician, Master Kitty, Laser Cat and a couple of computers be able to defeat both us and the turrent?" The other Narrator continued. "Not likely" The third one closed

Now the heroes were left with having to bypass the turrent, and fight of three very well-trained samurais in order to continue their search for Maddawg

Logican raised a shield and said "Ha just becuase I'm weak dosen't mean I can't protect us." The sensors raised and a computerized voice rang over the intercom. "Magic detected. powering up eletric carpet." with that the carpet shocked logican into dropping his shield.

"You know, Samurai just piss me right the hell off. I don't really know why, must have something to do with me being a ninja. I mean, none of the Samurai I've ever fought have ever laid a finger on me, but I still have this irrational urge to kill them in painful and interesting ways every time I fight them. Oh, and I usually do something nasty to their remains. I believe the last ones ended up part of a necklace for my wife." said Ragnorak as the group took cover from the hail of bullets and laser fire behind a piece of the floor that Ram had stomped up.

I think I've found the turret's weak point, boss. It can't aim up. I think.

"Well, let's find out." said Spike as he tossed a sleep grenade over the Ram-made barrier. The explosive arced up and up, somehow managing to avoid all the bullets and stuff, and eventually crossed out of the hail of fire and was untouched when it came down. Of course it didn't do anything since the room was still full of nerve gas, but, you know, it's the thought that counts.

"Okay, so either it can't shoot up, or else it ignores non-organic matter. Dayes, would one of you volunteer to jump over this barrier and find out if it aims at organic matter only? If you don't that's alright, we'll just throw Master Kitty over." said Lazor Cat.

"You'll have to catch me first!" said Master Kitty.

"And where do you think you'll run to? The corner? The UNPROTECTED corner?" replied Logician.

"Good point."

"Don't worry cat, we got it." said Daye.30 "I'll go. We're all clones and I've always wanted to do something stupidly heroic." So he jumped over the barrier and was almost instantly chewed up by bullets. Of course, not one of them hit him until he was on his downward arc, so Helena's theory was proven.Congrats, babe, your first real-time theory was correct. Have fun with the next one.

"Well, we may have a theory, but how do we get past this? Can anyone climb on ceilings?" asked Master Kitty. "Cats might be able to, why don't you try and see Laser Cat?" sneered Master Kitty.

"But .. You're both cats, aren't you?" Ram asked Master Kitty. "Guys. Remember we have to deal with the samurais too" Daye.29 interrupted. "Screw that, we still have this worry to overcome first." Spike replied

"Wait! I've got an awsome idea!" Laser Cat shouted "Im'a chargin' Mah Laz0r!" and fwofh! There was a hole in the blockage. But it didn't hit the turret. And the turret now had a hole to look from. "What the friggin hell, Cat??" Master Kitty shouted, as the heroes split to avoid the hole. "It could have worked" Laser Cat said.

"Wait! I think what we need in this room is some airbreeze" Ram told the group with a smile. "Brilliant idea as allways" Ragnarok replied. And with that, the whole room was filled with a storm, tipping the turret "bghblabgabg!!" The turret said while shooting franatically around.

"Our heroes have overcome one blockage. But have yet to figure out how to get through the glass" The third narrator narrated "What the fuck? My laser didn't creat a hole!" Cat said suprised

A zombie in Brotherhood of Steel uniform walked out of the surf, with hundreds of zombies and skelaton pirate warriors following him. The lead zombie, the one in charge, was no other than the last bay king, back from the dead to wreck havok on the plot. He limped forward, after all that stood in his way, his army of zombies following.

With the nerve gas and turret taking care of, Ram shut off his wind-element power and switched to his earth-element. His horns grew diamonds and steel from the bone, until both horns were covered. Taking a few steps back, he then rushed at the glass with all his might.
Flying backwards from the impact, he landed horn-first on a stray Daye, squishing him instantly. "Ok, different plant.." Ram mumbled, hesitantly getting back up. "No wait, look!" Ragnorak shouted, pointing at the glass.
In the center of the area that Ram hit was a small crack, barely bigger then a penny, but one that went through to the other side of the glass.
"Great, so that does work," Ram grumbled, regretting the decision he was about to make. "I'm going to keep at this thing till it breaks. You guys be ready for the samurais."
Ram turned to the weakened Logician. "So, you going to be okay there, mate?" he asked in concern.
The Logician only gave a smirk. "Yeah, I'm fine. I can still do some telekinesis, some Logic-missiles, and one more teleportation, but only if we really need it. Oh, and this sword from past travels." he said, pulling out a large, red, serrated sword.
"Don't forget that his body can be used as a shield! Perfect for bullets or various swords!"
"Thanks, Jerry."

Master Kitty rushed in at one of the samurai's, his chainsaw lancer raised. He struck one of the Samurai's swords but it merely deflected back.

"Holy shit!! What kind of steel are these swords made of?" asked Master Kitty while shooting at one of the Samurai's, not a single bullet hit.

"Who the fuck are these guys? I think they are god-modding!!" :P

"Baka. Only a ninja can successfully face me. I do not see one in your midst, so you have not a hope of defeating me! Muahhahahahahahahahaahahahahaahaahaha!" said one of the samurai moments before a scythe blade sprouted from his chest. ""I don't see one in your midst." Of course you don't see me! I'm a freakin' ninja! Baka desu." said Ragnorak as he pulled the scythe back through the samurai's back. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have some things to do with these remains. I assume that the rest of you can handle the other two." He proceeded to make a blood fountain out of the Samurai's remains (the bones and blood, obviously, the flesh won't last long.). He also fitted the scythe with some bones (for a motif effect, baroque skull if you will.). The flesh was quickly gotten rid of by the cleaning robots that maddawg kept around. The armor and weapons were placed in extra-spatial storage by Helena, in case they met a person with knight training or else was just a traditional heavy.

"Baka. Only a ninja can successfully face me. I do not see one in your midst, so you have not a hope of defeating me! Muahhahahahahahahahaahahahahaahaahaha!" said one of the samurai moments before a scythe blade sprouted from his chest. ""I don't see one in your midst." Of course you don't see me! I'm a freakin' ninja! Baka desu."


"Baka. Only a ninja can successfully face me. I do not see one in your midst, so you have not a hope of defeating me! Muahhahahahahahahahaahahahahaahaahaha!" said one of the samurai moments before a scythe blade sprouted from his chest. ""I don't see one in your midst." Of course you don't see me! I'm a freakin' ninja! Baka desu."



"Baka. Only a ninja can successfully face me. I do not see one in your midst, so you have not a hope of defeating me! Muahhahahahahahahahaahahahahaahaahaha!" said one of the samurai moments before a scythe blade sprouted from his chest. ""I don't see one in your midst." Of course you don't see me! I'm a freakin' ninja! Baka desu."

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