The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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[[Side Story]]

lucifer's story

"So who's Mitty in this relationship?"

Teresa fell deeper into the chair provided by this natural God. She shivered. The raw power of this entity washed over her relentlessly, drowning her skin in unbearable warmth. She ran her fingers over her arms and they came off slick with sweat. Her blood thrummed, desperately trying to pull oxygen from the air around her into the rivers that flowed through her body.

All of this light reminded her so painfully of her past life - of Eden and his priests. A shiver crept up her spine. Teresa had difficulty remembering what it was like before she was born again, but her body had no such luxuries.

Her skin tingled at the thought and she pulled her legs up into her chest, crossing her ankles uncomfortably. She closed her eyes. All she could remember was the light and the white rooms - immaculate and clean but bloodcurdling in it's unnaturalness. Drugged, sleepless, in agony and pain. The suffocating pressure of others on her body, the stench of human forms, these were things that she could recall. Only these visceral details haunted her memories.

But that was in the past. Teresa didn't want the pity of this foreign God. She wasn't the broken doll she was before this life. No. She was here to help end Venia. Anything other than that was a distraction. She needed to save her players and restore her world to brilliant life. Anything short of that... well, wouldn't do.

"I am a God that was created, but Venia is not," Teresa added at the end of Luke's lengthy explanation. She looked up at the avatar of Luke's patron, "She is drawn to suffering and it is for that reason that I believe she has not attempted to feast upon this heavenly plane."

"This is supposed to be a resting place. Peace is part of it's nature."

The child had remained unmoving up to this point, unbound by the constraints of human flesh and discomfort. However, She moved down from her seat on the desk, alighting gently upon the white tiles of the floor,

"However, if what you and Lucifer say is true, and I know it to be, then this is indeed a matter I must attend to. Creation is meant to turn in it's natural progression in it's own time. From what you have told me, Venia, at best, is what would be considered an acceleration of that process. Creation will not survive long if she continues on this path."

She offered a hand to both Lucifer and Teresa,

"Lead me to her. I will do what I can to give the souls she has captured rest, and put an end to this destruction."

She looked at her son pointedly, and he awkwardly rambled out,

"There's a little caveat about the soul saving thing. We don't know for sure if they're dead. If they are, where they go is heavily dependent on their beliefs; so, fair warning there."

Teresa took the small child's hand and thought of that tumultuous sea of gold crashing against the boundary of reality. She was scared. She was scared because she didn't know if she was betraying her sisters by doing this, or if she was going against BlackHarte's own wishes.

"She's there. It is not possible to not know her once there. Please," Teresa whispered, "save my friends. I don't know if I can go with you. To be honest, I'm scared out of my mind by that thing. It's one thing to hear about a monster like that and see it in anime and games, but it's wholly another thing to have witnessed her devastation in person."

The small child gave that same sad smile to Teresa, and spoke gently,

"Because the poor are plundered and the needy groan, I will now arise. I will protect them from those who malign them."

However, it brightened, if only for a moment,

"You will be safe with Me."

Lucifer looked away as his hand was grabbed as well, and muttered something in an embarrassed tone along the lines of, "That old saying? Really?"

In one moment they stood still in the vestibule of heaven, in another, they did not.


When they reappeared Venia was once again slamming herself into the impenetrable black cloud that hid BlackHarte's section of the multiverse. Huge waves of shimmering liquid gold rose as high as mountains and crashed against the wall, all the while the sad orchestra of Venia's breathing echoed through the space between worlds. At the moment the entity did not seem to notice the arrival of the three. The sea was lost in thought.

Lucifer flinched when he saw the entity again, fear rising through his core. It was her that terrifying thing that almost swallowed him up into it's golden void. He found himself unintentionally edging away, before the Boss' words snapped back to his attention,

"Do not fear, for I am with you."

Right, the Boss was here... But now what?

It was quiet at first, before the radiance that seemed to come from The Boss spread forth, covering both Lucifer and Teresa in a sort of bubble, after all, the small Child was but a projection, an appearance for Her visitors - nothing could properly encompass and contain the vastness of what The Boss truly entailed. There came a sound, similar to a humming noise, that started soft as a whisper, before it rose like a chorus, a reverberation in this shining gloom. Lucifer could not help but wonder if the Choirs were listening, attempting to rouse and aid along with The Boss' entreatment. The air around them seemingly began to shake, before a shaft of what appeared to sunlight from above pierced down into the golden sea, the Boss' voice reverberating in the air:

"Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with them, and they with me."

"a' saeshia raha"

The sea quelled and became suddenly still. A flat plane of mirror-gold that reflected the ethereal sky above.

"saeshie' naede i gloe i"

Teresa was seized and squirmed. She opened her mouth and then closed her mouth. Then she spoke softly, "I have guests. Guests both foreign and familiar."

"Subarashii desu ne"


"What do you mean guests? Explain, please?"

Teresa answered for the entity, "Not only has the boy from earlier returned, but he has also brought along his mother and one of my dear sisters. You are welcome, so very welcome."

Lucifer flinched back as Teresa translated for Venia's strange speech. Even while holding the hand of the Boss' avatar, fear quelled in his chest. He wanted this damn thing to be over and done with. He felt like a child who wanted to curl up under their blankets when the monsters appeared; he wanted so badly to go home.

The Boss, however, was unfettered. Her Choir raised once more, and another shaft of sunlight piereced the gold, sifting for the lost and the sleeping.

There was no answer from the depths of the sea. Venia instead spoke again, using her own chorus, but borrowing Teresa's voice. "Please stop ignoring me. To be so forceful as to force yourself into me on our first meeting is quite... rude." The sea shifted and roiled around their bubble, swallowing them.

And then they were in a strange garden, in a shaded veranda surrounded by blooming flowers. The sea above them took the place of the sun in casting down bright daylight on the wild blooms set carefully around them. In the distance they could make out the silhouette of an old mansion.

"Stay close to me" was all the Boss intoned when they found themselves in the strange new garden. With the sea above as a false light source, Lucifer could only imagine that Her power was what kept them from consumed. Aloud he wondered, "What is this place? The inside of the Mercy?

"How obnoxiously rude," Venia said through Teresa as she appeared. The avatar had finally made herself known. She was still that young girl in a white dress with long white hair and blood-red eyes. She pursed her lips and shook her head, "this is not inside me. I have not dissolved you. This," she motioned to the garden around them, "is the garden at my childhood home in Washington."

Lucifer's gaze furrowed, and he snarled back, "And why have you brought us here? So you can try to eat me again?!"

"Lucifer." A word was enough to silence him, the Boss regarding Venia with a stern expression,

"You do not understand what you are doing, do you?"

Venia shrugged and sauntered up to Teresa, an uncharacteristic sway in her childish hips. "What is there to understand? I am shouldering the sins of all the wayward children of creatio- NNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Teresa suddenly screamed as she slipped through the bubble and fell into Venia's embrace. The younger girl guided her fingers along Teresa's bleeding wounds and teased the flowing blood within using her fingernails.

"Ahh... nnaaa... ahhhh......" Teresa moaned as she fell to her knees, face turned upwards in a mix of fear.

"sa' moe i ne, Te-ri-sa?" Venia giggled.

"D...don't... don't... eat me... please..." Teresa's voice cracked and Venia worked her hands down her sister's body. "I don't... I don't... I don't want to die... NNAAAAAAAAAAA~!" Venia had started drawing soft circles on Teresa's heart with her finger tips.

She turned her gaze to the Boss, "a' dane a'one karaha"

"I have no will of my own," Teresa repeated.


Lucifer didn't think when he reached out for the young girl. His hand came to the edge of the bubble, before he felt a tug on his other hand - oh right, Boss' avatar. He looked between her, and between Teresa, before he looked back and gave a smile that matched her's not too long ago, "Sorry Boss - you knew who to pick for the job." He snatched his hand away and tore through the barrier, fear evaporating for the briefest moment - he promised a sad, scared, little girl that he'd show her the world he sought to protect; and Lucifer didn't like breaking his promises. Surging forward, he cried out "Get your hands off of her!" before in one swift motion, he yanked Teresa back, throwing her towards the bubble... and in doing so, barreled right into Venia.

The two fell onto the floor and the Mercy swept up both of them and placed them on their feet. Venia laughed, her voice the rapid pulls of a bow on strings. "Ah! Saene illun, saene illun."

Teresa looked out in shock, heart beating fast in her chest. Did he really just... for me?

"If you are nod hareful, I will ead you!" Venia teased in her shoddy English. She settled down and conjured a chair from the golden sea above. "a' aesh bale no lamana shaesh bidu dare gosa denaede i."

"I will not hurt you now. So long as you remain in your patron's arms." Teresa translated quickly and of her own volition.

"s'a, sore ga choube de da dago dene shaesh, s'a kabanda lorshe i dor i shaesh, a' sor i kabanda dena" Venia curtsied.

"Miss Patron, please let down the bristling heart, you ought to be spoken to in comfort. I am not so bad a person as I am made out to be."

Lucifer looked over Teresa like a mother hen inspecting it's chick after the Mercy let them go, before sighing in relief. The Boss took a few steps forward, pulling them into her barrier again, which Lucifer added after they were pulled in again, "Stay in the bubble, okay? You really scared the shit out of me with that maneuver. Why did you even do that? Did she compel you or something?"

Teresa threw her arms around Luke and hugged him tightly. Tears streamed down her cheeks, "Her pull is so strong, her will is too intense. Please, take me away from here. Take me away from her. I'm scared, I'm so, so scared."

Rising Dawn: Hallways

David West | Laeta | Nadalia | Ton Ton | Cadolbolg

"...Alright, that was a bit below the belt...but-...Shite..." David cursed, enjoying getting chewed out about as much as anyone would.
Still, if he didn't know anything about the situation either, then it would just be a case of the blind leading the blind for David to ask him then wouldn't it?
"Well, thanks for your honesty at least. Alright, hang on then. Maybe I might be able to use this..." He mused as he tried to remember some of what had been jammed into his head for Vihaan's little science project.
It still kinda stung to think about but for the sake of experimentation (And slightly out of spite for Blackharte), he tried taking his advice and thinking long and hard about the information had he had.

