The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Child in Chains | Some Freaky-Ass Jungle on Suwa
"Seriously, this stuff just looks lewd."

B.C. trudged forward in the brush without so much as a modicum of stealth. After all, being supremely irritated would have been enough to make that hard, much less the fact that she wasn't one to sneak around. Subtlety was never a strong suit of hers. As she listened to her new companion's complaints regarding her bust, the Space Convict sneered to herself and held up a hand to make mocking talking motions. But one comment in particular had her stopping in her tracks.

"If you were Balance's champion... or something like that... then she must have been in quite a pinch. You're absolutely nothing like any of her other champions."

She turned to glare, although one of her hidden eyebrows winged upward as she said, "I believe it, because there ain't no-one else like me. I'm one-of-a-kind, accept no substitutes."

The Convict was about to turn away and continue trudging in the direction of what she hoped the Space Pirates went in, only for Syl to stop her once again. This time, with a stripped branch that oozed a milky sap. She stared at it for a moment. The substance it leaked was enough to make her think of certain other milky white substances, and she would have made the observation. But she didn't, because some measure of decorum held her back.

"Strip and lather yourself with this. You don't look like a Shuwan girl, but you definitely don't smell like one. And the latter is more likely to draw attention to us. Plus, it also protects you from the suns once we break out from the canopy. The atmosphere here doesn't have ozone so the radiation is quite something fierce."

With a bad-tempered grumble, B.C. snatched the branch out of Syl's hands, but instead of stripping she simply caught a glob of the sap in one hand and rubbed it into what parts of her skin were exposed. Even daintily rubbing some on her cheeks and nose. Tossing the stick aside when she was finished, she was about to resume their trek, but she paused. Looked down at her hand. And realized there was still quite a bit of sap left over. So, she reached over and wiped her hand off on Syl's cheeks with a bored expression.

"Alright, there, you got me to put on your stupid tree juice. Now, where the fuck do these Pirates make camp so I can steal one of their ships off this rock?" she asked dryly.

[1] A species of dormouse found in Rome. It is considered a delicacy and is eaten roasted with a side of honey.

Table for Two
Nina's story

Inuart took an involuntary step backwards as he was assailed by the sights of his...dream? Vision? Premonition? Whatever it was - a strange series of images danced in his field of view, be they of his minds eye or they actually set before him in a manner akin to a hologram. He tried his hardest to piece together what exactly it was, and comprehended best as a 'story' - a strange story, akin to the myths of his old world. A story of sacrifices, war, and of a god who watched all while in the depths of a mountain; a mountain resting in the land Inuart sought to journey towards as his only frame of reference.

This woman who traveled with him - was she the same as the one in the story? Or was the woman in his dream perhaps a predecessor of Alesha's, one who bore the duties long before she ever did. It was chillingly reminiscent of the Goddesses of his old world - maidens who body and spirit were considered the property of the gods; to be untouched in exchange for keeping the world in balance. The gods. They claimed to own everything, didn't they?

Just what was he dealing with here? Was he pitting himself unwittingly with a god? Or perhaps his companion was even more powerful than he initially realized, as a priestess of something he couldn't comprehe-

"If only I had the strength..."

No, not that again! He already fell for that trap last time - he had the strength now, earned it even!

He...he did...right?


The memory came to Inuart as if it were only yesterday. It was earlier into his tenure in the world he would come to call his new home, when himself and his companions were all staying at the esteemed Maximilian's estate. He and Albert were mopping up the remnants of one of Cortex's experiments, and in an effort to make the work more enjoyable, the duo had taken to swapping stories. Inuart talked of his homeland before the war; tales of his father, how he was taught to sing, his romance before it turned to rot. Albert, on the other hand, focused on stories of his time working under Bernstein in the A.I.M. This one in particular, had been regarding one of Bernstein's old nemesis, an Angel that called itself "Tomoya"...

"...And as much as he would like to give himself credit, it was my solution that enabled him to paralyze him long enough to extract the Arch Angel's power." He had reached for a cup of coffee he had set aside, and sipped the drink casually, as if he wasn't talking about subduing what amounted to a Demi-god.

Inuart had stopped in his tracks, his eyes practically bugging out of his head. He remembered the Angels during his time working under the AIM as well, especially how terrifying most humans considered them. His head tilted in disbelief, in a manner that better resembled a confused dog as he asked, "You developed a serum that enables you to subdue those things? By the gods!"

"Funny, isn't it? A being infused with the very power least one of the Gods of this realm. And I brought him low with simple chemistry..."

