The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Table for Two
nina's story

"Oh it's not trouble, we... don't... have... to... just yet...." Nina started to say, her voice trailing off as she watched Crown's arm just extend and extend and extend! She tried to get her straw back in her mouth, but she couldn't break her eyes off of this ubsurd scene. After failing several times with her mouth, she'd eventually broke down and grabbed it with her fingers. "Oooo, s-sor-... sorry." She winced as new woman in white was pulled into the traincar, sure she wanted new clothes but this was way out of line even for her. "Don't worry about it." "But, look at her. He just dragged her from who knows where!" "She knew he was coming."

Nina would give Faea a friendly but meek wave, feeling a guilty as she didn't understand yet the Weaver's eavesdropping webs. But in time she'd feel a little better about the whole situation, Faea seemed to be alright with the situation as well. The dancing strands of silk magically coming forth from Arachne's fingertips was surprising, Nina leaned back in the booth, watching curiously. "I assume this human girl is Nina. You're so thin! Is Phillip not feeding you properly? Oh no, it's such a shame. Girls should be nice and juicy, it's so much more satisfying to wrap them up when there's meat on their bones!" "Well no actually, Phillip's actually really particular about what he prepares for me. 3 square meals, lots of snacks when I want, I think it's more just a really strong meta-A-BOL-ISM! AH!" Nina tried to explain herself a bit, not initially noticing the strands of silk circling her. She would look back to the Weaver just in time to see her pet spider leap onto her head.

In all fairness, Nina wasn't entirely afraid of spiders but the sheer surprise was enough to get her squeeling like a little girl, even more so when the nameless arachnid found it proper to crawl underneath her clothing. Phillip pulled the root beer away as Nina flailed, flinging off her hat in the process as she clumsily stood up from the booth and started to dance in place. "AH! Get out of there! Haha-ha! N-no not there! Ehehehe! Nuuuu!" She cried, a mixture of swift tickles, sensitive swipes and utter embarrassment assaulted her body and prevented her from listening to Phillip as he asked for her to settle down. "Gah, must you always be this loud." he mumbled to himself as he kept Nina's keepsake hat close, giving Faea a bemused stare as to why she'd think this was the best idea.

"Oh my, yes! She came on alone, she had a ticket from the Matron and everything. I didn't get too good of a look for her since she was wearing a big thick cloak, but Issim took her measurements." Nina would barely keep herself upright as the train suddenly lurched forward, tears starting to well up in her eyes as she'd been laughing too much. She wouldn't win any river dance competitions with the amount of hand waving she was doing, but her leg work was stellar. Embarrassment and gross out factors aside, she was actually loving this but one can't simply turn off their reaction to such unorthadox stimulus. "OH HO NO! No! OUT! I-I can't breath! Ahahaha!!" "This human you speak of, she must be much further down the train, since I have not seen her. What did she look like?" Phillip asked, figuring Nina might want to know that information once she had a chance to calm down.

With a punctual snap and burst of fabric, Nina was left panting with her hands covering herself frontally. Her cheeks rosy, she was at a lose for words for what had transpired. The dress was quite tight to her goosebumped skin, almost defying gravity in some places. Additionally to the dress, Nina also had a set of gloves and socks fashioned from the silk, adorned with similar beads to the dress near the ankles and wrists where they ended, as well as a corset that had several beads around the collarbone area. Still left breathless, Nina looked down at the scraps of her old outfit as Faea traced her well groomed nails across Nina's scalp playfully saying a line echoed so frequently in smut it was almost criminal.

She bit her lip, leaning down to pick up her smartphone from the floor, exploding clothing make pockets far less functional. Her vision was unfocused, there were a lot of different thoughts angrily attempting to grab at Nina's voice box at this point. Phillip lightly waving her hat back and forth in the background, perfectly fine unlike everything else she'd had on her body. She'd eventually look into Faea's eyes and said shakily. "Bathroom, I really need a bathroom. Or powder room, or whatever it's called." "I'll take care of it, I see it from here." Phillip answered quickly, climbing onto the booth table, and reaching his tentacles up and catapulted himself onto Nina's bare shoulders as Nina quickly made her way out.

Lost to Love
inuart's story

When the very earth seemed to bow before Inuart and this strange woman; her magics, if they were in fact their own, left him in a stunned silence. He had felt this before, this strange heat, this sense of invulnerability, a very long time ago.