It was a list of people with all their personal details and other information, so he began to look and see if his own name appeared anywhere in the database to see what it said about him, as well as Ton Ton, Nadalia, Blackharte and-
"Laeta?...You alright?..." He then asked, noticing she was acting a bit strange which was understandable seeing how hard Blackharte hit her right in the skull.
Glancing around the room, he didn't seem to notice this fog or the heat she was feeling.
It was then that he attempted to look for Laeta in the database out of a hunch, wincing slightly as he did so. the hell does Jenny do this all day?... He thought as he tried to access what knowledge remained in his head.

System Message

The Rising Dawn

Anjali | Teri | Garm

"My name is Anjali." Anjali said. She felt cold, and on display, especially in front of this person for some reason, as she shook her hand. There was something about her that was ... warm, but hurting her. She did not know why.

"It'ss ... no trouble. I like doctors. I mean ... I mean, nice to meet you. Sorry. And nice of you too, Garm ..." She stood back, a bit guarded, after. "I don't really mean to trouble you ... I must be an odd sight, right? I can barely look at my own reflection. I didn't really ask for this, but ..."

At this point, the message from Rugal was coming from the speakers, loud and clear, causing Anjali to wince for a second.

"Ohh ... that wass loud. But, I think I was invited there, too. Now I didn't even get the right dresss ... if there is anything like it? It did not seem so. I mean ... if you want to accompany me, Teri and Garm, that would be nice. Sorry for talking so much, I am a bit nervous."

With that, she started on her way towards the recreation room, not even noticing that she could read the signs despite never having seen the letters before coming here. As she entered the ballroom, she looked, impressed and intimidated, and walked to the side, letting take Teri and Garm take the lead, looking at them with her red eyes, seeking guidance.

The Rising Dawn

Mio | B.C. | Party People

Mio looked back at her, at various parts, before grinning and nodding. "That sounds exactly like what I was thinking. I hope they have the right booze.
Oh yeah, and I also know nobody. But that doesn't matter. Every new face is just a friend you have not met yet!"
she laughed, and led B.C. towards the bar.

"Your best, for me and my lady here." she said to the bartender, before going back to checking out B.C.. "Do you see any good targets in here?" she asked. "For making friends of course. My eyesight isn't the best, and it's pretty loud in here. All the better for a party, but we need to really get it started, first."

She put her hand on B.C.s leg, and tried to make out more of the room. "Hmm, I wouldn't go for that red dress, she gives me the creeps. "Maybe ... uh no, this one gives me even more creeps." she said, pointing roughly at Nina. [color=grey]"Wait, isn't that the former captain?"

Rising Dawn ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3:10 PM

Lt. Dolores Selmy

"The folly of mankind is" "it's desire for independence."

Molly smiled and fell back on the heels of her boots. She looked out at the party, but at nothing in particular. Her eyes held a glimmer of nostalgic pleasure. "What are you thinking about Molly?" I was curious what had made her so suddenly blissful. It was like if someone had shouldered all of her worries in the world.

"Oh," she put her hand on my head, "it's nothing in particular." I loved the feeling of her fingers running through my hair, the soft skin of her fingertips tickled my scalp and sent a pleasurable shiver into my core. "I as just thinking, it's like I've seen this all before. I get the sudden feeling that something lovely is about to happen."

I had forgotten how good Molly's instincts were. I waved at Avanovanov and her in turned hit the conductor on the back of the head with a flung toothpick. The conductor turned around and was furious at the lack of decorum, but he knew what he had to do. He waved his wand and the bows hit the strings to a different tune. With a second wave he set the pianist into motion as well.

Molly suddenly stiffened up, "Le Cygne?"

I could hear John's advancing footsteps from outside. The sound of his leather shoes were unique. They clacked against the floor sharply with a full-bodied echo indicative of a caliber of civility so many in the modern world lacked. They were the footsteps of a proper gentleman.

"Kind of an obscure song isn't it?" Molly giggled. She sat down on the arm of my wheelchair. "It doesn't really fit the mood of this party. This song is more like... a ballroom song. For rich people doing rich people things, right?"

"Well, I suppose so, yes." I put my hand over hers, "But I know you like this song. When we were kids you would always talk about how you wanted to get engaged in a great big ballroom in a floating castle to a song like this."

"Those were fantasies of a schoolgirl Dolly, a girl like me would never have the chance. I'm a thousand times too rough around the edges for high society." She looked out at the party again.

"Well you have John now right? He's pretty much prince charming." The footsteps were getting closer now. I signaled Thomas to take control of the lighting crew. The lights dimmed.

"I'm content with being his mistress. A girl like me, ah. I've got no chance in hell with competing with whatever arranged fiance the Langley family has readied for him." Molly leaned back, "Even if I'm just his whore, I'll be happy with just that."

The long pulls of the cello masked John's approaching footsteps. I looked back, holding Kyuubey tightly around its thin body. John looked amazing with his hair styled back, a white tuxedo and a red rose tucked in his breast pocket. He had the package in his hands. Elizabeth followed closely behind him with the recording crew.

"You'll give up getting engaged to a wealthy French prince in a castle in the sky?" I asked.

"What good is it to hold on to such a fleeting fairy tale?" Molly looked at me like I had lost my mind. "Are you sure you're okay Dolly? You're acting kind of strange."

Kyuubey looked up at the ventilation shaft.

The song started to ebb toward it's end. And with the final string ringing in the silence of the room a soft voice flowed through the entire room like silken chocolate.

"Molli, veux-tu m'epouser?"

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Recreation Room

B.C. | Mio | Nina & Phillip | Rugal | Caim & Angelus | Dolores and Kyuubey | Others

Teri smiled warmly at Anjali, and waved her over, "Hey, don't worry so much. We'll get you something to eat and I can introduce you to my dad. He was the guy that made the announcement. He looks scary, but he's a cool guy, promise!"

She began to move ahead, waving Anjali over to the selection of different foods, excitement clearly painted on her face. Adel finally cooled down and a chance to make a new friend at a party? She needed the time to decompress.

Garm perked up at the sound of food, his tail wagging excitedly. Looking over to Anjali, the big wolf chuffed, "I wouldn't worry about clothes. I'm not wearing anything and no one seems to care."


Meanwhile, back with the group exchanging pleasantries, Caim found himself thrown into a battlefield he was sorely inexperienced with - talking at a party. Between Rugal informing him something was funky and Dolores's greeting, the awkward prince tried to give a disarming smile (which probably looked more like an animal bearing its fangs) while the PDA rattled out, "Nothing so serious. I was just coming to pay my respects. I was told you were the one who set up this all up." he allowed for a pause, then added, "And my better half says I need to practice something other than swinging a sword."

His gaze flickered between Kyubey sitting on Dolores' shoulder and Nina, who was sporting her black squishy friend in a similar manner. He recognized her as the girl he had found earlier in that base, and gave a small nod when she looked his way. Good, she wasn't hurting like he had seen earlier before. Nina gave him a little wave as she departed to the food trays, and he tried his best to return the gesture, his stiff demeanor only lending to the gesture looking somewhat comical at his expense.
Meanwhile, over the rings, Caim contacted Rugal again, voicing his suspicions about some members of this even, "Do you know anything about that pet on the Lieutenant's shoulder? Something about it seems off. It doesn't seem to blink. I don't like it."

At a different side of the ballroom, Angelus shuddered as she felt Phillip's acknowledgement run over her. She wasn't terribly familiar with the creature or it's bearer, but she would stay well away from both in the meantime. She kept to herself as she continued her sweep of the party, noting the arrival of their Cleric and her pair of friends, as well as B.C. and Mio's fashionably late arrival. However, as she swept the room, she saw movement by Caim's location. Her sharp eyes darted over to that group, and she saw the little white creature on Dolores' shoulder look up towards the ceiling. Angelus sniffed the air and noted something familiar about it hiding underneath the scents of food - but it was sorely out of place. She cautiously edged towards where the spot on the ceiling would be, playing off her suspicions for investigating a different table, and sniffed again. This time however, the dragoness only found herself confused as she realized what the scent reminded her of -


Before she could question this further - the entry doors opened, heralding the arrival of John...

(A few moments before, and happening at about the same time as Angelus' part)

Back to the little gathering of Rugal, Caim, and Dolores again, Teri and Garm had managed to drag Anjali along; one of her hands full with a selection of little finger foods for herself and Garm. She gave her mentor a wave and excitedly spoke up, "Hey Dad! Sorry we took so long to get here; that thing I mentioned I had to do took a little while, but this nice lady here helped us out with it! Her name's Anjali. Anjali, this is my Dad and teacher, Rugal Bernstein." her voice dropped a little as she whispered, "She's a bit shy and was worried about her outfit, so please be nice?" She took a cocktail meatball and fed it to her wolf, who seemed to be happy at the gesture, and continued, "So how's the party been while I've been gon-"

She was cut off by John's very dramatic entrance, and the reverberating, yet gentle, refrain that was his proposal...But not knowing any French, the young Cleric only looked confused by the whole affair, looking between the display and Rugal for some sense of clarity.


Up in the vents, Cadolbolg felt a jolt of fear run through his little body - he'd been spotted! Twice! The turtle dragon scuttled back from his viewing point for a split second, and then moved forward again, looking down at the party. Some guy with a big package in his hands walked in, and everyone's attention was being drawn to his display. All was quiet, and in his bones, the little turtle-dragon had the distinct fear that something bad was about to happen - calm always preceded a storm, and the apparent replication/spying of the white and pink creature only made this fear worse. He tapped into his pact-link with Ton Ton and worriedly called out to his older brother, "Hey Ton Ton, I learned something really creepy! You know that pink thing David shot? I just found another one - alive at the party Mother and Father and everyone else is at, and I think it saw me looking at it. On top of that, I learned something else. It's been watching us. It's been all over the ship! I smelled it at different vents in the ship; near the Med Bay, the Canteen - everywhere! Something really weird is going on, and I don't understand it. Can you and David get over here, like now?"