"Hold on... No magic, no curses, no psionics... Just chemistry?!" A small smile quirked at the corners of his mouth as he murmured in admiration, "Brilliant as always, Albert."

"While I wasn't proud of myself for working with him, I have to say..." He paused, before his expression shifted to one that was slightly more sheepish, "It did feel pretty 'badass'. That's the thing about gods and demi-gods. It's better to think of them less as being some almighty being and more-...being on another 'Level' so. Imagine me fighting, say...a snake. Who do you think would win?"

Inuart stopped to ponder the question, before he thought aloud, "Well, what kind of snake? I read in yours and Cortex's books that there are many kinds. Snakes that bite with poison, and snakes longer than we are tall, who constrict and break bones."

"Any kind. Think about it, I am larger, faster, stronger and smarter then any venomous snake. I'd basically be a god to one of them, wouldn't you think so?"

"But, a snake doesn't think like a man. It would think you a very large animal, such as one that was trying to eat it."

"Exactly. It doesn't care who I am or what I can do. It doesn't cower nor does it try to build shrines in my honor or start some stupid religious conflict among it's kin. And even with my power and wisdom, all the snake needs to do is strike where I least expect. Coiling around my neck to break it, maybe injecting venom into my heart or head, my healing factor won't save me from that. Some snake god I'd be then." He simply shrugged before finishing off his coffee, "Nothing is more dangerous to a god then a non-believer. Something Tomoya learned the hard way..."

Inuart snapped out of his reverie, suddenly feeling more at ease about this whole situation than he had upon arrival to this city. Yes, that's right. Gods can be bound. Gods can be subdued with the tools of Mankind. Gods can die. Inuart was no plaything of the gods - no longer. He had shirked them upon entering his new homeland, his acknowledgement of them filled with contempt and spite where desperation once was. The gods could not, would not help him. Why should he love them, when they were cold and uncaring? Furthermore, why would they deserve his fear?

Back to the plan - make nice with the priestess. Smile like he would at any autograph signing, act like nothing was wrong. But he would wait - oh he would wait...
He turned back to his companion with a genial expression, offering his arm again as he spoke, "My apologies, I fear that I was a little overwhelmed by the sights and possibilities. Now, since the fears of taboo are dealt with...."

He stepped forward with purpose, making his way to the community fountain, and looked around amongst the adventurers to see with who was the most well traveled, someone weathered and worn - armor that was dull and chipped instead of shiny and new. Upon seeing someone that closely met that description, Inuart asked plainly and politely, "Pardon my intrusion. My companion and I are seeking our way to the temple city of Crosis. Unfortunately, I'm not terribly familiar with the layout of this area. Could you possibly point us in the right direction?"

Extremely sorry for the delay

Table for Two
Nina's story

Table for Two
Nina's story

Table for Two
Nina's story

Origin Plains: Rising Dawn Hanger: Adelheid Bernstein, Torment X Leoric

"-To engage in land transit mode, release the break handle and put it into 1st gear. 1st gear, 1st gea-...wait, where's the gear stick?...isn't there meant to be one in here? Who makes a car without a gear stick? Grrrrr..."

Back with our heroes and one of the least lucky people to ever been born, Adelheid was trying to make sense of one of the least helpful user manuals he had ever read.
Peering from his book and over the transport's dashboard, he let out a sigh of relief when he failed to see anyone else in the hanger.
"Alright. Calm down, nearly there. You got this...Y-you got this..." He reassured himself as he shook off his nerves before attempting to start the transport-
"The ignition is under the steering wheel."

Instincts quickly took over as Adel barely avoided getting his head taken off by a rather large mace, watching in shock as it cleaved right though the dashboard.
His eyes couldn't believe what he was seeing, a rather large skeleton with a frenzied expression on his face(?) as he grinned at him.
"Don't worry, you were still the fastest one of you to figure out how to use one of these flying vessels. Shame it won't help you..." Leoric taunted before Adel attempted to escape, vaulting over the chair and-...getting whacked in the chest by a rather skillful swing.
Stumbling back to his feet off the floor, he brought up his hand before shouting "REPPUKEN!", attempting to use one of his famous ki attacks on the skeletal invader.

