The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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[1] A flag occurs when a Labyrinth is close to ending. The next decisions will be critical!

Table for Two
"You of all people should know better than to think I'm just gonna take that."
Nina's story

[1] the red carrot-like vegetable. It's sweet with subtle citrus bite and grinds well into powder. The juice is often used to make sweet fondues.
[2] Eternal Stargazers

Table for Two
Nina's story

She helped with this!

Origin Plains: Rising Dawn Landing Zone: The Criminals Formally known as the Bernstein Cartel

While everyone else was trying to make sense of the strange turn of events, some of them were taking it a bit better then others.
It had been a long time since Doom had felt grass.
I know that's a weird thing to say but between working in an underground weapons factory, hiding from the world at a Twitch Livestreamer's house, becoming someone's unwilling Jesse Pinkman and spending the rest of his time locked up on an airship, it felt so off when he sat up from his cell bed to find a field? In the sun?
"....huh...Doom isn't counting sheep..." He muttered to himself as he slowly stood up, realizing that he felt a lot less like crap then he did before.
Then it finally hit him.

"...Doom is-...outside?..." He said to himself as he noticed the rolling hills, the distant forest and the lack of a blood-encrusted odor lingering in the air.
And the only thing that could make this better was him noticing all his dear friends slowly waking up nearby.
Wesker was the first to arise, quickly noticing his change of surroundings more so then his friends as he remarked "...Where am I?...What's going on?"
Cortex soon followed suit as he rolled himself onto his back before glancing up at the sky above, suddenly feeling-...a lot less angry at the world (and a certain Changeling) then he was before.
"...Guys, I thought we were in prison?..."
"Yeah...So did I..." Bruiser remarked as he stood up, noticing that he was back in his prime with no scars, all his internal organs in place and even with both his arms back!
"...Wait, we're not in prison?"
Ah yes...Bison was a LOT more happy about this turn of events considering how much he enjoyed not being incarnated.
Running up to Cortex and Bruiser, he gave them a big awkward hug as he bragged "See?! It's just like I said! Everything went JUST as a I planned! Now, all we have to do is contact the Super PACs I set up-"
"-Wire the money to my hidden accounts in South America, finally put the down payment on that fancy Yacht we all wanted to get-"
"..Uhhh...Doom-Doom thinks you should-"
"Oh! and I FINALLY figured out the name of it! "Descending Dusk". That'll show those meddling Rising Dawn bastards who's boss, isn't that right Caim?...Caim?...Caim-...."

The embarrassment didn't get to sink in for too long as Bison found himself locking eyes with the resident Swordsman.
And realize that, while they were out of prison, they were still barely 20 feet away from the airship.
And he just explained their backup plan in front of the people they were meant to be escaping from.

"...And-...we wouldn' any of about our...wild dreams and desires while we-...walk back to our-"
"I'm going have to stop you there, Mike..."
"What is it, Al?"
"No reason, I just had to stop you from talking..." Wesker confessed as he adjusted his glasses before calmly putting his hands behind his head and getting on his knees, Bruiser quickly following suit.


Angelus, who had been enjoying a comfortable nap with Caim at her side, lifted her immense red head to regard the quintet of prisoners that were now bowing down before herself and her sword-wielding companion. With a huff of her nose she murmured, "We all awaken in a field with our prisoners attempting an escape. Not my favored form of circumstances."

She roused to her full height, truely imposing herself over the former A.I.M. members and looked down upon them with tiny yellow eyes. It was interesting, the first sight of the Dawn and these dangerous individuals immediately sit down and shut up. What was most interesting was that one she might considered an archenemy at one point, Bruiser, now whole and hearty, laid down is many arms without a fight. It was... equal parts intriguing and disquieting. Were they planning something once they were brought into the Dawn? Or perhaps, to be optimistic, he realized the futility of their dance of life and death? As she regarded them, she spoke aloud, her voice taking on the best authoritative edge she could manage, "However, your course of action is a very wise one. We will be returning shortly to the Dawn. Caim, herald another of our group to assist with restraints."