Rising Dawn: Hallways

David West | Laeta | Nadalia | Ton Ton

In one moment, Ton Ton was acting out his part as a friendly little stuffed Tonberry - but in the other, the crash course in fleshiness came back. When you're a stuffed animal, sometimes a very small child will nibble on you. This never happened to Ton Ton personally, as he was caring for a child who had grown past this stage. However, this sort of thing usually hurt a creature of the plush - as they were meant to be there for a child in practically every respect. What Ton Ton had forgotten, was that he was no longer a stuffed animal, and also learned very quickly that Laeta was not a normal teenage girl.

When he was pulled away by Blackharte, he cried out, "She bit me?! Why did she do that!?"

"Do not be alarmed. She is not under the influence of anything. This is a natural part of her metabolism." He paused. "That being said, I would recommend that we all move swiftly in the opposite direction while we discuss the nature of this incident. I am sure that Mistress Laeta will catch up with us once she is more lucid."

"What does that even - okay, whatever, fine! Let's run, I like that idea."

The little Tonberry tried his best to follow after David and Blackharte, his wee little legs having a hard time matching up with what were effectively giants to him. As they ran along, Blackharte tore into David about having a lack of braincells and/or the capacity to use them, the Tonberry voiced a small protest of "Hey, you shouldn't say things like that...." before David took care of the assault on his own; following with attempting to do...something? Something that involved a lot of thinking, it looked like. He looked ready to say something, before he was hit with Cadolbolg's pact message, feeling his younger friend's fear and anxiety wash over him in the process. Ton Ton reflexively curled towards himself, before he tried to get the others attention, "H-hey, Cadolbolg just something weird's happening in the ballroom - among other things. He said there's another one of those white creatures in there and it's been running all over the ship watching us! I think we need to go!"

Rising Dawn: Hallways

David West | Laeta | Nadalia | Ton Ton | Cadolbolg

"" David stammered as he realized something was very wrong about their current situation.
He began to back away slightly from Laeta as he tried to make sense of what he just saw/did.
"...Hey know that I think I-..."Interfaced" with?...Well, I'm just after viewing your-..."Files" for lack of a better term and-..." He trailed off before motioning the group (Except Laeta) closer.
"Whoever Alice Marlow is, she has access to rather detailed information on the crew. She even has stupid shit like something about me being insecure, Nadalia's time at Brume Tower, she even knows about your Mistress, Ton. This is some Author-level shit. Whoever the hell she is, she has more intel on us then should even be humanly possible and it's all stuck inside my head!" He spoke in a hushed tone before glancing back at Laeta.
"And apparently, she had something to do with Laeta's-...Creation I think? There was nowhere near as much information on her, just a message about-...someone wanting a little sister, with immortality powers like hers. Fuck this Twilight Zone shit, man..." He then added right before Ton Ton brought up his brother's findings at the party.
"Seriously? There's more of them?! Fine, lets go. I'll try and find out what else I can from this-...Database-...bullshit..." He then sighed before the group began to make their way to the party.

Along the way, David winced again as he attempted to run a query on Alice Marlow, as well as one on the Host of said party: Dolores Selmy.
"OW!....Piss!...Uhhhh, this is injecting a raw hangover into my brain. Fuck..."

The Escapist Avatar Adventures
The Rising Dawn Airship: Recreation Room
Nina | Phillip | Rugal Bernstein | Caim & Angelus | Dolores & Kyuubey | Rising Dawn Staff | and... Violet...

The party was going rather well as Rugal maintained his observations of his target, as well as being sure to interact with the other guests.
Social graces was a martial art he felt was underrated and one that seemed to be paying off right about now.
Despite it all, he was still able to answer Caim's question: "I'm not too certain of that myself either. Doesn't seem to be like any other animal I've seen. It's strange, I remember before we docked at the Citadel, Major Rhodes asked about seeing a white rabbit-like creature on the ship. Keep alert and calm, if Dolores is involved, we can't tip her off. For now, just-....hmmm...ahhhh..."
He began to pause a bit as he attempted to put his request in terms Caim could understand.
"Pretend that-...You are in a hive of man eating insects who react only to non-conformity. Oh, and remember that time at Dillon's Wedding? Don't mistake the dipping sauces for shots this time..."
While Caim was trying to figure out how the hell Rugal knew about that, the man himself was distracted by no less then his daughter and her new (Scantly clad) friend.
"It's fine. She still has more class and modesty then Mai Shiranui. Especially ever since she threw her lot in with those "Dead or Alive" Slut-Ahhhhh, another new face. Pleasure to meet you. Any friend of my daughter's will always be welcome here. Make yourself at home and don't worry, we have our own share of strangeness about us. I'm sure you'll fit right in." The Acting Captain politely said as Jenny, Blade and Diane began to mingle nearby.
"Hmmm...God, it's so hard to get a buffet with actual vegetarian options that aren't just side salads." he munched loudly as Jenny's wheelchair softly wheeled over.
"Ahhhh, I see the two of you are getting along rather fine. Good, I was actually a bit worried I'd have to break up some row or something." The Gardevoir said to Diane before helping herself to a freshly made Poffin, using her powers to nick it from the meal table and drop it into her own hand. (As well as being sure to bring an extra one to her friend Chrysalis.)
It was about this time that the music began to change and John made his play, revealing the true intent for this party to the entire ship.

Rugal was-...surprised to say the least but he was still able to bend down slightly to whisper to his daughter "John is just after asking Molli to marry her-"

"OH SHIT! OHHHH, HE'S PROPOSING! OH MY GAWD! Awwwww, That's made my damn night now! WOW! ~LOVE HAS COME TO TOWN!!~"

While it was a rather touching moment, it was a bit soured by the Rising Dawn's new "Medical Technologies Expert" Dr. Violet having a far less composed reaction and one more akin to someone squealing at a major twist in some god awful reality TV show.
Still clad in that violet rimestone doctor's coat/fashion car crash, he stood uncomfortably close to the proposal, trembling with excitement with his fingers crossed muttering "Say yes, say yes, say yes!"

System Message

The Escapist Avatar Adventures
The Rising Dawn Airship: Recreation Room
Let's just be honest here, it's a whole mess of characters!

"As you wished, here are your refreshments miss." The host voice cut through the slow meloncholic music and quiet contemplation of the duo. "Oh! Uh, thanks." Nina turned around, having to get Phillip to take the water glass since she didn't have the third hand. With a remarkable degree of dexterity, Phillip quickly coiled around the glass of water for Dolores while Nina took her mixed drink and the small platter of picky foods. From cooked pig skins, baked goods, and several delicious treats; Nina couldn't help looking at them with a hungry eye.

"So, how'd he do, anything not covered in Stardust?" Nina eventually asked her personal chef, which after only the briefest of waits made her groan. "Really, practically everything?" She rolled her eyes while bringing her attention to her mixed drink. "No no, it's fine. You still have some stuff on you anyways right? It's not like I need to worry about having a severe peanut allergy and the host literally dumping peanuts over every single meal right in front of my face." Nina said, emphasizing the last part so the waiter behind the counter could clearly hear her. She'd start walking down the tables at this point, perusing the dishes, much like someone would do when getting a new cookbook and looking over new recipes. "Don't be too hard on that guy though Phillip, he didn't cook the stuff. Sure he could have tried getting something different, but there's no reason to get upset with the waiter. Do you at least see that plate of inky pasta stuff you made?" She asked, frowning as she heard the answer. "I can't believe that captain, how can he call himself a cook after that. It's just plain rude... Although... inky, that does give me another idea." She said eyeing her mixed drink. "No way? Is this a Digrat?" She laughed taking a sip. "Oh my god it is! Haha, I can't believe they'd make this, I love root beer!"

"So, you see anyone suspicious yet? Or John?" She asked looking out into the crowd again, eventually looking behind herself to Angelus specifically. "Her? Na, Angelus is pretty cool, her husband as well. I highly doubt they'd be responsible for pranking us." She argued, taking another sip as she continued along the tables, enjoying the Twitch plays Pokemon inspired drink. "Hmmm...God, it's so hard to get a buffet with actual vegetarian options that aren't just side salads." Nina stopped short as she saw these two, utterly stunned to see Pokemon just out and about. A grovyle and gardevoir were having a grand old time at the buffet, and she couldn't help but gawk at Jenny. 'Oh my god, it's a gardevoir! They have psychic powers! What if she reads my mind and sees- What if she's reading it right now?! What if she's not even a she!?' She started to rev up the mental gymnastics within her skull. Nina was extremely familiar with the fandom this particular pokemon garnered across the internet, and had made numerous contributions to it herself, most being rather risque. Enough in fact that Phillip lifted a tentacle to point at Jenny lazily, causing Nina to awkwardly cover for his unheard remarks abruptly. "Hahaha, ya that's right! They do have a LOT of good food here! Oh hey, nice to see you three[1]. My name's Nina, this is Phillip, and- Oh geez, how silly of me! I forgot to give Lt Dolores her stuff she asked for! She must be wondering where we got off to! Nice to meet you, maybe we could chat some other time?" She proclaimed a bit louder than she really needed to before ducking back towards Rugal and company.

The only thing that managed to stop her in transit was John's marriage proposal, which she didn't initially realize was the case until Violet was so kind to inform the entire room of. Although she didn't react in quite an outlandish regard as the good doctor, Nina did pause to watch Molly's reaction. Her mother was a sucker for this kind of sentimental garbage and she would be a liar to say she hadn't picked up a little of that herself. "Well... at least that's one thing off the list of things to do. We found John." She spoke quietly to Phillip slowly eyeing the two.