Such an attempt was met with manic mocking laughter as Leoric swatted it away with his mace, blowing a large flaming hole in the side of the transport.
"You tried this last time! It's not going to work!" He pointed out before Adel used the opening to dive out of the vehicle.
Phasing though the metal, Leoric quickly prepped another mighty swing of his mace, nailing Adel center-mass and flinging him against the exterior before he could even touch the ground.
"No one. EVER listens to me! NO ONE! You will obey your king, Peasant! HEAR THAT DIABLO!? I KNOW YOU CAN! YOU THINK YOUR LITTLE CHILDREN'S PUPPETS CAN FOOL ME?!" The Black King barked, as if someone was watching, while Adel tried to flee once more.
That was before he noticed a large spectral hand start to form around him, squeezing the literal life out of him and transferring it to his attacker.
Confusion set in first as Adel noticed the flesh on his limbs start to become more emancipated and his bones more visible, then terror as he realized what was happening then...sheer exhaustion as his attempt to run turned into a meek stumbling crawl.
"Oh, where were you going to run? To your demonic masters?! Well, I have some bad news for you..."

Grabbing him by his hair as the life and strength fled his body, Leoric knelt down before whispering a rather unsettling message: "No one came to help you the last time I killed you. So make it easy on yourself. Surrender. It will be over soon...For you and the rest of these traitors..."
He then raised up his mace to bring it down upon Adel's head...

Origin Plains: Rising Dawn Medical Bay: David West, Jenny, Dr. Violet

After whitie'ing out in front of everyone and ruining what at the time seemed like a wise use of several thousand dollars ("'s all warm and under everything..."), David soon awoke in the medical bay, feeling just as much of a killer hangover as he did earlier.
But even though the sedatives, the comfort liquor and the medical grade liquor you aren't even meant to drink, it wasn't enough to stop the pounding in his skull.
Clutching his pillow, he grit his teeth in pain while Jenny and Violet tried to figure out what was happening to him.
"So if it's not biological, then what is it? Technological?"
"No, it was nothing like that. Don't even know what kinda term we would use for it. All that I know is it's causing him a great deal of distress..."
"And gave me one hell of dry cleaning bill...

Their exchange was interrupted when David suddenly screamed awake, shouting "HANGER BAY! BLONDE KID! SKELETOR! SOMETHING ABOUT SHIFT STICK! FUCK! WHY WON'T THIS STOP?!"
"David! David! Calm down! Violet, more sedative!"
"Again?! God, what's this guy's liver made of?!" The "Doctor" said before quickly taking another needle and jamming it into David's neck, causing his expression to go blank before he finally leaned back on his pillow, murmuring slightly as he drifted off into another restless sleep.
"It's getting worse...And we're no closer to figuring what it is..."
"...Why was he talking about shift sticks?"

shout out to Diabs for writing/supervision on some bits.

Origin Plains

Ton Ton and Cadolbolg looked at each other with curious expressions when Diana suggested making use of shapeshifting for investigative purposes...or perhaps mischief. Cadolbolg was the first to speak up, his youthful exuberance shining through when he asked, "You can shapeshift? Can you turn into a cupcake? No would expect a cupcake watching them!"

"Or potentially get her eaten..."

"Aww...." Cadolbolg slumped in the air - a strange sight for something that was formerly hovering there, and then reflapped his wings to right himself as he asked instead, "Well, I dunno what'd be the most fitting, really. My father says spying on people is rude, so you shouldn't do that in the first place! But you are right about one thing- something's screwy. I thought we were on the Dawn, but instead it's right over there..."

Ton Ton coughed to get his brother's and Diana's attention, and indicated his head to the airship, "While your shapeshifting abilities are a very useful ability, I don't think they'll get much use out here. Why don't we go inside- and maybe you could tell us your name? I'm Ton Ton by the way," he gestured to Cadolbolg and followed up, "And this is my brother, Cadolbolg. Also, I apologize for yelling at you earlier. I suppose we all got off on the wrong foot with the rude awakening."


Angelus looked down at the "former" slimegirl, her immense head tilting in confusion as she regarded Hillary, "What on earth...?"

She took a hefty sniff at the strange red-scaled creature, and to her surprise - smelled herself! The dragon lifted a toe cautiously to inspect Hillary further, an expression of bemusement upon the dragon's face, "'Another' dragon...? Ah, you must have met my son, Cadolbolg. I think I recall speaking with you in my mortal form, Hillary."

She lifted her wing to let more of the sunlight in from above dance upon Hillary's new scales as she examined her, thinking aloud, "I understand that is a human's name, but human you clearly are not. What matter of creature are you that you can replicate the exact smell and texture of my scales... Caim, come gaze upon this."