"Our hearts are now as one. If you die, I die. Don't get us killed."

The serpent's name hung on his lips, a ghost haunting the back corners of his mind; and with it, came a gripping fear. Were his songs lost to him again? Did he once again throw away the one thing that was helping him rebuild his swiftly crumbling life? The younger man backed away from Alesha, his eyes wild and staring at nothing as panic gnawed at his gut, hand reflexively reaching for the band around his neck, where the old brand lay hidden, before he stopped.

There was only one way to prove of whether or not what he feared had come to pass. A familiar tune came to mind, one learned from his friends, and the bard nervously hummed the first few bars, shaking with his frayed nerves. The notes hung in his ears, and Inuart sighed in relief. He had not made the same mistake twice. His ability for song remained.

Taking a moment to breathe, Inuart had to remind mentally himself - woman of immense power right in front of him. Some kind of priestess, probably has some degree of political power, and for whatever reason, thought his father's name was really keen. Really doesn't understand the concept of personal space and coming on super strong, but useful. He opened his eyes again, did his best to smile (could she even see his face?), and offered his hand for the blind-folded woman to grasp, "My apologies, that little display was...unexpected. It was a little overwhelming."

Looking around at the seemingly empty landscape, he added sardonically, "You say you'll follow me, but I'm afraid it's a case of the blind leading the blind. I don't have any idea where we are, or where we should go. The only thing I know for certain is that I am very far from my home. Unless you've a suggestion, I'm going to start walking in a random direction."

[1] I'm assuming that everyone is speaking Latin so no need for the Square Brackets

Table for Two
Pow Wow in the Porcelain God Domain
Nina's story

Nina would quickly make her way in through the door, surveying the powder room she'd entered. Much the same as the other halls, it was larger than the dimensions of what the train should be able to allow. Nina would head over to the mirror in the room, looking herself over as the crystalline silk woven into her hear clattering against the countertop. "You do realize if you keep doing this people will start thinking you have a bladder problem or something, right?" He commented as Nina slowly combed her fingers through her braided hair curiously.

"I panicked okay, there was a lot of things that I wanted to say, and not a lot of them were the right thing to say. Can I see my hat please?" She requested, reaching a gloved hand up to him. Tumbling her keepsake in her fingers, she'd let out a relieved sigh. The silk dampened her sense of touch, but she could still tell it hadn't suffered the same fate as the rest of her clothing. "Oh thank god it's safe. I hate to say it, but I nearly would have tackled her if it wasn't for you waving it behind her." She said as she hugged the cap close to her chest. "Like I get it, this is easily the most expensive, beautiful and down right kinky thing I've ever had the privilege of wearing... but couldn't she've least asked if I wanted to save anything?" She asked rhetorically, cupping on of her hand's across her jaw.

"You've heard how this world works, it's more surprising you'd think it would be." Phillip stated as his mass crawled down Nina's front and plopped onto the sink. "I-I know that, trust me I do. This place sounds like oodles of different commissions I've drawn up. Even the one liner she used, I've definitely used before, word for word. Argh! It would have been so much better if she was some handsome dude spider. A nice suit, sauve, maybe a bit taller..." "...Nina?" "Right, sorry. But the question I still don't know is if this is like something I'd make, or something else." She would attempt to unlock her phone, only to realize the silk gloves wouldn't allow the screen to work.

"Could you unlock this for me please?" She asked, handing off the phone to Phillip. While she waited she'd tug at various spots of the outfit, mostly pulling her skin along as she did it. Feeling this she confirmed what she was feeling already, the dress's interior incorperated sticky webbing. Only the flappy part by the thigh seemed to be void of this. "And then she practically glued me in here, somewhat. Like I could probably rip it off with enough force but I'm not getting out of this without destroying it." She stated, attempting to get a finger underneath the choker on her neck and failing quite spectacularily. "And that's a problem?" Phillip said, presenting the phone to her. "Of course it is! This is a piece of art, I'm part of a work of art!" She exclaimed, patting her bust with an open hand. "Argh, she's reading me like a book! She stripped me in front of everyone! Dressed me up in this masterpiece that she knows I won't get out of for a multitude of reasons! And I can't even be mad at her because I'd have done practically the exact same thing!" She groaned, shaking her head and causing a clattering of her hair hitting the counter top again.