[1] Diane,
Jenny and Blade

[[Main Scenario]]

Lonely Nightmare
elizabeth's story

"Mankind's greatest folly is it's desire for independence."

Lizzy pressed Maria closer into her side. The coolness of the metal barrel was nice. It kept her awake. Though it had only been some few hours since she awoke from that strange nightmare, she felt like she had been waking for the past year. She shook her head, brown hair slapped her cheeks.

Living was so tiresome.

The sweet release still lingered at her finger tips, the gold liquid BlackHarte had called Mercy. Lizzy remembered how good it had felt to be embraced by that girl in her dreams. How good it felt not to have to worry about adult things in this adult world. No more suspicions, no more skepticism, no more doubletalk. She longed for another hit of that beautiful bliss.

Still, she had work to do.

She leaned against the back of her chair and sighed. There was a pleasant smell in the room that reminded her of violets. As the music changed she steeled her heart. There was a shimmering at the edge of her vision. She drew Maria from her holster and pulled back on the chamber. She slot in the bullet that the General had given her and slid the cover back over. Then she released the safety.

"Captain, are you feeling alright?" Lizzy looked over and smiled. It was a staff member and by the looks of it she was the comely girl from the young Lieutenant's squadron. Lizzy thought about it for a moment, her name dancing at the tip of her tongue.

"Yes Ilana, I feel fine, I just haven't gotten much sleep these past few days."

Ilana nodded and hurried off to the prep room to do whatever it was that it was her job to do. This entire party was a big staging for Lieutenant Langley to propose to Lieutenant Faust, and like all good proposals in fairy tales, every pair of observing eyes would be waiting for her answer.

For the tiniest moment, no one else would be in the spotlight. Even the universe would skip a beat just for this fraction of a second.

And when the music stopped and John knelt down, he opened the box in his hands to reveal a glimmering ring, Captain Elizabeth Donnell pulled the trigger.

So that the second that Molli Faust said, "Yes."

The First Lieutenant had been killed.

And then when Molli said yes, just like I knew she would, my heart leaped...

Wait. Hold on. What happened? Where is everyone? Why is it so dark?

Hey... did...

Did I die?

I'm dead? Who killed me? This wasn't part of the story.

No. I can't have died. Who was there to kill me? Why would someone want to kill me? This isn't part of the plan. This... I cannot accept this. This isn't how the story ends.

No! I don't care how many people you hijack to try and kill me, I can't die! I won't die! To continue to try and solve your problems by murdering me is so stupid! You keep doing the same thing over and over again, hoping that it'll work this time. Uhg,
I'm so done with you.

The seventh time. You think you would have caught on by now. Well, whatever. I can always just do this.

System Message:

Alice.Marlow(Admin) has begun a system reboot.

A white life engulfed the world, starting from the East and spreading to the West. The shining was swallowed whole by the white light, and all the wrongs were undone and the dead were returned to life. The damages and harms that the world suffered were erased and our band of heroes once again found themselves in a familiar place.

The Rising Dawn was resting softly in a lush field of grass. It seemed to be spring. Everything outside was calm and peaceful. The ship was bare of life, except the heroes that occupied it. Brilliant and extraordinary individuals that were tasked to keep the world safe.

They were meeting each other for the first time in this new world. A new adventure.

System Message:

The following entities have been removed by an administrator:


Origin Plains ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12:00 PM


The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Child in Chains | Some Freaky-Ass Jungle
"Load up on guns, and bring your friends..."

One moment, B.C. was preparing to answer Mio and follow it up with a long drink from what was undoubtedly a flute of very expensive booze, the next she was stepping through a suspiciously-familiar feeling portal. She didn't even remember getting to her feet and starting to walk, she was simply sitting one moment, and then moving forward the next. But the Space Convict was far from stupid, and the sensation was familiar enough that she stomped one foot and swore skyward at the top of her lungs. Not a-fucking-gain! This was the work of some inter-dimensional fucktard like that stupid crystal from earlier that day. Balance or whatever the fuck it's name had been.

She placed her hands on her hips and began to scowl. Only to blink and look down when she realized that she didn't feel the frilly skirt that she had been wearing earlier, her hands instead brushing against metal. And after a glance, her suspicions were confirmed: She was wearing the same halter top, leather pants and leather jacket that she had when she was initially snatched away from her "shopping". But more than that, she had the grenade belts, sub-machine guns and Beamer that she had lost.

"My babies! You're back! Oh, momma's so happy!" she cried out, her earlier indignation almost completely forgotten as she drew each weapon and lovingly kissed it.

And even with her normal disdain for the Confederate weapon, she pulled out the Beamer and gave it a light peck as well, adding, "I'm even glad to see you too."

Then, with an MP7 in either hand, she strode into the jungle with renewed confidence. After all, she had her guns and explosives back! She could tackle just about anything, now, even alien tentacle-rape monsters, or the odd dinosaur. Delighted as she was to be armed again, however, that still left the question of where the fuck she had ended up. She didn't have any experience in jungles, especially since she usually avoided the wilderness. It could have been on Earth, or some other planet for all she knew. And when she could hear the telltale sounds of advanced engines in the air and the flashes of laser-fire, she realized that she probably could have made a temporal jump too. Which would've been problematic.

She rushed forward before ducking behind a tree just outside of a smoking clearing. Then she listened and waited. Running footsteps, multiple people, and the sounds of voices. Most of them men, but a few... A few were female. Whatever the men said however, she couldn't immediately understand. Even with her CUNN1NG-L1NGU4L Bod-Mod, it would take some time to be able to translate or speak it. But the context was clear. Barked orders and threats. Typical.

A sudden fall into the foliage next to her interrupted her thoughts. When she glanced down, she couldn't help but snort and shake her head. It was a woman, chained-up and scantily clad, face-down and ass-up as she had fallen. B.C. shook her head before she sighed at the sounds of the stalking footsteps of one of the soldiers.

"Well, honey, guess it's your lucky day," she drawled, holstering one sub-machine gun before she unhooked one of her grenade belts, "Because I'm gonna be your motherfucking savior."

She lifted the grenade belt to her lips, clenched the priming strip that connected all the pins between her teeth, and tugged. The next moment, she was cackling as she tossed the armed grenades into the clearing and bent down to grab one of the girl's chains with her now-free hand.

"Hope you can still run!" she said, whooping as a large explosion rocked the trees a good distance past them.

Pulling the girl to her feet, she let loose a burst of gunfire behind them in the direction of the currently-lone soldier. Then the Convict broke into a run with an exhilarated grin on her face and laughter in her chest. Now this was more like it! As inconvenient as the earlier dimensional-fuckery was, she had no doubt that subtle subterfuge at that party was going to be rather boring, even with the rather entertaining Mio on her arm. Running for her life with a hail of bullets and an explosion at her back? That was fun.

"So, what's your name, babe?" she asked with an excited and breathless giggle, "You can call me Bloody Cherie!"

Anjali's Story

She heard voices, two of them, coming near. She was confused. The thing inside her, it was confused, too. Had she not just had been inside a ship? A lot of people around her?
This did not smell like it. This felt pleasant. Swampy. But she did not know how she got here. Someone picked her up. Already? Was she dead? What a thought. Of course she was dead. Apparently this had not changed.

She was placed on something, then felt porcelain on her cheek.
"Wake up, won't you little snake girl?"

She opened her eyes. Something loomed over her, something ... something that she had never seen before. And a human. She slowly rose. "I am awake..." Her voice sounded hollow, as it had before. But it still surprised her. "I am ss ... where am I?"

As she looked around she saw what she had smelled, a swamp all around them. An area that brought her comfort for some reason. Maybe because she had been revived in one. And she felt powerful. She looked at the human and the construct again. "I do not know you ... who brought me here?"

Table for Two
Nina's story

P̷̨̧͉̺̩̓̇̾̓̂͆́͘͜e̲͕̖̭͍̠͍̅̔͊̽͝r̛͔̥͕͖͕͐̓͂͗́͛̉͞͠ĥ̶̨̤̦̫̳͕̽̓̌̂̆̚͢͠͡͝a̬̙̰͖̺̘̔̋͗̿͊̈̀͐̾͠ͅp̛̼̱̩̤̬̙͂͌̏̋͌͋͗͛ͅs̶̛̗̻͎͙̟̣̳̻͎̿̋̅̿͆̀̕ͅ o̷̧̭͙̪͎̳͗̒̀͛͆̂͝͝t̫͇̖͇͚̺̥̱̐̔̐̏͗̿h̝̝̠̘̽̀̀̍͛͊͒̄͢͡ͅe̢͇̙̯͍͙͚͖̼̊͐̑͐́͘͜r̡͕͚̞͔̹̩̂͐̃͋̊̊̽͑̂̕͢'͇͇̫̝͗̊̐̈́̏͘ͅs̴̨̧̡̤͇͑͋̈̓͒̕ ẇ̷̤̻͉̩̤̝̮̣̹͐̇̔̓͗̎̓̕ͅi̸̡̼̺̠̯̤̼̯͍̾̇̂̀̍́͆̆̚̕l̛̟̮̹̣͎̠̐̐̆̊̕̚͜͝͝ľ̨̤̱̰͈̳̬̇́͌̆̓̇̕͢͠ b̵̧͉̥͔̼̃̓͐́͐̂ͅe̲̺͓̮̻̻̺̽̀͒̌̓̒̚͡ ẖ̡̨͙̬͍̥͈͇̳̍́̈̈́͘ṵ̧̡̡̭̬̳̤͆̊̍̍̄̏̅͡n̴͈̘̖̘͖͈̓̌̌́̎̀̊͘͢͜͢g̸̟̠̜̰͔̦̙̿̈̋̀͂͆́̋r̨̛̰̬̤̳̊̈̋̇̀̈y̳̫̪̹̯̙̒̈́̉͐̅̅̋̚ͅ?̵̨̡̫͚͙̰̬͍͉̈́͋͑͆̍̌̓̓͑̚

A loud bang deafened the room, crimson marbles danced in the air as the very shadows themselves reached out to gobble them up. Where had this come from, so out of place from the happy scene that had been painted before her mere moments ago? This felt like a dream, watching as the droplets warp into scurrying beetles, time seemingly creaking to a crawl as Nina felt her perspective on the surroundings wane. And that was when everything went black with a light yellow hue.