Caim - who had felt a strange sort of disappointment from his fight being interrupted, turned when he was called. Sheathing his sword, the warrior wandered over to where Angelus and the draconic-Hillary were speaking, blinking in confusion at the sight. As he closed in, he crossed his arms and tilted his head, looking between the pair and shrugging, "Hillary, right? Angelus, we've seen this one change before- it's probably just like that, only with your scales instead of metal...though the fact that she *can* replicate it is interesting..."

Rather like Angelus before him, Caim leaned in to examine the strange property of Hillary's as well; eyes narrowing as he scrutinized each scale that made up her new form.


Teri gave Hillary a friendly wave before the shapeshifting slime girl went off to hug Angelus' leg, a small smile growing on the Cleric's face. Hillary was honestly one of the nicer people she had met on board - her disposition being something she'd liken to a sunflower; bright, open, and easily seen by all. As she watched Hillary carry on as she usually did, Teri couldn't help but muse, "What a sweetie pie..."

However when she heard the sound of the Reppuken Adel sent towards Leoric, her head jerked in the reaction towards the sound. At the sight of Leoric assaulting her once very cyber-ified patient Teri hopped on Garm's back and urged him towards the terrifying looking skeleton man. As the wolf charged towards Leoric, Teri's hands moved in strange and arcane waves, her voice taking on a sonorous quality as she incanted the spell. With a final gesture, a series of small blue lights appeared out of the aether, 10 in number, and began to spin around her head, almost like a crown. With a focused glare at Leoric, the Cleric pointed a finger at the undead king, the lights around her head shooting straight towards him.

Right before his mace could hit it's mark, he stumbled back when the weapon was seemingly shot out of his hands.
"What th-OW! Hey-OH! AH! Will you-OW! Now you liste-OW! I'M ON YOUR SIDE! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO KILL YOU BEFORE-AHHH! DAMMIT! RIGHT WHERE MY FACE WOULD HAVE BEEN!" He then protested as he was peppered repeated with holy bolts, each one causing his undead form to glow brightly as he used his hands to protect his crown from the barrage.

"No, no, no, NO NO NO NO! You aren't meant to show up now! Curse you! The Black King screamed as he faded from view, only to reform atop the burning transport, clearly irate over his lovely one liner being ruined by meddling kids.
"Oh, you think you can best me, child!? Or should I say....DEMONIC APPARITION OF BAAL-I mean-...wait, which one was the one who lied all the time again?...Belial! That was it!" He rambled for a time, followed by his best "Totally insane old man" impression.

Teri elected to ignore Leoric's ramblings, instead dismounting from Garm to look over Adel. While the winter wolf stood his ground and growled at the undead king, Teri began chanting another series of prayers, laying a hand on the young martial artist as she finished with a punctuated, "Panacea!"

A golden light bloomed around her hand, before entering the martial artist's body, the young Cleric's lower lip worried as the healing energy surged through him, "Come on...hang in there! Don't die on me!"

Teri cast Darts of Life (a 5th level spell) and Panacea (4th level).
Darts of Life creates 10 glowing lights around the caster's head, each able to heal 1d8 points of damage. In Leoric's case, because he is undead, it *damages* him instead.

Panacea is a powerful healing spell, which restores a small amount of HP as well as wipes away a number of rough status conditions. Adel heals for 19 points and is cleared up of (most) potential status conditions.
Time till next 5th level spell: 12 seconds
Time till next 4th level spell: 12 seconds

Origin Plains

Akasumi gasped deeply as her eyes opened. Something had happened. She had been one minute under contract to try and entertain and keep an eye on the guests of the dawn, but it's been a weird past few hours. She'd been stuck somewhere inbetween here and... well... not here. She had been using a disguise to hide her identity from the crew of the dawn during her employment and deployment to it. Unfortunately, 'repspawning' on the origin plains had removed her disguise, leaving the woman in a white blouse, black skirt, black stockings and high heels. What this didn't hide however were her distinctly Japanese facial features and her long hair, the insane length down to past her rear. For those familiar with those employed to the dawn, the outfit was one seen prior about the ship but the person in it would be recognizable to only those who had existed in this world for a long time.

Seeing several people outside the ship and thusly some sort of fight occured between some guy... and someone she recognized as... Adel? She had come this far and was about to blow her cover by starting to pull off crazy combatant abilities, that and whatever just happened was leagues above her current abilities. Deciding to try and make herself scarce in this instant, Akasumi began to walk towards the ship as if nothing was rong, keeping her nerves calm and making herself try to look as natural as possible. Reaching the side of the dawn, she opened one of the doors and began to step inside, a goal of making it to the brig to "keep an eye out for any prison break attempts." or so she would claim if she was caught.

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