Caim huffed but nodded and complied, wandering over to the larger gathering of people along the way, the words "I've no idea what Inuart sees in these people..." echoing from his PDA as he walked away.
But as Caim walked away, there was something he could have sworn he had heard: "...More than in your sister."
Even in their current situation, staring down a murderous dragon and her even more murderous pet, Wesker's underhanded remark did force some chuckles from his fellow prisoners, namely Cortex as he stood there half-way between sobbing from fear and sobbing from laughter.
"PFffff-....ah-...*sniff* Uhhh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."
Caim whirled around on the spot and power-walked back to the group, his expression furrowed as his PDA 'shouted' back, "What did you just say about Furiae?!"
"No, Let him talk. The hell are you on about?"
"That you can judge a man from the company he keeps, but also from the company he has kept."
Cortex looked like he was in pain as he knew each unwilling chuckle he made dug himself a deeper and deeper grave.
"Pffff-...He's saying, not me! Just-......heh-....Sorry, sorry, I laugh when I'm nervous....ohhhh..."
"...Can someone explain the Joke to Doom?"
"....I could be ruling the world right now...From a Golden Throne, surrounded by strippers dressed like me and all while the entire human race bows before me...And instead I'm here..." Bison lamented while Wesker stared down the Swordsman, only for Doom to interrupt with "...You have stripper clothing? Is that the joke?"
Caim glared back at the scientist, the PDA on his hip answering, "If you think I judge him sorely on his company, then you are mistaken. Inuart has a lot more to answer for than associating with you lot. Think of it this way - you five? If he were a garbage fire, you're but another stick thrown on top.... Besides, it's clear he never deserved her anyway. Not after he got her killed."

He looked ready to leave, until another question crossed his mind, "Why do you care so much anyway? I thought he was another soldier or something as far as your cartel was concerned."
"It's almost as if we have lives outside of work. Real question I'm wondering is why a 10000 year old dragon would care so much for someone who's-...oh, Ohhhhh, now I get it. You're *her* pet. Yeah, bet she'll even take you out to get put to sleep and replace you with a new mortal once you get too old to give her back scratches." Wesker jeered back, right as Cortex practically wet himself from pants shitting terror as well as the amusing mental image of Angelus in a human pet store.
"Ohhhhh man...this is actually how I die....PPFFFF, ohhh, imagine if she had a leash and everything! HAHAHAHAHAH!"
There was a moment of silence, save for the sound of the breeze whirling through the air. Angelus tried to break the silence by starting with, "Caim, you know that isn't-"

However, she was unable to finish the sentence, as Caim was already running towards Wesker, expression livid and sword drawn.
Wesker didn't move from his kneeling position, least not until Caim was about to land the killing blow.
All his momentum stopped dead as he noticed a bleeding hand holding his sword a scant inch from Wesker's forehead.
"...Go on...listen to your master and let us be on our way..." He snarked back as he calmly stood up without releasing his hold on the weapon.
"Oh crap, are we fighting?! Listen, this man doesn't speak for me! I'm TOTALLY pro-....Whatever you call your-...."Partnership". I'm-i'm-i'm a progressive dictator!" Bison panicked as Cortex's laughter turned to actual crying.
"Ohhhhh, please don't hit me in the face. Not the face again..."
Angelus looked on helplessly between the duo - as much as she wanted to intervene, her claws and fangs could easily pierce metal and bone, and her tail was thick and heavy enough to swat the both of them at once. Instead, she attempted to appeal to reason again, her 'voice' entering Caim's mind - "You know he is only attempting to rile you up, Caim! You know the truth for yourself. Stop this at once!"