"Excuse me miss"

Her eyes felt heavy, much like when she'd had her wisdom teeth removed. Dazed and unfocused, she slowly became accustomed to her new location she found herself in, or had she always been here? She hadn't seen this place, this train, these lights, that nebulous space scape she thought was simply a monitor screen displaying a neat background. There was someone talking to her, that much she was sure of, another new person? Groaning softly as she sat up from the bench she'd apparently felt appropriate to rest on, she pressed her hand to her face, wiping the sleep from her eyes and touching... her hat? A quick pat of her head and removal of the cap confirmed she was indeed wearing it, and not only that but her outfit from the previous day?

"Miss, you're going to miss your train," He instructed, placing a ticket in the conveniently presented cap. Nina hadn't had much experience with trains, being much more of a luxury item than a reasonable form of travel. But as she plucked it up to examine it she found he wasn't wrong, that was definitely Phillip, but... how? "I'm sure your owner paid a lot to bring you onto the main cabin, so let's not make him upset alright?"

That certainly got Nina's attention, although she couldn't tell if this guy had misspoke or perhaps she'd misheard him? "Look, uh, sorry about that maybe I'm just a bit out of it from last night sir but... just give me a second here." She requested, gently waving her hand for him to slow down a moment. 'Oh my fucking god what the hell was in that digrat?!' She shakily looked over her surroundings again, starting to feel like she'd been unknowingly casted in the next Hangover movie. She had her duffle bag which she'd used to carry Phillip in, but a quick pat of it confirmed it was empty, but he couldn't have gotten far? She couldn't have left him somewhere unattended!?

A couple beads of sweat started to form on her brow as her scan of the area had her vision fall on the passengers boarding the train. The consistency was striking; each one of them, their skin seemed to wave like a woven tapestry of tendrils than flesh. This wasn't her seeing things, but reality; even this man seemed to exude a similar tone. He didn't seem to appreciate Nina's request much either, clearly trying his utmost to keep things civil much like a customer service rep from Bell. "Your master is already on board, please miss. He is waiting for you in car five, next to the kitchen car. Please follow Ms. Lockstar to car five."

'Master? His Pet? What the fucking christ are these two talking about!? Where the fuck am I!? Where was Phillip!?' Nina thought to herself, finally getting to her feet as she watched the exchange between the two. She needed to get out of here, getting on this train when she had literally no idea where she was would only help her get even more lost. It was only when a singular black tentacle extend outwards from the front of the train did she take pause. At the end of this tentacle was the comically oversized chef's hat she'd given Phillip. That shitty hat that she'd found at a garage sale was like a ray of hope in this dark time. He was on this train, Phillip was on the train!

"Well, come on then. This way, human." Miriam commanded as Phillip's tentacle quickly retreated back into the train's interior from afar. "Nina, my name's Nina?" She corrected, noticing that Miriam too was different than what Nina would call the norm. "Sorry that I passed out there on the bench but, what's going on here?" Nina asked as she quickened her pace to keep up with Miriam, unsure if the woman if Nina could call her that would even give her the courtesy of an explanation given the tone Miriam spoke to her in. At the very least, she knew following this person would get her to Phillip, they could figure out a game plan after that.

Table for Two
Nina's story

"Must have had more alcohol last night than I thought..." Nina apologized, quickly coming to terms with the fact that until she understood exactly what was happening, going along with the flow was probably the safest option. This Miriam clearly was speaking to her not because she wanted to, but because she felt obligated in some rhyme or reason. Given the attire, Nina assumed she must have been one of the crew's cooks. How high up the food chain she was was an entirely different story, Nina wasn't well vested in the culinary hierarchy. She was pretty at least, that rack attached to her chest definitely garnered Nina's envy. As she followed along, she'd also notice the strength Miriam displayed, clearly inhuman to say the least. Despite this, Miriam's stab at Nina's boyish appearance would fall semiflat as Miriam's immaculate hair was nothing compared to Nina's locks, not that Nina'd mention it herself. "Maybe he just likes to think of it like wrapping for a present..?" Nina said meekly, looking at the floor as even she felt awkward suggesting such a lie.

She knew Phillip better than all of these people, even the mention of sex was more than enough to drop Phillip's interest like a rock. Whenever she'd watch a pervy movie, hold a commissioning livestream, or have one of her occasional 'Non-Alcoholic Stress Relieving Evening Encounters of Solitude'; Phillip would make himself as scares as he possibly could within the confines of their apartment. It was convenient for Nina to keep him a secret, but she'd be lying if she wasn't a little disappointed her own little tentacle monster was as asexual as could possibly be. Clearly from the window, this was her Phillip and not some nega Phillip, so how why he have bought this ticket with all these perverts? That question was at the forefront of her mind as Miriam presented her car. 'Just play nice with her, no need to stick it in her face for being suck an ass...'"Thank you very much for the help regardless, Phillip will be very pleased I've returned, I wish you well." She said, mostly to Miriam's back as she didn't seem interested in waiting for anything Nina had to say.

Nina merely rolled her eyes before opening the door to the dining car, then quickly had to do a double take as the car seemed way too big to be part of this train. "Ṅ̛̦̄́̃͌͠i̤̎̋̽̆̔̕ñ̥̓̊͆̂a̡̢̿̇̏́́̏̈͘̚͞?̨̓̅̀͌̅̀͜͡͡" Phillip beckoned her to the booth with a curling tentacle, his voice sounding like a very congested Michael Smith to Talavie. Swollen to his enlarged state, Phillip took up the full size of the booth's seat, several tentacles dangling below it while a couple lay on the table like elbows slowly swirling a glass what Nina could best describe as a greenish blue mist that swirled like cake batter. Nina would wave back to the new woman as she approached, clearly enamoured by her galaxy dress although admittedly unsure if she'd get sucked into it if she attempted to touch it.

"Ah, so this is the 'roommate' you were talking about?" the woman smiled, "she's a cutie, I'll give you that." "Well, I do what I can." Nina smiled sheepishly as she accepted her hand. "I'm Talavie, I was just introducing myself to Phillip here. He's a gentleman of few words, you're lucky to have someone as understanding and gentle as he is." Nina glanced over at Phillip, getting the idea he was enjoying Nina picking up the majority of his side of the conversation. "Oh, you have no idea. He really is one of a kind, definitely changed my life for the better. But that dress you're wearing is, if I could be so bold, absolutely stellar. It's so pretty!" Nina giggled.

Out of the corner of her eye, she'd notice Phillip stretch a singular tentacle up and into the glass. It wasn't even one of the ones with a mouth, just a fairly mundane tendril that dipped into the mist like it was getting into a hot tub. "Sorry, if I'm interupting anything, I got a bit lost outside." She said glancing back from Phillip to Talavie. "Didn't really know we were going on a train ride today... or tonight? Um..." She hesitantly added, unsure how the ruse she was maintaining would hold up if it appeared like she wasn't as 'broken in' as Miriam had put it. All it took was a brief motion of Phillip, a 'Please continue, go on', for her to ask. "Do you work in this train Talavie or are you a guest like Phillip too?" Feeling that was quite tame of a question

Lost to Love
inuart's story

The bard moved without thinking, muscle memory having him institutionally reach for the sword on his hip - then blinked in surprise when he actually felt steel at his side. What's more, he felt the familiar weight of armor on his shoulders, and heard the crinkle of leather. He was armed? When did he put on his old gear?

No matter - he surged forth, a mixture of combat training and Albert's serum enabling Inuart to close the distance quickly. He could see through his charge that the standing soldier was only wearing a chain shirt and a helmet - must have been of mediocre rank, or the army was not well funded. A open neck was not a surefire way to living long. Tightening his grip on his longsword, the bard waited til he was just upon the solider, and swung for the neck. Through a combination of surprising his enemy, as well as the windup to his attack, the nameless solider's head was lopped off, a messy gush of blood following in it's wake. Somewhere in the back of Inuart's mind, he vaguely remembered a lecture about blood pressure enabling such a spectacle; and brusquely pushed the memory and the headless cadaver aside. With the first soldier out of the way, there was the matter of the second, in the midst of a distasteful display. The bard's lip curled in disgust, and mercilessly kicked the second in the ribs to get him off of the woman, then followed suit in his execution; plunging the tip of his sword into the brigand's neck. Messy, but it got the job done.

The soundtrack of the soldier's death gurgles in the background, all that was left was the woman herself. Inuart turned to look at her, looking up and down to survey any damage. Barring her emotional distress, the only real impression he got was a... interesting sense of fashion. Certainly not something befitting of a battlefield. The best he could guess, this person was probably a civilian caught in the crossfire. What did draw his attention, however, was the curious blindfold, appearing to be wrought of something like leather, a motif repeated by a series of belts around her neck and shoulders.

He felt hesitant to approach, considering what had just transpired moments ago, and instead elected to simply speak to her, "What in the devil are you doing in a place like this?"

Typically, Inuart would have asked something along the lines of 'Are you alright?' after finding someone in distress, but given the circumstance, it seemed to be more of a stupid question than anything. The only people who are 'alright' on a battlefield are the victors.