"Are you good now?" Phillip said flatly, sounding quite bored with her belly aching. "Ya, I think so... Thanks for listening to me, and as a reward..." Nina smiled slyly as she bent down to lean her elbow on the countertop and twirling her hair around her finger. "Guess who figured out a way to fix that cook boook~" She sung, knowing this would immediately peak Phillip's interest. She couldn't have been more right as Phillip visibly start to shake."When, how!?" "We gotta use that bug juice stuff, the stuff you made that spaghetti out of. It's inky, and we found it basically in the same place right? They gotta be connected somehow, right? We could do it now, no one's here."

Like a light being snuffed out, Phillip slumped to a sad limpness. "We can't, not now." "What do you mean?" "Ever since we got here, all the stuff I've been carrying, it seems to be gone." "Everything?! Phillip what do you mean, nearly all our stuff is in there!" "I know. Something is clearly wrong, its... like when your arm goes numb while you sleep. I can still feel something, but for now I'm empty." "It doesn't hurt though, right?" "Not at all, just... different."

With this said, Nina stood up and crossed her arms. "That's a relief at least, but still, that's just one more thing to add to the weirdness bucket. This whole thing just strange." She said with a sigh before looking at the door. "We should probably get back, what are we even going to tell them." She pondered until Phillip interupted her. "You've already gushed about how you love that dress to Arachne, so take that off the list." Unaware of the mistake she'd made looked back down at the abomination. "I just said I'd go to the bathroom to her. I haven't said anything about the dress?" To which Phillip shook his tentacles. "She has silk strings all over this train, three of which are in this room. There, there and there." He said, nonchalantly pointing to spots Nina had no hope in seeing the fine webbing hidden there. "I thought you knew that..?"

And with that the room was left in silence, only the slow deep breathing of Nina could be heard, one could only assume she was trying to go over just what all she'd spilled in this short span of time. Faea's charms working on Nina, Nina insulting Faea, Phillip and Nina's relationship being quite different than a simple pet and master scheme, some weird cookbook that may or may not be fueled by bug juice, and that Nina letting on she was putting on an act to a degree. "...We'll be right back..." She eventually spoke, fully expecting some sort of comeuppance for her actions but praying she was overblowing this like she normally did.

Origin Planes

Ton Ton was about to run off the moment Hillary mentioned seeing silver, but was frozen when Diana approached and gave a very angry tongue lashing to the little gathering. Ton Ton inwardly winced when he heard all the swear words, remembering another time when such language was considered taboo amongst his stuffed animal kind. Now that he was the personal minder of another child, albeit one that was more capable than most, Ton Ton found himself speaking before he could stop himself, "You know there's kids around here right? That's not very nice language."

At the top of the tree, Cadolbolg stirred from his slumber at a bunch of noise, lifting his head from the branch with a yawn. Stretching himself out like a cat, he spread his wings and lazily hovered down towards the grouping of David, Hillary, Ton Ton and Diana. Once he reached about head level with all the tall people, he gave a wave and yawned loudly, "I dunno how, but I was in a tree. I thought we were on the Dawn?"

In the midst of all the goings on, a Cleric and her lupine companion were waking up whomever wasn't already awake at this point, and found that a group of Dawn members were already up and about! She also heard a bit of loud voices, and wandered over, Garm in tow.
As she approached, she began to ask, "Hey, I heard some yelling, is everyone okaaaa," trailing off the moment she saw Diana, her expression livid as she stared down Hillary, David, Ton Ton and Cadolbolg; and heard something about a ruined outfit. As far as the young cleric was concerned, everyone's clothes seemed just fine, if a little unsuited for the great outdoors. Then again, considering the last thing she could remember was the party before they all woke up at the Origin Planes, then that was probably where everyone was prior to this strange turn of events. She gave a weak little wave, unconsciously moving a little closer to Garm as she asked, "Um... I've just been going around and waking people up. Is anyone hurt?"

A little further away from the rest of the awakening Dawn members, Lucifer- no, Luke walked over to Teresa and tilted his head at her curled up form. Crossing his arms, the devil in disguise joked, "You know, I've been around the block a few times, but this certainly isn't a conversation technique I've ever heard of..." As he looked over her prone form, his shoulders slumped and his joking tone switched to one that a little more sympathetic, especially considering all the goings on with Venia and The Boss, "You alright, Teresa? We have a giant airship over there - if you need to lay down, I think a bed will do you a lot more good than all this grass."