However, all she sensed back was rage. Caim was truly affronted, not only from the implication that he was her servant, but Wesker's attempts to debase their bond, the barbs he lobbed against his sister and...of course, the core of the whole debate - Inuart was on his mind. An unholy cocktail of sore spots, each pressed very firmly by Wesker's words. As such, when his sword was held in Wesker's hand, Caim lashed out as he knew best. He brought up a foot and firmly planted it into Wesker's torso, relinquishing himself and his sword from the doctor's hold. Taking a step back, Caim readied another strike, this one coming in from the side.
"Oh please..." Wesker remarked as he got ready to counter, grabbing the sword effortlessly in his hand once more-


While all this was going on, Bruiser had sat there, waiting to return to his cell but it appeared now that he was getting into the fray.
Roaring as he charged at Caim, even startling Wesker as he turned his head to see his friend getting ready to strike.
What really took Caim by surprise was how Bruiser stuck not him with a Dynamic Punch but rather-
The last thing Wesker knew, all the air in his lungs had been forced out of him and he was now embedded in a Wesker-sized dent in the side of the airship, looking rather shocked and dazed before his body peeled off the side of the ship like a post-it note and flopped weakly on the ground.
"...He's done. Take us back to our cells."
"Bruiser, what the hell-"


While Bison's sense of courage was never his strong suit, even he had one he still wouldn't be able to find the courage to explain his problems with being a prisoner here of all places but as Rugal would have said: "The threat of pain is a powerful motivation."
While his friends picked up a frankly stunned and rather in pain Wesker, Bruiser merely glanced back at Caim and Angelus before silently handing himself and his friends into some of the security staff's hands.

Origin Plains: Rising Dawn Landing Zone: Adelheid Bernstein

The second he could wake up, Adelheid did so with a start as he practically jumped to his feet and got ready to defend himself, his instincts kicking in long before his brain did.
He was so caught up in his fight-or-flight response, the fact he wasn't a half-assembled cyborg anymore seemed to be lost on him as he tried to figure out where he was.
The yelling got his attention as he quickly crept his way behind cover, trying to figure out the source.

That when he realized he had to leave this place as soon as possible.

He watched as Bison attempted to fix the glasses on Wesker's face, only to pause as if he had "Sensed" something as he scanned the area for the source.
Adel could still remember all the battles and killing he had done in Bison's name, a mere look on his face bringing it all flooding back.
A cold sweat started to break out as the first thing on his mind became getting the hell out of here before he went back to being Bison's slave.
So he did the first thing that a mentally unstable person most likely shouldn't do: Attempt to steal a car or some form of transportation.
Keeping out of sight and mind from the awakening crew members, he sneaked into the airship's hanger bay before looking for anything he could use to escape.
"Come on, doesn't anyone here own a car or a bike?!" He fretted as his search proved somewhat fruitless, least before he managed to find one of the transport shuttles used to bring people to the Rising Dawn mid-flight.
Now for the hard part: Figuring out how to fly this thing before someone noticed he was here...

Origin Planes

While Angelus had dealt with Caim and Wesker's argument, she'd feel a light breeze hit her back leg. In that moment, she probably wouldn't have even paid it much mind as it was just so gentle compared to her hardened scales. As she watched on in concern she'd notice that the feeling hadn't stopped but had grown stronger, as if she was being hugged? If she took a moment to look down, it would appear like her skin was flaking off? Was she wounded? Two large flaps of her scales moved independent of the rest. It wasn't until she saw the arms that connected to the flaps of scales and the person that were connected to those as well.

This wouldn't be completely surprising to Angelus, since Hillary's form had changed back at the elevator, so Angelus would be aware of her abilities, but perhaps not to the extent they could go. Hillary was head to toe covered in scales identical to Angelus'. Unlike before where she had some appearance of hair on her head, this time a small frill of scales gave the illusion of any scalp line. Her frame was slim, her bust next to gone making her look a bit like Nina in a way. Her arms were elongated as were her fingers, while a webbing of slim scales stretching the gaps in between and making their way back to her torso. Most of all the changes, her pseudopod had coalesced into an elongated mass that she sat upon looking like a tail similar to the Angelus'! The scales of her face and belly seemed to be smaller than the ones on her arms and back, but the tones matched Angelus' so well.