Table for Two
Nina's story

It took Nina a second or two to realize Nocturne was the formless swarm of shadows, being so used to her eyes playing tricks on her it wasn't until Phillip gave her a prod of her wrist that she realize Nocturne was in fact real. "Hello! Good to know who I gotta call if I'm in trouble." Nina greeted the shadowy figure. Likewise the bell jingling caught Nina off guard not initially connecting the random sound would have come from Nocturne, but Talavie's translation was appreciated. "I can imagine, it looks amazing, I'm a bit jealous~" Nina lightly chuckled. "Sure there's some that don't appreciate the arts but, really, you're wearing a literal starscape as a dress. Who wouldn't think that's incredible?" Nina argued her point.

It was at this point Talavie went into concepts a tad beyond Nina's understanding. Colours of worlds, extinguishing universes, and catering that impressed a being that was literally wearing space. If it not for her attempting to keep her charade going, Nina would have had a much easier time responding to Talavie. It was the inexperience in this sort of grand scale that clearly dwarfed her. She drew smut for the internet and made people's websites look nice, what did she know about universe ending events or interdimensional travel. "Well, uh..." "Food primarily, there are many here of the arts. Strong ones at that, like the one you spoke to." Phillip said, setting his drink down, the colour it once had muted to a dull grey, the tentacle that had been in it slinking back into his mass. "Much to learn indeed."

Nina couldn't fault Phillip, as far as she was aware this was the first time he'd ever been with chefs outside of earth. Obviously people from entirely different existences would have different ways of cooking. The talk about the end of everything was still on her mind however. "Like Phillip said, he's very interested in the culinary arts, practically eats, sleeps and breaths it." She joked. "But this end of a universe, I'm sorry but could you explain that a little more? How exactly will we be able to see an entire universe disappear from a train car? Like, you say that this is a once in a life time opportunity, but... why would a train be needed to see that? Uh... apologies if this seems rather odd, just trying to wrap my head around it is all."

Whomever would be working as a waitress in this establishment would take Phillip's beverage at this point, adding a quick. "Root beer for her?" motioning to Nina. "Oh! Thank you very much!" She then watched as they moved back to the food area, having a quick glance at some of the other people here on the train.

Within the Grassy Plains of Grass
Those not important people not trying to save the world

She couldn't remember what had happened. As far as Hillary could recall she had been hunting for this mysterious party room Rugal had instructed everyone to attend to. A mix of duty to inform the attendance of Miia's current situation and eagerness to enjoy some fabulous food. But now she was in an open space, the feeling of dozens upon dozens of thin blades piercing her body as her consciousness finally came to her. Had she been sleeping, she must have given her formless state she currently had, but that would quickly be fixed.

From the origin planes, the long grass seemed to swell up in one section, like a mass of grass clipping had been grabbed by some invisible force. As it collected more and more, it started to take shape. A torso, head, arms slowly molded from the mound and soon Hillary stretched her arms out in a long yawn to allow her voice box to form. "Am I now?" She said allowed patting her chest, pivoting on the pseudopod of grass blades that made up her legs. The grass was long and tall, but with Hillary's eyes she'd be able to spot several sections of the grassy plain that has disturbed. She would quickly swoosh over to the nearest one.

Although she won't know Diana at that point, she would slowly pap her face. Because of her composition, the pap was like having a pillow gently pressed up beside her face repeatedly. "Heeeellllooooo~ Hello! Please wake up please!" Hillary called before looking around her and moving to another person, Ton Ton. "Ah! Mr. Ton Ton? Wake up!" She called out, prodding his tummy a bit.

Within the Grassy Plains of Grass
The Afterparty begins...

David just knew that this was his fault.

He took far too long to figure out what had happened and now they were paying the price for it.
Sure, David had been around a few "Resets" before but this one really took the cake.
"nooo....nooo, fuck....dammit.." he groaned in his dazed state, looking like he would after a rough night...or a weekend...or any night really.
Either way, he began to stir as he felt something against his nose.

It felt like he was laying down on a field of grass, because he was, but something was off. It was like something was pushing the grass up to his face. Opening his eyes he'd initially see Ton Ton standing up beside him, but obviously the little lizard stuffy was too far for him to touch him. And then it'd finally hit him, the grass had formed a hand and was touching him. "Hello? Mister? Are you okay? Please wake up." A woman's voice pleeded, sounding quite a bit breathy and gentle, but full of concern.

"WHOA-WHOA-WHOA-STEADY UP! I'M AWAKE I'M AWAKE!" He spoke in a startled panic, having thought it was something belonging to a creature or a god awful monster.
Getting up on his feet and pulling out his weapon, he took aim at first before stammering "Alright-...What exactly-...are you?..."
Realizing he might get his answer better while NOT holding her at gun-point, he then put his weapon away before asking "You one of the Dawn?"

Hillary would scoot back rather swiftly and silently on her pseudopod, throwing her hands up in the air in surrender. Having never seen Hillary before, David would currently understand her as some sort of grass monster woman. Almost like a statue of grass clipping, below the knees just dissolved into a blob of grass. Ton Ton was currently resting on her lap, apparently asleep still. "Don't hurt Ton Ton!" She yelped, leaning over him a bit but not smothering him.

Once David calmed down, she'd stand back up a proper. "Hillary is not technically part of the Dawn, but Mr Rugal said he would help her get back to the Laplace." She said to him, looking over him with her grass eyes. "What happened, do you know where we are? Where has the ship gone?"

Having seen Ton Ton in that state did much to both calm and stress David out anymore.
"Dammit!...Alright, the ship is still nearby, we just got dumped outside of it. Alright, look, I know you are confused right now but this mightn't be the safest place right now. I want you to go around and start helping people up. Got to get our people out of here and take a head count before we do anything else. Some REALLY weird shit just went down and we need to be ready, alright?" He quickly barked before moving around to assist the other members of the Dawn.
"Alright, Hillary will make sure to try waking everyone up mister!"

Rising Dawn: Brig
The Warmth of life into this tomb...

"-Guys! I'm telling you! Something really fucking weird just happened!"
"That's not the part I'm disputing. It's that we can't do anything about it! They'll kill us if we try to escape."
"Dammit...I know that old puppet of mine is on board. If I could get though to h-"
"We are NOT doing that. Not anymore. If we get this second chance, we do it right this time. Am I understood?"
"Shhhh...Doom is TRYING to nap!"

All the members of the Cartel were rather mixed in their reaction to this "Reset" as some would call it. After all, they had no idea what exactly caused it nor if they were affected by it.
Cortex was less interested as he finished item no. 41253 on what he would do to Chrysalis for her utter humiliation of him and breaking of his heart.
But there would be a slight snag to his "Fill her eyeballs with petrol and light them on fire" plan as he noticed a strange cyan mist start to gather around his cell.
"...What th-...Guys. GUYS! SOMEONE'S HERE! SOMEONE'S HERE?!" He cried out to his comrades before he felt a strange burning sensation around his arms.
It wasn't exactly warm in there and the mist cooled it more but the more he felt it against his skin-
"Ahhh-AHHH-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! He cried out in fear as the mist began to grasp his short frame, lifting him up into the air slightly as the life was literally sucked from him.
"GUARDS! GUARDS! YOU WORTHLESS SHITS! GETTING THE CELL OPEN!" Wesker shouted before quickly taking action, swiftly prying the lock on his door as Cortex's screams began to turn into whines.
"NEO?! NEO, YOU BETTER NOT BE DYING ON ME! FUCK YOU MAN! OHHHHH SHIT!" Bison panicked as Wesker managed to get to Cortex's cell, though a less then friendly face was there to meet him.

A large skeletal figure stood before Wesker, one he remembered from the battle of Denver.
He was cloaked in the strange mist as he held up the skeleton of the recently deceased Dr. Neo Cortex by his oversized skull.
"What are-...What are you-...How-....Do you know-...wha-..." "What are-...What are you-...How-....Do you know-...wha-..."
Wesker's fear and anger quickly turned to sheer confusion as the figure kept reading out every single word he said, right before he said it.
"...Are you Psych-"
"No. Too much chance of the Demon Lord Belial invading my thoughts. YOU HEAR THAT BELIAL!?...I KNOW YOU ARE OUT THERE! YOU WILL NOT CLAIM ME! NO MORE! AHAHAHAH!" The confused king rambled before throwing Cortex's remains at the wall, prompting a violent response from Wesk-
Before Wesker could raise a hand against Leoric, he could only watch in awe and shock as the business end of Leoric's mace, at speeds he didn't even believe would be possible.
Bounding against the wall, he attempted to get the mix up by flash stepping behind-

A simple movement with his mace was enough to end that, he knew this routine, this style, this entire encounter over and over and over again.
Wesker was a lot harder to fight then Cortex, but do it enough times and you can notice their patterns and tells, it's something he learned rather well in his quest.
He died the same way the last 2 times they fought, he would strike with the handle of his mace right into Wesker's throat, pin him against the wall with him before giving a brutal overhead swing down onto Wesker's skull.
Without even waiting for the blood splatter to hit the floor, he made his way towards the remaining prisoners.

"Death...To ALL traitors!"

Origin Plains
More Questions than answers

Ton Ton finally roused from his slumber, a mixture of Hillary poking his stomach and the argument that ensured over his slumbering body and sat up right, rubbing his beady eyes as he groaned, "Uggghh, When did we fall asleep???"

Feeling the "grass" underneath, Ton Ton looked between Hillary and David with confusion, before whipping his head back to David, the memories all flooding back. The black gelatinous monster, Laeta, David saying there was someone who knew about everyone on the ship -


With a terrified gasp, Ton Ton tried to get up, stumbled and fell off of Hillary's lap, landing in the cushy grass below. He popped back up, his body language frantic as he looked this way and that, "Cadolbolg?! Where are you! It's me, Ton Ton!"