Table for Two
Spider no biting, Spider no biting, Spider noooooo biting!
Nina's story

Origin Planes

"Alright, which one of you little bitches is responsible for this shit? And who the fuck is responsible for ruining my outfit?" Hillary was remarkably confused by this woman's angry outburst. The newly reformed dress looked perfectly fine, why was she so upset. Although she was too weak and flimsy to lift up Ton Ton currently, she would pivot on her pseudopod to position Ton Ton behind her torso portion, keeping an arm to his back to make sure he didn't fall off. "I don't know what happened exactly, one moment Hillary was in the ship, and then she woke up here. Mr Um... David! Mr David has said we need to make sure everyone's alright and not hurt because something super bad has happened! So could you please not be so angry and vulgar, Angelus is a very nice mother of these two little ones and Ton Ton is right. You shouldn't say such mean things!"

Hearing Teri call out to them, Hillary would pivot once more and let out a breathy gasp due to the loose grass blades that made up her form. "TERI! You are awake as well! And Garm too! Hillary was not harmed, and it appears Ton Ton wasn't either!" She smiled a healthy green with a friendly wave which slowly dusted portions of her arm off her.

[[Side Story]]

Overshadowed Sibling
teresa's story

"Teresa has always been a crybaby.
Most of the time I can't stomach the idea of having to call her my sister"

Miriam Lockstar

"How can you be so calm?" Teresa said, her breaths a ghastly rhythm. She looked up at Lucifer from the side of her eyes, holding the cover of her mantle close to herself. The red of her wounds were bleeding out from their usual neat borders. She seemed far more agitated than normal. "Her influence is everywhere... I can't stand it. Now I think I'd rather be with Venia than here."

Teresa's eyes darted frantically back and forth. Her skin was a deathly pallor.

Then she seemed to calm down. Her eyes unfocused and the blood ran in jaunty droplets out of her blood tattoos. "Some place to rest would be nice. Yes. Away from the sun, please."

System Message:

The following entities have encountered a fatal error and have been restored.

/spawn (Doom.char, Cortex.char, Wesker.char) 0 0
Spawning Entities: at coordinates (X,Y), (0,0).
User note: Entities have now died (7) times. Please be more careful.

In a flash of light, Wesker, Cortex, and Doom appeared in the origin plains. It was somewhat delayed, but it seemed like they were fine. The last thing that they remembered was the flash of light enveloping the world.

System Message:
Foreign Entity detected. Attempting to parse...
Entity identified as master level character file...
Attempting to access Teresa.char
Access has been denied. File requires higher permissions.
/delete Teresa.char
Access has been denied. Entity is moderator.

"asweogjaberoibasdfbaseoubaej" is not a recognized command.

/help moderator
A moderator is a high level character entity. A moderator may only be added or removed by the system administrator. For more information, please contact your system administrator.
/msg BlackHarte Hey, your little sister is here. What should I do with her?

Busy fixing the the campaign trigger right now. If you don't have permissions to handle it, then leave it alone and I'll take a look after I finish fixing all the things that broke from that emergency reset.

/r Yeah, okay. She doesn't look like she's too thrilled to be here. She'll probably leave by herself?

She's pretty much a shut in. I don't imagine that she'll cause too much trouble.

Teresa snapped back into lucidity and sat up. The blood ran back up into her open wounds and she slowly got to her feet, knees shaking as she did. "Okay, just... I need somewhere dark to sit, away from the sun. I'm a little... sensitive to the outdoors." Teresa leaned into Luke as she struggled to move. All the strength had left her legs for some reason.

The light still weighed on her shoulders, but now there was something else. There was a primal fear in her stomach. She felt almost like she was petrified with fear. It was that same overpowering feeling she had felt in the presence of the Golden Monster. She shook her head slowly, it felt like her brain was rattling around in her skull, so she stopped abruptly.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Child in Chains | Some Freaky-Ass Jungle on Suwa
"Give that chest a rest!"