She hadn't meant to ditch Teri as she did but when she saw the huge dragon appear from the grassy hills she couldn't help but scoot over to the creature. Because of her grassy form before adopting the scales, her movements wouldn't give any sound of her approach other than the normal sound of grass blowing in the breeze. Hillary didn't seem to notice these drastic changes to her appearance as she merely nuzzled Angelus foot, giggling softly to herself. She'd shy away as some of the loud shouts rang out, but clearly Angelus' current form was keeping Hillary's undivided attention. Eventually the little mess of scales would look up to Angelus, a big scaly grin on her face and asked.

"Hillary didn't think she'd see another dragon? Is it okay if Hillary asks you your name? My name's Hillary~"

Table for Two
Nina's story

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Child in Chains | Some Freaky-Ass Jungle on Suwa
"Seriously, this stuff just looks lewd."

B.C. trudged forward in the brush without so much as a modicum of stealth. After all, being supremely irritated would have been enough to make that hard, much less the fact that she wasn't one to sneak around. Subtlety was never a strong suit of hers. As she listened to her new companion's complaints regarding her bust, the Space Convict sneered to herself and held up a hand to make mocking talking motions. But one comment in particular had her stopping in her tracks.

"If you were Balance's champion... or something like that... then she must have been in quite a pinch. You're absolutely nothing like any of her other champions."

She turned to glare, although one of her hidden eyebrows winged upward as she said, "I believe it, because there ain't no-one else like me. I'm one-of-a-kind, accept no substitutes."

The Convict was about to turn away and continue trudging in the direction of what she hoped the Space Pirates went in, only for Syl to stop her once again. This time, with a stripped branch that oozed a milky sap. She stared at it for a moment. The substance it leaked was enough to make her think of certain other milky white substances, and she would have made the observation. But she didn't, because some measure of decorum held her back.

"Strip and lather yourself with this. You don't look like a Shuwan girl, but you definitely don't smell like one. And the latter is more likely to draw attention to us. Plus, it also protects you from the suns once we break out from the canopy. The atmosphere here doesn't have ozone so the radiation is quite something fierce."

With a bad-tempered grumble, B.C. snatched the branch out of Syl's hands, but instead of stripping she simply caught a glob of the sap in one hand and rubbed it into what parts of her skin were exposed. Even daintily rubbing some on her cheeks and nose. Tossing the stick aside when she was finished, she was about to resume their trek, but she paused. Looked down at her hand. And realized there was still quite a bit of sap left over. So, she reached over and wiped her hand off on Syl's cheeks with a bored expression.

"Alright, there, you got me to put on your stupid tree juice. Now, where the fuck do these Pirates make camp so I can steal one of their ships off this rock?" she asked dryly.

[1] A species of dormouse found in Rome. It is considered a delicacy and is eaten roasted with a side of honey.

Table for Two
Nina's story

Inuart took an involuntary step backwards as he was assailed by the sights of his...dream? Vision? Premonition? Whatever it was - a strange series of images danced in his field of view, be they of his minds eye or they actually set before him in a manner akin to a hologram. He tried his hardest to piece together what exactly it was, and comprehended best as a 'story' - a strange story, akin to the myths of his old world. A story of sacrifices, war, and of a god who watched all while in the depths of a mountain; a mountain resting in the land Inuart sought to journey towards as his only frame of reference.

This woman who traveled with him - was she the same as the one in the story? Or was the woman in his dream perhaps a predecessor of Alesha's, one who bore the duties long before she ever did. It was chillingly reminiscent of the Goddesses of his old world - maidens who body and spirit were considered the property of the gods; to be untouched in exchange for keeping the world in balance. The gods. They claimed to own everything, didn't they?

Just what was he dealing with here? Was he pitting himself unwittingly with a god? Or perhaps his companion was even more powerful than he initially realized, as a priestess of something he couldn't comprehe-

"If only I had the strength..."

No, not that again! He already fell for that trap last time - he had the strength now, earned it even!

He...he did...right?