He looked at David, his voice growing more panicked as he asked, "David, have you seen him?" then to Hillary, "Have you seen my little brother? He's a little baby dragon, a bit bigger than me. He's got silver scales, a turtle shell, and these feathery wings-" he stretched his arms out for emphasis, before curling inward, his hands (paws?) on his head as he continued to panic, "Oh, he was so scared and he was crying for my help and I didn't get there in time and it's my job to look after him, and something bad's happened, I dunno what I'm gonna do! What will I tell Mister Caim and Miss Angelus?"

Props to NYF and texasjoker for some writing aid.

[[Side Story]]

lucifer's story

Looking back to her son, she could see he was attempting to comfort the very scared Teresa, and a pang of guilt seared through her breast. She did not like what she was going to need to do later, but for now, she would grant Her son this indulgence.

"I have decided that she shall be sealed. Come, close to me."

She beckoned the two close to her initial barrier, gesturing for them to put their hands on her shoulders. She raised her hands, voice ringing sonorously in Celestial tones as the trio lifted up into the air, up up up, her barriers manifesting below on the areas around them.

Venia cast her arms out as if to embrace them, and her smilled widened. "Wonderful!" She exclaimed, "truly wonderful!" The waves of her ocean rose to swallow Teresa, but crashed against the Boss' barriers as they did on BlackHarte's black wall. The pale girl stood alone in the swirling Maelstrom of Mercy, grinning, "This is not the end, interloper!" She cried hammily, waving her arms around as she orchestrated an assault on the Boss's shields. "I will be free soon, you cannot contain me forever!"

The Boss lowered her hands, the "ruse" completed, and turned to Teresa, "Now I have a task I must ask of you. Myself and My son need to return to the world from whence he came, as one of My agents needs me. You are the best suited to bypass this barrier...and I am to understand My son made you a promise?"

Lucifer brightened up at the turn of events and wrapped an a friendly arm around Teresa's shoulder, "That's right, I told you that I'd show you my home world! Get The Boss back to watching over the place and I show you around. Kill two birds with one stone!"

Teresa nodded sullenly, her eyes darted nervously back to Venia churning below. "....Aye. There isn't anything for me to do. I... myself am the key. So long as I am with you, BlackHarte's barrier will allow us to pass through it's dark maze."

"Good. Then let us make haste..."

As they began their movement towards the AA world, specifically the Dawn, Lucifer felt the Boss' hand on his back, a message strictly between Her and him passing through thought, "When we return to our World, you and my Cleric becoming active again will bar me from taking further action. I will not appear beside you when you enter that world, but I will be watching and giving what aid I can. Because of this, I will warn you, and ask you pass this along to my Cleric; Solomon walks again, return him to his eternal rest - but be careful. He retains his power from life, if not more."

Before Lucifer could say anything or react - the three were already gone.

Origin Plains
a much needed homecoming

Luke and Teresa appeared on the Origin Plains with little incident, overseeing the large portion of people, be they Dawn affiliated or no, resting peacefully. Luke could feel the comforting presence of the Boss on his back again, and he sighed with relief. That was the Boss's way, always felt but never seen. He took a look over the plains, searching for one person that had cross his mind several times - ah. A little ways away, designated by a black lump of fur with a patch of white cloth, he could see his quarry. His shoulders relaxed, a sigh of relief escaping his chest before he whispered, "Found you."

The ghost of a smile flickered across his face as the Devil flicked a finger over himself, resuming his 'human' guise once more, his steps casual as he approached. He paused, looked over his shoulder to Teresa and called back, "I'll be back in a bit. Feel free to wake someone else up and have a chat with them. You wanted to make friends, right?"

He took a few more careful steps, before his 'casual walk' turned into full on power-walk, which then turned into a hearty jog, stopping just before the black furred lump. Garm, ever the faithful hound, was curled around his human pack-mate, the young girl leaning into his side like he were a giant body-pillow, her expression serene. He almost didn't want to disturb her, but at this point, he was feeling a bit more selfish. The tall man bent down on his knees, a cautious hand reaching towards a bit of hair that fell over her face, moving it behind an ear. His little reverie was stopped by the sound a huff from the lupine guardian, a pale blue eye opening to regard him, "Took you long enough. She was worried about you."

"I know," he reached over and scratched the big wolf behind an ear, "Thanks for keeping an eye out."

"I don't do it for you." The wolf yawned and stretched his front paws, gently moving his side to rouse the young woman next to him, "Just pretend I'm not here. I know what to expect at this point - and don't say anything. If you call me a 'good boy' I'll bite your hand off."

Luke chuckled, and turned his attention back to the Cleric who was waking up. Teri sat up, stretched, and rubbed her eyes with a groan, "I don't remember falling asleep..."
When her eyes opened, she stared at Luke for a hard second, then blinked in confusion, "Luke?...What are you- Is this a dream?"

Luke didn't need any further prompting, wrapping his arms around the Cleric's shoulders and pulling her into a tight hug, burying his face in her hair. Teri gasped at the sudden contact, her arms wrapping around his back and returning the gesture, her voice shaking with excitement as she buried her face into the fabric of his shirt, "It is you! I was worried sick!"
"m' sorry."
She sshed him, reveling in the contact before she pulled back, her expression curious, "Wait, if you're here, does that mean you figured out what's happening?"
"Sort of. But first thing's first - you feel that?"

"Feel wha-" Teri stopped mid question, her brows furrowing in confusion before her eyes widened in delight, a surge of Aura following after, "You found The Boss! I feel- I feel.." Teri's expression grew conflicted, and found herself at a loss for words. She had lost her connection to the Boss before, feeling so alone and scared; and every time it came back that connection always came back in full force, the intensity of the emotion making the corners of her eyes mist. She looked back at him, the corners of her mouth quirking up as she said, "I guess I'd say 'right' again. Thank you. You must have worked hard."

He laughed, rolling his eyes nonchalantly, "Just a lot of teleporting. It was nothing. Besides," his hands moved, gently cupping each of her cheeks, forehead leaning to bump her's, "Even if I did have personal stake in it, which I most certainly did, seeing you smile again is worth the trouble."
That seemed to placate the young Cleric, her eyelids drooping before shooting back open, "Wait, if the Boss is back, what about the Host? Can't they see us?"
"They can't. Not right now anyway."

To help his reassurance sink in, the Devil-turned-Bartender brushed his lips gently against hers. Then the dam holding back the tidal wave of relief seemed to give way, and they kissed a little more frantically before Teri gently pushed him away, laughing softly as she said in a gentle firm voice, "We are a little out in the open...And Garm is *right* here."
"In all fairness, I did say to pretend I wasn't."

The duo laughed, before Luke stood up, pulling Teri up with him, "Well, as nice as that was, we've a bit of work to do now. Boss told me that you and I need to find King Solomon - as crazy as that sounds. Before we go do that, you start waking up the others around here. I'll go find Teresa and rejoin you where you're done."
"THE King Solomon?! Teresa? WHAT?!"
"Like I said, sounds crazy, but it's word from up top. Teresa, on the other hand, is a friend I made along the way. Like I said, I'll reconvene with you in a minute. Go wake the others up."

With a little wave, the Bartender began a casual jaunt back in the direction he came in, whistling a happy tune. Talk about a weight of his shoulders.

Teri on the other hand; stood up, stretched and scratched Garm behind an ear, before she hurried off into the rest of the fields to wake the others.

Teri and Garm are now waking up other sleepy PCs.

Table for Two
nina's story

Speechless would be an apt way of describing Nina's reaction to Talarie's description of Lockheart's cooking. Sure, birth is a beautiful thing but using that to describe food of all things was a bit much even by Nina's standards. To the contrary, Nina watched curiously as Nocturne traveled up Talavie's leg. Phillip had done similar times before, but the knowledge of the two's relationship with one another added extra context to what would have been a rather mundane interaction.

'Kinda wonder if this colour stuff they keep talking about is actually a colour, or more just a name..?' Nina thought to herself as Talavie chastized Nocturne lightly about talking in his foreign language. She didn't mind too much, since she was getting a translation without asking what was there to complain about. Some friends from her childhood had grandparents of a similar situation, hence why she was about to reassure Talavie there was no issue when another man introduced himself.

"Well, that's convenient." Nina replied, left scratching her head a bit at how that'd logistically work. Her mind wondered back to the time yesterday when she was in the cluster space with the Deadly Sins, a void world with the cosmic marbles enveloped by an endless sea of black... and llamas. Where would you put tracks in a space like that? "Don't think about it too much." Phillip piped up as he notice Nina's wandering in her stillness.

"Huh?" She replied, noticing that woman had bowed to this new fellow. Seeing that the Count bowed as well left Nina feeling a bit out of place as the only one not bowing, and made a half assed attempt herself. This new Count Crown fellow was an interesting one, the glasses reflecting the light combined with his hat gave Nina the 'dastardly villain impression' while she was simply relieved his trenchcoat was open. Having to wonder if that was that kind of trenchcoat on top of all the other things rattling in her mind was far too much to bare. "Phillip.""Uh, Nina. Nice to meet you Crown."

The sound of Nina's root beer hitting the table and the slow familiar fizzing of carbonic acid converting to water and CO2 was all that was needed to grab Nina's attention, slamming her butt into the booth opposite and giving a friendly wave to the waitstaff as they moved onto their next customer. "You have no idea how much this means to me!" She smiled and started drinking while listening to the other patrons.

The name Envy nearly got Nina to choke on her drink, having not left her on good terms after the sweater incident, seeing her again was the last thing on Nina's to do list. Phillip just silently gave her a knowing look, causing Nina to cover a bit more of her face with her hat until Crown finished the last of his words. "Sorry about that, I'd be wearing a beautiful dress with this nice matching hat and shoes, but someone decided to pull a stupid prank on me and totally destroyed it. Can you imagine?"