B.C.'s pink eyes immediately narrowed to neon-colored slits at Syl's flinch. This chick knew Balance. She supposed it shouldn't be surprising, since this felt exactly like how she was pulled from one place to another without any kind of input from her. At least this time she wasn't unarmed. As the two crawled away from the Mahnamahna as they stomped, chomped, and blasted away the soldiers behind them, the Convict listened as this big-tittied 'native' girl started to bullshit her about the planet. It didn't take long for her to drop it entirely.

"This is Suwa, an ultra-Earth in the Talmus cluster. It's the homeworld to the Dahmahwa, of which that thing is but a soldier drone. They're an intergalactic space-faring biological race that have terrorized this part of the Galaxy for the last several hundred years. Those guys are pirates here to capture and sell the native humans as sex slaves. Idiots if you ask me, they're so much more useful for navigating the underworld here. They're the only thing that the Dahmahwa don't attack on sight, for god knows whatever reason."

B.C. paused to glance back at the hulking Mahnamahna. That thing was just a soldier drone? And given how they were intergalactic terrorists or something, and had been for a few centuries, she was forcibly reminded of the good-old Intergalactic Confederacy of Thoom. Oh how she hated them and anyone that reminded her of them. She scarcely felt sympathy for the pirates, however. Sex slavery was so... Tacky. She was about to voice those thoughts and more when she was once again smothered by large, pillowy breasts.

Despite the heavy, thudding footsteps that passed over them, she made a few mammary-muffled protests before Syl pushed herself back off, leaving a gasping Anarchist laying back in the grass, red-faced and more than a little annoyed.

"Now who are you, and how in the name of high heavens do you know Balance."

She rolled her hot-pink eyes and irritably said, "I'm Bethany Carson, if you must know, and I know Balance because she's a huge, crystal bitch that ruined my fucking day! She just snatched me up in the middle of shopping, had me beat this brat's ass, then up and shattered because of some... Thing. I don't know what it was, but there you go."

Turning over and propping herself up with both hands so that she could glare at Syl properly, she added through clenched teeth, "Now will you quit it with the tits?! Do I look like some perverted shut-in, or a dirty old man? I don't think being smothered by your naughty pillows to be a good way to die, thank you! The fuck is your deal?!"

The Origin Planes

Original thoughts?

Being scolded by a little kid did not dampen Diana's black mood, but it made her rethink her own manners. "I'm sorry." She said, sarcastically. "I also thought we were on the Dawn. Seemingly not? Even though it is right here.
Something must have gone terribly wrong!"

She looked at the grassy Hillary. "And you, whatever you are ... you at least don't really seem responsible for this either. Hey ..." she smiled a friendly fake smile at Ton Ton, Cadolbolg and Hillary. "You want to help me find out who did this? And how? It had to have been someone on the Dawn, right? I mean, we could also try to help other people here, but, no offense, a ruined dress seems to be the most terrible thing that happened here. So ..." She shrugged.

"I can turn into anything you want, so if you see something and find it suspicious, come to me and I check it out, in the form most fitting to spy on people. We can possibly have a lot of fun with that."

Reason to Rise

anjali's story

Anjali would have blushed if there had been any drop of blood left in her. "Of course." she said, and covered herself with the blanket. "I mean, I hope my ... eyes won't raise any suspicion either. I felt scared of myself as I first looked into a mirror again ..."

She looked on the raft to see if there was anything she could carry as well, and if there was, she would pick it up like Vil. "This questions might sound simple." she answered Vil, "But they are very difficult for me to answer. I do not know what I am. Well, I know I am neither dead nor alive, but ... I do not know what kind of creature I am. Just that I was a human in the past, possibly ages ago, and then woke up, in a swamp not unlike the one you found me in. I felt something guide me ... like feelings that were not my own, but I knew they were important. Then, I went through a portal ... maybe one also brought me here?"

She looked to Vil with a questioning look, if such a thing was even possible. "I met some people on a flying ship called the Rising Dawn, and I was about to take part in their missions, but then ... before I even did anything, there was this ball. And before I even knew what was going on, someone was shot? At least I think so. Then, I woke up where you found me. Right after. Not even these feelings can guide me right now."