The memory came to Inuart as if it were only yesterday. It was earlier into his tenure in the world he would come to call his new home, when himself and his companions were all staying at the esteemed Maximilian's estate. He and Albert were mopping up the remnants of one of Cortex's experiments, and in an effort to make the work more enjoyable, the duo had taken to swapping stories. Inuart talked of his homeland before the war; tales of his father, how he was taught to sing, his romance before it turned to rot. Albert, on the other hand, focused on stories of his time working under Bernstein in the A.I.M. This one in particular, had been regarding one of Bernstein's old nemesis, an Angel that called itself "Tomoya"...

"...And as much as he would like to give himself credit, it was my solution that enabled him to paralyze him long enough to extract the Arch Angel's power." He had reached for a cup of coffee he had set aside, and sipped the drink casually, as if he wasn't talking about subduing what amounted to a Demi-god.

Inuart had stopped in his tracks, his eyes practically bugging out of his head. He remembered the Angels during his time working under the AIM as well, especially how terrifying most humans considered them. His head tilted in disbelief, in a manner that better resembled a confused dog as he asked, "You developed a serum that enables you to subdue those things? By the gods!"

"Funny, isn't it? A being infused with the very power least one of the Gods of this realm. And I brought him low with simple chemistry..."

"Hold on... No magic, no curses, no psionics... Just chemistry?!" A small smile quirked at the corners of his mouth as he murmured in admiration, "Brilliant as always, Albert."

"While I wasn't proud of myself for working with him, I have to say..." He paused, before his expression shifted to one that was slightly more sheepish, "It did feel pretty 'badass'. That's the thing about gods and demi-gods. It's better to think of them less as being some almighty being and more-...being on another 'Level' so. Imagine me fighting, say...a snake. Who do you think would win?"

Inuart stopped to ponder the question, before he thought aloud, "Well, what kind of snake? I read in yours and Cortex's books that there are many kinds. Snakes that bite with poison, and snakes longer than we are tall, who constrict and break bones."

"Any kind. Think about it, I am larger, faster, stronger and smarter then any venomous snake. I'd basically be a god to one of them, wouldn't you think so?"

"But, a snake doesn't think like a man. It would think you a very large animal, such as one that was trying to eat it."

"Exactly. It doesn't care who I am or what I can do. It doesn't cower nor does it try to build shrines in my honor or start some stupid religious conflict among it's kin. And even with my power and wisdom, all the snake needs to do is strike where I least expect. Coiling around my neck to break it, maybe injecting venom into my heart or head, my healing factor won't save me from that. Some snake god I'd be then." He simply shrugged before finishing off his coffee, "Nothing is more dangerous to a god then a non-believer. Something Tomoya learned the hard way..."

Inuart snapped out of his reverie, suddenly feeling more at ease about this whole situation than he had upon arrival to this city. Yes, that's right. Gods can be bound. Gods can be subdued with the tools of Mankind. Gods can die. Inuart was no plaything of the gods - no longer. He had shirked them upon entering his new homeland, his acknowledgement of them filled with contempt and spite where desperation once was. The gods could not, would not help him. Why should he love them, when they were cold and uncaring? Furthermore, why would they deserve his fear?

Back to the plan - make nice with the priestess. Smile like he would at any autograph signing, act like nothing was wrong. But he would wait - oh he would wait...
He turned back to his companion with a genial expression, offering his arm again as he spoke, "My apologies, I fear that I was a little overwhelmed by the sights and possibilities. Now, since the fears of taboo are dealt with...."

He stepped forward with purpose, making his way to the community fountain, and looked around amongst the adventurers to see with who was the most well traveled, someone weathered and worn - armor that was dull and chipped instead of shiny and new. Upon seeing someone that closely met that description, Inuart asked plainly and politely, "Pardon my intrusion. My companion and I are seeking our way to the temple city of Crosis. Unfortunately, I'm not terribly familiar with the layout of this area. Could you possibly point us in the right direction?"

Extremely sorry for the delay

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