"You're feeling better though." Until now, Nina hadn't noticed but Phillip was right. The burns she'd experienced that morning were gone, even while at the party she was still a bit tender in places. Checking over herself again she would confirm that indeed, those injuries were gone. It was almost like they hadn't happened in the first place, but she still remembered it..? "Ya, I guess I do." She eventually replied, reminding herself to ask Phillip about that later. "But we wouldn't refuse some high end tailoring if you're offering. Nocturne or... Nightmare? He certainly showed you all have way better stuff than anything Earth's got available, isn't that right Phillip?" "Heh, go nuts. But keep her in one piece, would you?" Phillip in a rare moment joked. "So where is this The Spider?" Nina excitedly asked.

Lost to Love
inuart's story

Inuart listened to the young woman's story quietly, making note of the strange hands swallowing up the corpses of the soldiers with a grimace. Strange magic seemed to be at work here. Additionally, her rather blase attitude about the entirety of the situation was incredibly off-putting, and made Inuart more than a little suspicious about the current circumstance. What he could draw, however, based off of what Alesha had said told him a few things.

One, she was a person of importance in this world; presumably some kind of priestess, if the mention of Rites and the enemies attacking her entourage were anywhere to go by.

Two, He was most likely not in his home world (or rather, what had *become* his home).

Three, by sticking with this woman, it was possible he could gain his bearings as well as figure out how the hell to get back. The magic on the battlefield was sign enough that stronger magics were possible, and he could use that as a means of return, potentially. Additionally, if Alesha's pull was so much that she had literal armies were fighting over her, he could use that to his advantage as well - maybe even call in a favor.

All of this accounted for, the bard sheathed his sword and spoke quietly, "I am known as Inuart, son of Ipris. Aside from that, I am no one of importance; I just happened to be passing through." He paused, letting that information sink in before he 'graciously' offered, "If... your procession is truly destroyed as you mentioned, this cannot be a safe place for you to be alone. Seeing as I don't know where I am, I think it would beneficial for both of us to stick together, I as your temporary bodyguard, and if possible, you could answer a few questions I have. If nothing else, if we are able to find someone who won'tattack you, and get some directions back to your destination, it will take you somewhere safe. That'd be conducive to your duties, I imagine."

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Child in Chains | Some Freaky-Ass Jungle
"Wait, what do the Muppets have to do with all this? Oh..."

"Call me Syl! And we need to turn right! We need to turn right immediately! Cherie! TURN NOW!"

The sudden tug to her right had the Anarchist swallowing a series of curses, both in English as well as several other rather entertaining languages from beyond the stars, but she followed the chained-up madwoman before the two of them darted deeper into the brush. She was about to open her mouth to finally protest when she heard a rumble behind them. So she hazarded a backward glance.

Whatever the Convict and the Exhibitionist were running from now, it was big, it was angry, and it was shooting a bright, arcing beam of golden light from a giant, toothy maw. Right at the soldiers they were previously running from, as a matter of fact. That was enough to send all manner of critters running, and for good reason. It was a goddamned dinosaur that was firing off frickin' laser beams out of it's mouth! And she already wanted one. B.C. had begun to muse that those poor bastards were having one hell of a day when she was pushed to the ground. The next moment, she had boobs upside her head as it was being cradled by a pair of arms.

"Stay quiet! This is the territory of the Dahmahwa. If you are so reckless you will wake more from their daylight slumber."

"I don't do quiet, Miss Tits McHugeKnockers!" she hissed under her breath as she struggled to aim a disgruntled glare upward.

Then she focused more on the... Mahnamahna. Whatever that dinosaur-looking motherfucker was. And it did look like a dinosaur, feathers and all. The lasers were definitely different, though. The way the feathers lit up when it was firing it's laser made her think of some kind of discount Godzilla with it's atomic breath. But, that aside, it was an impressive beastie, especially since that beam seemed to obliterate almost anything it hit.

All of which made her want to ride it.

She frowned thoughtfully. Impulsive as she was, and as fun as the idea of riding a laser-spitting dinosaur sounded, she wasn't stupid. Just because she was out of the rather oppressive setting that was the Rising Dawn, which plainly reeked of being "For the Greater Good!", didn't mean she had to throw all caution to the wind. Just most. So she pushed Syl off of her and laid on her side, propping up her head with one hand as she made a relaxed pose.

"Alright, while the Mahnamahna snacks on those dipshits over there, care to explain where we are? I'm sort of from out-of-town, if you couldn't already tell." she asked blandly, before she added irritably, "And please tell me that that bitch Balance isn't involved with this crap."

While she saw that stupid fucking crystal crash down and shatter, and even bleed for some odd reason, she didn't trust that it was actually, really dead. Especially if it would be far more inconvenient if it was still alive. Given her luck with infuriating authority figures, she had a feeling Balance wasn't just alive and well. Balance was probably more powerful than she could even imagine after it was struck down.

Origin Plains
Remember kids, having a density of 91kg/m3 is murder on the hands

"You finally woke up!" Hillary cheerfully greeted the woken Ton Ton, leaning over him as he lay in her lap. She'd pull back sharply as the little Tonberry shouted his brother's name. Having met the two of them when she'd first arrived on the Dawn, Hillary instinctively started to look around at her surroundings for the little turtle dragon. Judging by the various disturbed patches, nothing really looked small enough to be Cadolbolg, he was in trouble before so he must been alone. The area around them was largely just rolling hills of grass and some spare trees. Hillary wished she had her colour vision, the contrast would make this quite a bit easier.

"Ton Ton, do you know where he last was? Maybe we can..." Hillary started to say until she suddenly stopped, squinting her eyes and craning her neck a bit as her mound pushed her up that little bit more. Hillary wasn't entirely sure, but she could have sworn she'd seen a reflective glint in one of the trees nearby. Nothing overly impressive, but what little she knew of trees she did know one thing, trees don't glint. Focusing in on the tree, Hillary would make out what appeared to be a... wing? "I-I think I see him! Uh, come here." Hillary stammered, scooting up to the Tonberry and trying to pick him up in her arms absentmindedly. Ton Ton would remain on the ground, but Hillary would succeed in brutally breaking her hands, most of her fingers and even some of her palms falling apart. "Um... right... Get on then." Hillary pointed to her pseudopod with her remaining good hand. "I'm pretty sure Hillary saw him up in a tree!" She explained.

[[Side Story]]

lucifer's story

The air here was so thick with her influence that Teresa felt ill. Everywhere she looked, everywhere she turned, it just reeked of Alice. But on the bright side, it didn't seem like she was conscious at the moment since Teresa hadn't been immediately eviscerated from the inside out by a thousand different shadowy hands.

Even though she wanted to talk to people, she couldn't find her voice or her will. The world seemed so incomprehensibly large. Now she felt more alone than ever. She couldn't feel the minds of her NPCs, nor see the nook and crannies of the world. She was in someone else's home, someone else's world.

She was at the mercy of her older sister, whenever she decided to awaken and return.

The weight of the sun was crushing her shoulders. It was unbearable. She collapsed onto the grass and curled up, hiding behind the veil of her mantle, wishing for succor from this massive open world.

She wanted to cry out for help, to ask for someone to still the mad beating of her heart, but all that came out of her mouth was a weak, "Nnnaaaaaaaaaa..."

Reason to Rise

anjali's story

The gun suprised Anjali, but she did not even flinch. The thing inside her was waking again, and it lured, would have sprung at Freya the second she would have made her move. Anjali did now that she did not have to fear, but she feared for the life of this woman. She knew she was no vampire, but from what she slowly learned about herself, she was not less of a reason to fear. And in this swamp, that fueled her, she knew that there would have been no stopping her.

Luckily, the automaton, the person that was not a person, stopped Freya. And introduced itself as Vil. It was nice, and she knew that she liked it. Maybe there was something about it, that reminded her of herself. Other than Freya. While Freya was a human, her personality was quite different from her own, and Anjali knew that she was not really a human anymore.

"I am Anjali." she spoke. "I am ... something. I'm sorry, I do not know what. But you do not have to fear me, I do not want to hurt anyone." She tried her best to put on a smile that was not unsettling in any way. "I never visited this place, and ... I did not go anywhere. I was somewhere different, and ..." She noticed that her spear, the weapon that she had left in her room, was sticking out of the mud. "And something happened. A person was shot? It does make no sense. I am sorry."

"I hope you forgive me, but I should get my weapon. As I see, you are also wearing some, so if we need to defend ourselved ..." She hopped down from the air raft, got the spear, but held it down, unthreateningly. "If you are willing to help me out ... to find out what has happened, and how I get back to where I was before, I can ... I think I can help you, too. I don't know how yet, but I think there is a reason why I am here."

As she climbed onto the air raft again, a red-eyed snake seemed to slither beneath the mud, past them, not paying any attention.

The Origin Planes
Queen Bitch

It was quiet. And peaceful. Diana dreamt of kittens ...
"Heeeellllooooo~ Hello! Please wake up please!"
Someone was pressing a pillow into her face. Trying to wake her up. Lucky them, a hand would have been bitten off. Diana groaned. And the girl's voice was already gone.

Annoyed, she opened her eyes, and saw the grass moving away. Running to another. Diana was confused. And she remembered. She had just attended a party, and now... ? "For fuck's sake!" she called out loudly, and got up. Her dress was full of grass. And she was quite annoyed, her eyes glowing an uncanny cold blue ice.

She tried to dust herself off, but instead just got grass on her hands. Even more annoyed, she decided to change, right then and there. Her makeup got darker, her heels even higher, getting spikes and changing into thigh-high platform boots. Instead of a dress, she used a black mini-skirt with a large belt, and a short black latex top with a V-neckline, that accentuated her features even more.

It seemed to do most of the trick of making her outside look perfect again, without any patches of grass. And the black lipstick was helping to see her mood, which had not changed. She quickly strutted over to the grass person, the little thing and the man, and made herself heard. "Alright, which one of you little bitches is responsible for this shit?" Though, the man seemed to leave already. Her expression did not soften, as the grass monster and the little monster were starting to look for more people. "And who the fuck is responsible for ruining my outfit?"

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