She was not able to carry much, but she felt no strain in her muscles as she did so. She knew she could go on carrying for ages, not stopping once. "That is where I am from, at least as much as I know. And I would like to ... like to return to the Rising Dawn." She smiled at him, trying not to be intimidating. "But, that is also the only thing I know. Maybe there is a portal somewhere, that can bring me back? And if it is not too much to ask for your help. And like I said before, if you need my help with anything, I would like to prove myself useful to you. I don't know how, yet, either, but there has to be something here that I can help you fix?"

Anjali hesitated for a moment, then added: "I don't know why I was thinking there is something to fix, here. I am probably wrong."

Lost to Love
Inuart's Story

"I knew such a wonderful person like you wouldn't fail. Oh what a knight in shining armor you are."

"But I did not do anything."

Inuart held his tongue as the offending words threatened to claw out of his throat, confusion and uncertainty clouding his thoughts. How was it he had become so intimately familiar with this place? He looked around at the strange city he and Alesha found himself in, somehow able to take in the signs and the language as if it were his mother tongue. His head throbbed at the disconnect between memory and the 'false ones' given to him but whatever strange power brought him to this city. His eyes flickered to Alesha, who had made herself cozy against his body, and considered what he had seen and felt before - this sudden knowledge of this town, it's general layout as well as the political tensions it sat between... it was most likely her doing. He would have to continue to play along as bodyguard to her temple, his mind racing to considering the next course of action. There were *many* things he could do, but it was a matter of what would get something done quickest. He decided then, he would 'consult' his usual frame of reference when he found himself at a loss - his friends.

He allowed his mind to wander, thinking to himself, "Let's see...What would my friends do if they were my shoes? Doom and Neo would just *science* at it, Bruiser would strong arm it, Bison would use his powers to mentally control everyone in the nearby radius...which leaves Albert. What would Albert do?"

Albert was always the most sound and logical of their group; traits Inuart always respected (and perhaps envied a little, if only due to his own lack therof). If Albert were in his place, he would extract as much information as possible from his clingy associate, consider every possible angle, eliminate the impractical courses of action, and then make a decision without hesitation. Though, Inuart couldn't help but wonder if Albert would have been a bit more brusque about the lady's clingy behavior; but for now he'd endure it. Barring her strangeness, there was a lot to mull over.

He was a stranger in this land of Ypris, which somehow bore his father's name and did not. He thought it strange, how they sounded the same, but the meanings were different. If what he could see from the amenities about him, he could gather that the citizens probably used coin for money, as was commonplace in his old world. Regrettably, his wealth in his new homeland was in numbers hidden in a bank, in 'cash', in 'card'. Convenient, but distinctly intangible compared to the systems he grew up with. Without money, establishing a home base was going to be difficult en route to the priestess' location...what was it called again?

He wracked his brains for it, and then recalled a name - 'Crosis', which she was going to from 'Tear' after performing some harvest rituals. Alesha called herself the Daughter of Ypris, which would seem to indicate a title or ranking. If she was part of some hierarchy, then perhaps there was a temple he could exploit as a halfway house between destinations, and gather more information about this world's capacity for magic. Alesha certainly seemed powerful, but Inuart was uncertain about whether or not this was exclusive to her priesthood (if she was in fact a part of one), or powers she herself contained. The last thing he needed to get back to his world was to carry some hanger-on with him; so he'd have to think over a plan of ditching her as well...but first things first, some questions, as well as getting her off his person - or at least at a slightly more manageable distance. Why was she sticking so uncomfortably close to him? Did she have no sense of propriety?

Scooting away from Alesha's little embrace, he pointedly moved her hand to his arm instead; enough to keep her close, but not uncomfortably so. He took a look around Kaltrope, still reeling from the depth of information that had wormed its way into his skull, before looking back at his companion. He did his best to keep his voice level and nonthreatening, despite his mounting frustrations and confusion about the situation, "I have a few more questions for you. You told me earlier you were going to a place named Crosis. Tell me about it, and the priesthood you belong to. At least, based of what you've told me thus far, you were performing some harvest rites, and I'm presuming you calling yourself 'the Daughter of Ypris' is a hierarchical title of some kind. Does it or Crosis have a reputation? Is discussing Crosis or the priests a taboo? If I'm going to ask for directions, I'd rather not have someone attempt to cut my throat because I've caused some sort of offense."

Origin Plains: Rising Dawn Landing Zone: David West, Jenny, Blade, Dr. Violet

Silently taking Teri for the save there with Diana, David once again began to ponder what exactly happened that caused them to end up here.
"...ehhhh, "Fun" mightn't be the word I'd use but noted none the less. Just start checking the ship, see if there is anything out of place." He ordered somewhat ineffectively, not massively sure what to do about the current situation himself.
Everything felt-...wrong for lack of a better term, it felt like a bad night out as even simple movements and notions felt like they had a-..."Delay" about them.
"Uhhh....w-what happened?..." Jenny began to mumble as she was stirred awake, picking herself up off the ground and-
"...What the-...Jenny?...Hey JJ! Over here!" David called out, stopping himself slightly as he noticed something..."Different" about his Gardevoir friend.
"Uh...strange, don't remember landing..."
"...But-...weren't you-...sorry can I just-" The Irishman insisted before looking her up and down as if something was wrong, though the real problem was that there wasn't anything wrong with her.
"...This is so fucking weird...I No, this isn't right..."
"What isn't right, West?"
"...You are meant to be a wheelchair after a Colorado senator turned you into a Cyborg Ninja."

The look on her face said it all as Jenny stared slightly agape, clearly not expecting that answer.
"...David, what are you talking about?" she asked, much to the sniper's disdain as he started pacing back and forth slightly.
"Oh for the love of-Do you not fucking remember?!"
"I would like to think I would remember being in a wheelchair, David!"
"Okay, okay, okay, we'll settle this. Jenny, read my mind."
"Oh, just fucking do it. I'm not having you think I'm off my head because I KNOW you weren't like this before-...whatever the hell just happened!"
Finally relenting and rolling her eyes slightly, Jenny then placed her palm against the Irishman's forehead, expecting to find a long night of boozing and god-awful sexua-

"His mind was like an immense sphere of perfect black stone. So large that she couldn't make out the ends in any direction and that they curved out into infinity. The surface was spotless, with no cracks and no blemishes. A perfectly protected mind, impossible to break, impossible to worm into. It was like looking at something alien. It was unknowable, frightening and dark. There was no way it could be human."

Breaking the link quickly, her expression turned to one of fear as she merely said "...That-...isn't what's meant to be in there..."
"...W-w-what's not meant to be in there?...Is it a tumor?! Oh please tell me it isn't a tumor" He densely remarked as he instinctively clung to his own head, trying to "Feel around" for such a thing.
"...N-no, David-"
"Oh my god, it's a tumor isn't it? Jenny, if there is a fucking tumor in my skull, you better fucking tell me!"
"It's not a tumor! That's not even how this works! I-I don't even know what It even is!"
David found that answer even less comforting as he started to recall that "Database" that had been blasted into his skull.
"....ohhhhhhhhh shit....okay....okay..." He began to pant as he started to walk towards the ship, leaving a rather puzzled Jenny in his wake.
"Jenny! You okay?!" Blade cried out as he rushed to his lover's side.
"...Huh? Yeah, fine. But...I think he's the one you should be worried about..."

"Alright...Alright...Okay...clam" He started to mumble as he then realized something rather jarring...He had been here before...hadn't he?...
As he stumbled towards the ship, he was soon ambushed by a wave of bright violet lights as Dr. Violet's godforsaken rhinestone jacket soon began to blind his eyeballs.
"Hey, West...You alright?...Should I get you a drink?...uh, of water?" Violet asked much to David's confusion
"Yeah, I-...wait, Violet, don't you say something else?...Or-...did you say it-....wait...waitwaitwait..." He started to stammer as he tried to think-
"Maybe a aspirin or 3 as well?" "MAYBE A ASPIRIN OR 3 AS WELL! THAT WAS IT! did I know that?...unless-...but that'd mean-....whoa...oh my head-...I don't feel so good..."
A bit taken aback by David's exact timing as well as the fact he seemed to be growing increasingly pale, the doctor then asked again "...So was that a yes or-whoa-wait-WAIT-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

A horrible scream filled the air as David suddenly expelled the contents of his stomach all over Violet's prized jacket, retching slightly before finally fainting on the spot near the foot of the hanger bay.

Table for Two
Food Wars Fanservice inbound!
Nina's story

[1] While Phillip just feels like John Travolta

Table for Two
One of those moments as a writer where you wish the big bad will just shrug and give up!
Nina's story

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